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Blessed With Someone You’re Going To Love.

His arms wrapped around Bella’s body and slowly came down.

Those eyes were strange.

“I love you.”

No matter how many times he said it, it covered her entire body with warm breath. His fingers slowly traveled down past her collarbone.

The shoulders of the dress gradually went down, and his tongue crossed the mountains and explored the valleys. His touch felt like a treasure hunt. Just as he dug into the ground to find a treasure, he found the place where her breathing changed.


Bella couldn’t even hear her own moans. How loud and fast her and his heartbeated.

“I love you.”

And how muddy was his voice that pierces the sound?

When his hand stopped, she slowly opened her eyes and faced him. All of this was unfamiliar and embarrassing. As she tried to slightly lift the dress that fell below her breasts, he held her hand and slowly lowered his gaze.

“…You are pretty.”

His hands were softer than the feel of the dress running up her thighs.

“Wa, wait…”

Perhaps because it was still early in the evening and the sunset was still setting, she could hear the sounds of people passing by and murmurs outside the door.

“We don’t know…. who might come outside…”

“No one will come.”

Kiehl had already ordered the guards not to knock when he was alone with Bella and to send them away. And before she knew it, his slender fingers had reached the entrance to the forest.


To Bella, who was surprised, he whispered seductively.


“Th, that…”

His hand touches the forest.


Bella’s face turned bright red at his words.

“Ye… yes.”

Before he knew it, he lifted Bella up, sat her on top of him, and hugged her, getting to know her a little more deeply. Kiehl ran one hand down her back while, with the other, he traveled through an unknown forest he had never seen before.

In front of his lips was the peak of the white mountain, and he looked up at Bella lustfully, savoring it all.

“Here… good?”

Bella moaned before her response. She thought he was young, kind, and innocent, but he looked at her like a man and dominated her entire body.

He was a full-fledged adult who knew everything.

Even in her past life, it wasn’t like she had no experience at all. Still, this was her first experience like this… not just devouring her body with really loving hands but exploring it. Her mind was so blank that she couldn’t even think about anything else. She could only feel where his hand was.

And Kiehl caught Bella’s every little reaction in his eyes.


It was nice to see her frozen stiff out of shame, and then her focus wavered, and she surrendered herself to his hands.

‘Here and… here.’

It was at that time that he was looking at Bella, who was leaning on him as she became more and more disheveled.


Kiehl’s hand stopped when he heard strong crying outside the door.



A familiar voice, too.

“You, you can’t go in!”


It was Pur’s voice.

Well, that was right. They were wondering why wouldn’t she interfere? The two sighed at the same time. Then, they smiled at each other in embarrassment.

“I’ll send Pur out first.”

As Kiehl kissed her forehead and slowly stood up, Bella lifted her loosened clothes and looked at his back.

‘It must be difficult to deal with….’

Just as expected.

As soon as he opened the door, Pur ran into Kiehl’s room.

“Move! I’m going to sleep with Miss and the Young Master!”

The guards were embarrassed and lowered their heads as they came in to catch Pur.

“For, forgive us.”

Something like this has never happened before while guarding the Crown Prince’s room. Had she been fussing about having to go in for almost ten minutes? No matter how much they explain, Pur was stubborn. Not only was crying loudly not enough, she even broke into the room without permission.

Kiehl gently persuaded Pur.

“Pur, can we sleep together next time?”

However, Pur didn’t care and instead proudly took out the calendar from her pocket.

“We have to sleep together seven times!”

“Hmm… How about we sleep together tomorrow?”

“I’m going to sleep tomorrow, too!”


Seeing the crown prince in embarrassment, the guards relaxed.

How could they have done something he found so difficult to do? Still, that relief was short-lived. When the Crown Princess, dressed in a disheveled dress, stood up from the bed, her face blushed, and they looked at each other.

“Ah… we’re reall, really sorry.”

Bella glanced at them, and then she spoke to Pur in a friendly voice.

“Kim Pur. Go away.”


“Xx, leave when I’m still nice.”

Harsh words had already come out of Bella’s mouth before the good words.

“No, I don’t want…!”

Pur also had her own desperate reasons. It had already been several months since she waited, thinking that one day they would call her to sleep with her. She kept putting it off, and when Bella disappeared for two months, Pur made a startling realization.

She had to do it while she could…!

“I washed myself clean today!”

Pur spread her arms and legs wide, showing off her fluffy fur.

“Miss told me to wash up! I thought you did it to sleep with Pur…”

“I told you to wash up after rolling around in the mountains for a week.”

Pur’s eyes began to twitch, and she began to cry.

Uh… uh… uwoonngg… Miss can’t even keep your promise!”

“…Will you be quiet?”

Pur kept her mouth shut for about three seconds, then glanced around and flopped down. The next moment, she waved her arms and legs like a child throwing a tantrum because she didn’t get a toy at the supermarket.



Bella let out a loud sigh and pulled up her dress, that kept going down.

Haa… Alright, so shut up.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Pur ran up to Kiehl’s bed, threw the pillow and quickly took her place.

“Today it’s Bear Pur Pillow!”

She then patted her own stomach with her hands.

In the meanwhile, Bella and Kiehl, half giving up, laid their heads on Pur’s stomach.







The two people who were forced to lie down in the bedroom early in the morning because Pur couldn’t sleep. It was embarrassing to just look at each other, so they recalled their childhood memories and had a chat.

“Kiehl, do you remember that?”

“I remember, too!”

“Not you, Pur. And I’m not speaking to you.”

Pur joined in while Bella told her about the current state of the mansion.

“It’s become a real haunted house. Even if I sold it for ten gold, no one would buy it.”


Before long, they could hear the sound of Pur sleeping softly, and Bella snuggled closer to Kiehl and finished her story.

“…So, Bwen said he wanted to give carrot cake as a wedding cake.”

Kiehl laughed quietly at those words.

“Bella, you know we’re officially a married couple, right?”

Uh… that’s right”

“I’m sorry that the royal wedding was very different from what Bella had imagined.”

It was very different.

Normal nobles would have a grand wedding after the engagement ceremony.

“The Emperor’s coronation ceremony will be held in a grand manner.”

Kiehl lightly rubbed Bella’s lower lip with his hand.

“So, I hope you think of that time as a wedding.”

Bella bit his finger slightly and let go.

“The coronation ceremony is for you.”


“That’s okay. To me, the coronation ceremony was like a wedding. I’m satisfied.”

Was he sorry for making it so simple? When Bella stroked his cheek, he raised the corners of his mouth a little bitterly.

“…I don’t want to commemorate that day.”

He slowly pulled Bella into a hug.

“Bella abandoned me, no, we had a fight that day.”

Bella quietly placed her hand on his chest.

‘Yes… I left you that night.’

The wounds she had healed were still filled with demonic magic. At the thought, Bella lay down and lowered her body a little to kiss his wound.

“Alright. Then, let’s celebrate the coronation ceremony by thinking of it as a wedding.”

She lifted her body up again, kissing his slowly revealed chest. And after kissing his neck, Bella hugged him tightly.

“Don’t hide anything from me.”


“Because I won’t leave your side.”

“Bella, don’t hide anything from me either.”


Kiehl lifted Bella’s head slightly from Pur’s stomach and placed his arm as a pillow.

“Then, can I ask you about that novel?”


“…You just decided not to hide anything.”

Kiehl laughed as if he was shocked, put his thumb in Bella’s mouth and pinched her cheek.

“Atee. (Later)”

“… It’s disgraceful.”

Bella guessed what he might be wondering.

He might ask why it had to be the way the novel was. Still, she didn’t want to talk. She didn’t even want to think about it. If Kiehl knew the pain she would have to endure because of a love that lasted less than a hundred years, she would definitely feel sorry and guilty.

‘Because you are so kind….’

So one day, when she thought that living as the Demon King wasn’t that bad… she would tell him then.


* * *


After that day, each day went by smoothly. Bella started with the things she needed to do first, step by step. The incident where Rohan threw the bomb and the Fire Kingdom magic explosion incident.

There were a lot of things to organize, but the most important thing was!

November 10th. It was Kiehl’s birthday.

“What should I give as a birthday present…”

She couldn’t grant his wishes like she used to.

Just as Bella was thinking, Rosanne, who was arranging her dress, sparkled her eyes.

“Isn’t His Highness’s birthday in March?”

It was. Although it was November in the novel, he actually entered the Imperial Palace in March because it was spring.

Ah… No, I just wanted to give him a gift.”

Bella thought she was talking about it in front of Rosanne for no reason, so she gave her a vague look.

“I have a great idea!”


“How about going on a date in the Capital all day for His Highness’ birthday?”

She stared awkwardly as the word ‘date’ came out of Roseanne’s mouth.

“Wouldn’t Kiehl… just be happy to have Lady Bella next to him?”


When Bella looked at Roseanne in bewilderment, she covered her blushing face with her hands.

“I’m, I’m sorry if I was presumptuous.”

“Ah… no. I need to send a letter to Lady Shuria, or rather, to the Duke.”

Bella wrote a letter on the spot and handed it to Rosanne, who turned around and walked out with her bright face. She just smiled as she watched Rosanne carve out her own path, unlike the passive Rosanne in the novel.

‘Thank God. I think she forgot about Kiehl.’

Anyway, her busy but simple and ordinary life went smoothly.

Except for one thing.