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“What? Dylan too?”

As I asked in surprise, she nodded.

Fay fidgeted, saying that the food was ready. We couldn’t delay the meal any longer because of that.

“Yes, really, what should I do? I guess we’ll have to have dinner among ourselves. I prepared a lot, thinking everyone would come…”

Her shoulders slumped, and she quickly made a face of resignation as if she had expected this.

“No one came?”

“Yes, it seems like no one can make it.”

“Oh, really…”

“Do you think it was too much of a burden? Senior came, though.”

“Hmm, I guess. I naturally thought they would come. They didn’t say anything to me.”

“I caused you so much trouble… Maybe that’s why. I would have had to leave the Order by now if it weren’t for the senior.”

“What are you saying?”

“No matter how much I think about it, it’s strange that no one came…”

I had to humor her a bit more, as she looked like she was about to burst into tears at any moment.

“Something must have come up. The palace was turned upside down when the demons invaded a while ago. You’re still a newbie, and you’re still not really a knight. The others have responsibilities.”

“Do you think so?”

“Of course! Anyway, thanks to that, I get to eat more. I’ve been starving, you know.”

Fay’s face immediately brightened at that.

“My family’s chef is really good at cooking. Really, really delicious! Senior will really like it too. I’m sure of it!”

Fay clenched her fists, and her eyes sparkled.


* * *


In the end, no one came, just as Fay had said. They couldn’t just keep waiting, so Hazel headed to the dining room with her. Fay’s parents and the man she had introduced as her older brother were already there.

Hazel gave a brief greeting and sat down next to Fay.

“If there’s anything you like to eat, just let me know. The chef’s skills are quite good.”

“I should have worn a looser dress.”

Then, a servant came over and filled her empty glass with cider.

Haha, I hope you enjoy yourself.”

The atmosphere at dinner was surprisingly cheerful.

“It’s really delicious.”

Hazel diligently moved her knife and fork. It felt like the four of them were looking at her a lot. Whenever their eyes met, she couldn’t help but smile back, her eyes forming crescents.

“I heard that Dame Love was famous at the Academy.”

“Oh, you can just call me by my name since I’m not a knight anymore.”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course. I was just average at the Academy. I was just a rare illusionist.”

“How modest. Let me fill this up a bit more.”

Ello gestured to the servant and looked at her warmly.

The meal continued.

One plate, two plates… ten plates.

She didn’t refuse any of the food that Fay’s family offered her and ate it all deliciously. The cider helped to relax the atmosphere, and over ten plates of food were emptied. The servants moved busily to refill the food, and her face was flushed with emotion.

“This is the first time I’ve had such delicious food. I didn’t know I could be so moved by food.”

“You flatter me. I’m just glad I could treat you properly.”

“Actually, we’re so grateful that Fay is happy to go to the Order these days and not reluctant. We think you’ve done us a great favor.”

“Oh, you really don’t have to say that. It’s all thanks to Fay following my lead. I didn’t do anything special. But can I have some more of this?”

“Of course. What are you doing, not bringing more?”

“I wish I could eat like this every day.”

“Your honesty makes me feel good, too.”

Ello and Digus talked to her nonstop.

As the atmosphere improved, Fay’s expression brightened as well. She was not only surprised that Hazel was eating all the prepared food without leaving any leftovers, but she was also happy about it. At this rate, it seemed like all the prepared food would be gone.

“I really like this cider as well.”

“It’s Levor Mountain cider. Only a hundred bottles are produced each year. I’ll have some packed for you to take when you leave.”

“Can I really have some?”

“Of course.”

Ello instructed the servant to prepare it in advance.

As Hazel smiled tipsily, drinking the cider, her body swayed. She began to sway slowly, like a pendulum, with a silly smile on her face.

“Oh, why am I so dizzy?”

“Oh my, was the cider too strong?”

“Oh, I’m fine! Just a little dizzy, ugh…”

Not long after, thud!

Hazel collapsed to the ground with a rather startling noise.



Everyone in the Martin family fell silent. Even the servants around them froze in their movements.



“Lady Hazel Love.”


They called her name in turn and had the servants shake her, but Hazel had lost consciousness. They even slapped her pale cheek, which was turned to the side after they slapped her cheek with the back of their hands as if they were hitting a fly.

Hazel, who had already lost consciousness, swayed as they shook her. Her beautifully styled hair was messily strewn across the table.



After confirming the situation, the Martin family members exchanged glances as if they had made an agreement and put down their knives and forks.

“See, I told you it would be easy.”

Starting with Fay opening her mouth, they began to chatter among themselves.

“They called her a great illusionist.”

“I heard she was from the countryside. She didn’t seem to adapt well when I looked into her. It seemed like she was just all talk. She must have been a nobody, considering she left her husband behind and came here.”

Fay responded enthusiastically to Digus’ words.

“Still, I brought back a treasure.”

“It was truly an act of God that Hazel showed up just as the followers were about to attack the palace. I was so nervous acting on the spot. I was worried about what would happen if the timing was off, but I was able to show this woman to the followers. Thanks to that, I almost died, but it’s definitely ‘that’.”

“Yes, it’s rare to find someone with such dark magic.”

“Even if it’s not one in a million, someone with that much magic must be worth a hundred sacrifices, right? It would have been a pain if the others had come, but I’m glad things turned out this way.”

Kane, who had been the quietest, added.

“Right. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I got the call earlier. It was like they were helping us. Idiots.”

“It won’t be long now. The day our master arrives.”

“The King of Darkness.”

“Our king!”

“That’s why we should postpone choosing from among the knights for the time being. We don’t have time to prepare for the subjugation, so we need to be careful.”

“Have the subjugation orders come out?”

“They’re coming soon. I heard there will be another attack in seven days?”

“Yeah, they said the north gate of the capital would be in danger in seven days, so if the prophecy comes true, more people will follow him. Everything is according to his will. Until the true master of this place arrives.”

These people were the loyal dogs of the followers who were awaiting the demon king and his return, and they were diligently proselytizing.

In the meantime, they were able to deceive the eyes of the imperial family by carefully selecting only those they deemed worthy of joining them. They were currently hiding in the shadows like this, but they had no doubt that the future they dreamed of would soon arrive.

To bring back the original master of this world. If the world they desired was coming, they could endure this much hardship.

“As he wills.”

“As he wills.”

The people of the Martin family continued to converse incessantly, looking at Hazel, whose head was completely buried and had lost consciousness.

“Should we lock her up in prison? Should we take her straight to the altar?”

“Let’s put her in prison until tomorrow for now. We’ll have to decide what to do after seeing the situation.”

“She won’t be able to wake up for a while since she ate so much food laced with potions.”

“Did you give her the tea earlier?”

“Of course. She drank it without even refusing. She said it smelled good. I was worried that she might have some resistance and endure it.”

Fay even went so far as to pat Hazel’s head.

“She really is as dumb as you said.”

Kane laughed at the sight.

“Oh, brother. Will you give me credit for the fact that I look like this? She would listen to everything I said, no matter how ridiculous it was.”

“Okay, enough with the useless chatter. Let’s move her.”

At Digus’ words, everyone nodded and tried to get up.

“Oh. No. No.”

Hazel, who had been unconscious as if she were dead, got up as if nothing had happened. She pretended to be in pain with a slightly reddened forehead and a theatrical tone. The servants who were about to move her, as well as the sharp gazes of Digus, Ello, Kane, and Fay, were fixed on her.

Hazel’s two eyes, which should have been intoxicated by the potions, sparkled. She let out an annoyed sigh as she fixed her disheveled hair.

“No, how?”


“You definitely ate all this food?!”

“I didn’t eat it.”


“I didn’t eat it because I’m a bit picky. My husband’s cooking is the only thing that suits my taste. Sigh, I should really fix this soon.”

Hazel replied unpleasantly. At the same time, the empty plates were filled with food as if they had never been touched in the first place.

“By the way.”

Hazel got up from her chair, brushing off her clothes. The servants flinched and backed away a little.

“I heard you loud and clear.”


Fay’s eyes sharpened. This was because she realized that they had fallen for Hazel’s illusion.

Hazel smiled slyly.

“You’re dogs of the demon king.”