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Allure’s troubled expression caught her eye, but Isillis chose to ignore it and gestured for him to leave. She kept pondering as she watched him withdraw.

‘Why is everyone advising against this?’

There must be a reason the Maritime Empire was seeking Isillis. Perhaps they faced a major issue they couldn’t resolve on their own. The magic tools provided by Larchen that were essential for sustaining the floating Maritime Empire seemed to be malfunctioning.

‘That’s why they’re making such moves.’

Her subjects were grumbling about the audacity of the Maritime Empire’s people because they were unaware of the specifics, but Isillis knew. They were a nation that couldn’t survive without Larchen’s magic and magic tools.

Their show of force at the Etort port was a clear signal.

“Something’s happened.”

There was undoubtedly an issue with the crucial power source that sustained the Maritime Empire.

“To seek me out…”

Nevertheless, it wasn’t something she could divulge to others.

Such secrets were best kept with as few people as possible. It was planned that her daughter would succeed her, head to the Maritime Empire, just as Isillis had done and to infuse magic into what she had seen in her childhood.

“Still, it’s strange. Why now, after hundreds of years without issues?”

It was peculiar. A strange feeling gripped Isillis and compelled her to visit the Maritime Empire despite her subjects’ objections. She felt certain that meeting the admiral would shed light on the matter.

By the time she snapped back to reality, the sun was setting. It cast a red light in the audience room.

She stood up.

“Your Majesty.”

The chief attendant called out as she rose.

“What is it?”

“The consort is waiting outside the audience chamber.”

She couldn’t hide her grimace at those words. Noticing the change in her expression, the chief attendant quickly bowed and explained.

“He has been asking to see you for a while, but he didn’t want to disturb your thoughts…”


As she stepped outside the audience room, she saw Berthas lost in thought. His face was filled with concern as he gazed out the window. Isillis watched him for a moment, then gestured to the chief attendant to leave and approached Berthas.


He called her name without looking at her, sensing that she had sent the others away. Isillis responded to Berthas, who stubbornly refused to look at her.

“You don’t have to worry…”

“How can I not worry? I’ll come with you.”

“But if you leave too, what about our daughter? Not to mention you’ll struggle with seasickness…”

Berthas furrowed his brow at her gentle tone.

“Seasickness? What an absurd excuse. You know as well as I do that a simple aura can handle that.”

“But that would be too taxing for you.”

“Why don’t you understand that I want to be by your side, even if it’s difficult?”


Isillis took his clenched fist in her hand.

Despite knowing she shouldn’t, she couldn’t help but smile at his effort to contain his anger. His concern for her made her heart flutter.


She turned to face Berthas, unable to suppress her smile even as she looked at his tight-lipped face.

“What’s so funny?”

“How can I not be happy? To hear you speak with such concern for me.”


Berthas sighed, and he was about to say something, though she raised her hand to stop him.

“Don’t you think I understand your concerns? But I must go this time.”

“Why, exactly?”

“The Maritime Empire has a long history with Larchen. They wouldn’t muster their army and protest like this for no reason. It must be because they have something they urgently need to ask of me.”

“Then, isn’t that all the more reason not to go?”

“No. There’s a reason they must act this way. It’s not to cause trouble with Larchen, but rather, they need to call on me. There’s undoubtedly a problem in the Maritime Empire, and it’s one that won’t be solved without my intervention. I am the one with the strongest magic in this empire.”

Berthas fell silent at her words.

He couldn’t argue against the need for Isillis’s magic. He disliked this situation. The fact that everyone depended on her magic was like this. Why should they care for a neighboring empire when they have Larchen to look after?

The burden she carried was too great.

“A little help with magic can bring much gain to Larchen, so I should bear it.”

“How long must you sacrifice yourself? I…”

“If one is born into the imperial family of Larchen, it’s a given responsibility. You, born into royalty as well, understand this duty, don’t you?”

No, I don’t know, was what he wanted to say.

Of all the royals he had seen, none embodied the word ‘royalty’ as much as Isillis did. A royal who set aside personal concerns to sacrifice for the good of Larchen. Who knew the burdens and the challenging path this person walked? Not even Berthas fully understood until he stood by her side.

Even now, it was hard to accept.

“Isillis, I… I…”

“Don’t say it.”

As he called out to her, struggling to continue, Isillis raised her hand to cover his lips. When her soft hand touched his lips, Berthas took her hand and pressed his lips deeply against her palm.

“I love you.”

“I feel the same, it seems.”

“So, you have to come back without any incidents.”

“Of course.”

Her words did little to alleviate his unease. Berthas pulled her hand, and they walked out into the garden.

The garden was shrouded in darkness. They arrived at a familiar spot.

“Do you remember this place, Your Majesty?”

“I remember. Isn’t this where you shouted at me?”

While reminiscing about that New Year’s event, Isillis whispered to Berthas. He knelt in front of her in response.

“Why again?”

She smiled down at him and held his hand. He kissed the back of her hand. As the aura overflowed from Berthas and enveloped Isillis, she was about to speak in surprise.

“I will be your sword, Isillis.”

“Berthas, this is…”

“If you don’t accept this, I won’t let you go.”

The determination in his face showed an unyielding will she couldn’t oppose.

…A man’s resolute determination to protect the woman he loved.

Sensing Berthas’s steadfastness, Isillis relaxed her hand. She was about to pull her hand away as he began to swear the oath of a Swordmaster, but his grip held her in place.

Pleased with seeing her obediently offering her hand, he continued.

“I, Berthas Larchen, wish to pledge my existence to Isillis Larchen. Will you accept?”

“…I shall.”

“This oath binds us together in life and death. Are you sure?”

“Life and death… Berthas, only God can decide that…”


Isillis nodded at his insistent request.

From the moment he activated his aura, the magic barrier of Larchen was weighing him down. It was dangerous to give any further delays.