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‘…What is this?’

‘A letter. If you don’t have time to talk… at least read this.’

‘A pointless thing, Lily Everett.’


‘Don’t do such a thing again.’

And then, you threw my letter into the fireplace right in front of me.

I still remember clearly what was written in that letter.

[I was reading a book of poems when I came across this one, and it made me think of you.]

The summer of my letter was too short, and now my world was a cold and bitter winter.

* * *

Theodore’s act of being sick didn’t last long, as King Radel himself came to take him away, claiming urgent matters needed his attention.

“Duke Valentino! You look well? I thought you were on your deathbed!”

After several pointed remarks that poked at Theodore’s conscience, King Radel eventually took him to the capital.

Until the moment before he left, Theodore looked at me with pitiful eyes. I had grown accustomed to that gaze, so it no longer stirred any feelings within me.


Theodore returned to Duke Valentino’s castle a few days later. He appeared somewhat gaunt from his trials with King Radel. He put on a pitiable act in front of me again.

Naturally, I intended to ignore him, but… thinking it was cruel to be harsh on someone who had suffered, I reluctantly entertained him.

And immediately regretted it.

* * *

Time flowed rapidly, and soon it was December.

The chaotic situation gradually stabilized, and peace began to seep back into people’s lives.

The Everett family and its affiliates were all dealt with, and the only thing left was for the king to honor those who had contributed to the victory.

It goes without saying that Valentino’s reputation soared higher than before. King Radel, of course, praised Valentino’s contributions above all other houses, followed by Delacroix.

Other houses that had supported King Radel also received generous rewards for their participation in the battle.

Up to here, everything seemed perfectly normal and expected.

“Duchess Lily Valentino, I shall bestow upon you a title and territory.”


The problem lay in the reward given to me.

A completely unexpected reward.

“A title and territory…..?”

“Isn’t this unprecedented?”

“So she remains Duchess Valentino while also holding her own title?”

While it wasn’t unheard of for a woman to take up the duties of a lord in the Kingdom of Francis, it was typically in cases where the wife had been widowed and was acting as a regent until her young heir came of age. But for a woman to be granted a title and lands… it was very rare.

This country was still a male-dominated society, unlike its neighboring kingdoms.

“Lily Valentino played a crucial role in the downfall of the Everetts. Without her, today’s victory would not have been possible.”

As King Radel spoke solemnly, the murmuring crowd fell silent. Yet, a few glanced at me, and upon catching my eye, they looked startled and quickly bowed their heads, their faces turning pale.


I don’t know why so I turned to look at Theodore beside me. He smiled softly with his eyes curving into crescents.

“Above all, Lily Valentino was the one who brought down Owen Everett.”

The room buzzed with the king’s calm revelation.


“How is that possible?”

“Rumors said Duchess Valentino was a spirit contractor…”

“So, it was true?”

…Though it was Theodore who had dealt the decisive blow to Owen, he pretended not to catch my glance and looked the other way. It seemed he was intent on crediting Owen’s death entirely to me.

I sighed inside.

‘This is troublesome…’

A title and territory.

It was an honor I had never wanted. All I wanted was to conclude my revenge and live a simple, peaceful life.

“Duchess Valentino?”

King Radel called out to me with a kind smile. The Queen Mother and the Queen, who were standing nearby were also staring at me, their faces adorned with similar smiles.

…I could feel an unspoken pressure coming from the three of them. It seemed that the unexpected reward given to me was not solely the work of King Radel alone. I swallowed another sigh and walked towards the center of the audience chamber.

As I approached King Radel, he handed me a scroll adorned with a red tassel and a ring symbolizing lordship. His eyes sparkling with amusement as if he found the situation extremely entertaining.

“Here, take it.”

“…I am deeply moved by your gracious favor, Your Majesty.”

With no other choice, I accepted them. The ring, marked with an unfamiliar emblem, twinkled under the chandelier’s light.