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“You, quickly…”


“I will, so hurry!”

Berthas looked at Isillis without changing his expression despite the crushing magical force. Isillis, who became more anxious at his gaze, replied quickly. As soon as she answered, his aura enveloped her. Isillis was momentarily captivated by the enchanting blue light and asked Berthas.

“Is it over now?”

“One more thing.”

“One more?”

He suddenly stood up, pulled her close and captured her lips.

Surprised by his sudden action, Isillis opened her mouth. Something warm flowed into her. She gasped for air, feeling the warmth strangely sweep through her body.

Berthas slowly pulled away.

“Is this… how it’s done?”

“This isn’t typical for a master-servant relationship. It’s usually hand to hand, but I prefer this way.”

Their kiss was witnessed by the servants and maids, who turned away.

The Swordmaster’s oath of existence, performed in the middle of the garden, was a rare sight for both the servants and the maids. Having witnessed something they had never seen before, they kept silent, knowing well that any word leaked could lead to their mysterious disappearance.

Berthas’s first act upon entering the palace was to seize control of information.

With Isillis’s tacit approval, he took command of the servants and maids, the eyes and ears of the palace. Those who did not move according to his will were either expelled from the palace or vanished without a trace. Nobles who tried to pass Isillis’s information met their end by his hand.

After scanning the surroundings with a sharp gaze, he whispered to Isilli while holding her waist.

“Where will Your Majesty sleep tonight?”

“Stop saying that.”

“I refuse.”

Isillis laughed at Berthas’s playful words. Facing her smile, he whispered to the corner of her mouth,

“So, will Your Majesty come to me tonight?”

She chuckled at his question, which left no room for other options, but responded in a soft voice.

“I will.”







“The battalion of wizards is ready. When do you plan to depart?”

“In a week would be good.”

“A week from now? Isn’t that too soon?”

“Seeing the Maritime Empire protest like that, won’t the citizens feel uneasy? We need to resolve this quickly.”

“Your Majesty, may I request a private audience?”

Duke Verus, who had been listening nearby, spoke up. As soon as she heard him, Isillis gestured for the others to leave and asked Verus,

“What do you wish to discuss?”

“Your Majesty, must you really go?”

“If I don’t go, then what?”

“You don’t have to worry about the affairs of the Maritime Empire. They can handle it themselves. You are precious to Larchen.”

Isillis tapped the armrest of her chair. ‘Tap, tap.’ Her expression soured at Duke Verus’s words, which seemed to know something. Seeing her reaction, Duke Verus bowed and said,

“Your predecessors also fell ill every time they returned from there.”

“Always ill?”

“The reason was the excessive use of magic. Your Majesty, I dislike seeing you sacrifice for their sake.”


It was a long-standing agreement between Larchen and the Maritime Empire. They guarded the sea, preventing people from the continents across the sea from crossing over, while Larchen supported them. That was the promise.

The world beyond the sea remained a mystery.

The people of Larchen, including Isillis, didn’t know what lay beyond the sea. She had been curious occasionally, but since there was no direct interaction, she had yet to seek to learn more. That changed when she learned her father, Tartos, had hidden there.

Isillis became curious about that place.

‘There’s no need to share this with Verus.’

Indeed, there was no need to disclose what could be considered state secrets, facts passed down only to the emperors, to a subject like him. Not even Berthas knew, so why would she tell him?

“Your Majesty.”

“I’ll handle it myself.”

“It would be best not to go.”

“I said I’ll handle it.”

Her firm resolve silenced Duke Verus. Isillis sighed as she looked at him.

“I understand the Duke’s concerns, but the Maritime Empire is an important ally to Larchen. We must treat them accordingly.”

“But Your Majesty…”

“I’ll tell you the full story when I return.”

Realizing the need to clarify the relationship between Larchen and the Maritime Empire after this incident, Isillis couldn’t let the feeling of being dragged along by the Maritime Empire continue.

As she was about to see Erica while sighing, her nanny, Meryl, bowed before her.

“What is it?”

“I have a request, Your Majesty.”

“A request?”

“I wish to accompany you on this expedition.”

“You do?”

Isillis looked puzzled. Meryl was not one to step forward without reason. That she came to speak personally suggested it was of great importance to her.

“What’s the reason?”

“It concerns my nephew.”

“Your nephew?”

The fact from Meryl took Isillis by surprise.

“Even so, I can’t take you with me. You are Erica’s nanny.”

“I expected you to say that. Then, could you deliver this for me?”



Meryl presented a ring, which resembled a seal. Isillis asked.

“Whom should I deliver this to?”

“You’ll naturally find out once you’re in the Maritime Empire, Your Majesty.”

“Naturally, I see.”

As Isillis examined the ring, she noticed a faint flow of magic. Whoever owned this would have something similar.

“Using a nation’s empress like this.”

“Your Majesty, I know it’s presumptuous of me. But it was something I couldn’t discuss with anyone else.”

“Given it is an important matter, I’ll do it. It’s better that fewer people know the child’s identity.”

“I am deeply grateful, Your Majesty.”

Meryl, prostrating in gratitude, was dismissed by Isillis.

“Your only duty is to protect Erica until I return.”

“I will protect her with my life.”

“Then, I accept your request.”

“Your Majesty.”

Meryl looked up at her with tears brimming in her eyes as Isillis walked past. The sound of sobbing followed, but Isillis kept walking.

The burden of the truth she had learned weighed down on her but soon lightened.

This wasn’t Larchen’s job.


* * *


As the departure date approached, Berthas grew anxious. Having never felt such emotions, he was at a loss on how to cope. If it were his own problem, he might have found a solution, but the turmoil was due to his loved one distressing him.


He had been sighing a lot lately.

Isillis’s attempts to comfort him were in vain. Holding her every day didn’t alleviate his anxiety, so he eventually went to see his daughter.

He looked down at her as she slept.