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Aila rushed over with a fierce expression, causing me to instinctively step back in fear she might grab me by the collar.

“You’ve been invited to the engagement ceremony!”

“Uh, yes.”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner!”

“Um, would it be a problem if I hadn’t?”

Cautiously, I asked, feeling intimidated.

It was the weekend when Duke returned to the manor with Reedmore.

I had briefly mentioned being invited to the engagement ceremony in a letter, and as soon as they arrived, this was the situation.

Without giving me a moment’s respite, she barged into my room, grabbed my hand, and swiftly led me away.

“Of course! We don’t have enough time if we start preparing now. Hurry up, come quickly!”

Slightly hesitating, I allowed myself to be dragged along.

“But it’s just a simple event. I haven’t even had my debutante ball, and I just said it’s a party with Academy students included, why…”

The phrase ‘this much’ was swallowed before it could escape my lips.

Aila opened the door and turned back with an excited expression.

Inside the room stood five unfamiliar maids and women I had never seen before.

The spacious room was filled to overflowing with countless pieces of fabric and jewelry.

“Please come in quickly. We’re short on time.”

I stood there dumbfounded by the surreal scene until Aila pushed me forward and ushered me into the room.

“Wait, what’s all this?”

“What do you mean? It’s preparations for your attendance at the event.”

Closing the door behind her, she led me to the center of the room.

As soon as Aila let go of my hand, the women rushed over, taking measurements of my body, comparing fabrics, and trying on different pieces of jewelry and cloth, all at once.

Arms and hands, belonging to who knows whom, firmly gripped me.

I managed to turn my head just enough to call out to my only ally.

“Aila. Aila?”

“Miss, since your skin is fair, I think this color would suit you better than dark shades.”

She appeared oblivious to my words, engrossed in heated discussions with the others while examining fabric.

“Enough about that, hand me that fabric from Hekarimasan over there. Yes, that one.”


“What? Miss, what’s the matter?”

“Come over here for a moment.”

“But I’m quite busy right now…”

Worried that someone might overhear us, I beckoned to Aila.

With a regretful glance at the fabrics, she nodded and signaled for the others to leave.

The maids and the women, who seemed to have come from the dressing room, dispersed to continue selecting fabrics and exchanging opinions.

Before I knew it, I was standing on some sort of pedestal. Leaning down to Aila’s ear, I whispered.

“What’s going on? All this fabric, jewelry, and people. Isn’t it too extravagant? Is it really necessary?”

“Miss, what are you saying! It’s at His Grace’s behest.”

Her eyes widened, and then she covered her mouth, as if amused by something.

“His Grace?” I questioned in confusion

“Yes. ‘Don’t worry about the expense,’ ‘Use only the finest materials,’ ‘Ensure nothing is lacking.’ These were all direct orders from His Grace!”

An unsettled feeling crept over me, a mix of unease and queasiness, that tugged at the back of my mind.

“So don’t fret. Just relax. We’ll ensure you shine brightest at the event.”

With determination, she clenched her fist.

Without further delay, she called back the people who had dispersed, and they resumed their lively discussions while examining various fabrics.

Silently, I stood by, observing as if it were none of my concern.

But Aila’s enthusiasm didn’t wane.

“Is this all you’re having? That’s absurd. Eat more.”

During tea time, while I was engrossed in a book in my room.

Tiny biscuits, perfect for popping in the mouth, along with cakes adorned with custard cream and mousse, topped with a heap of strawberries, were laid out as tea treats.

The servants of the household shifted their demeanor noticeably as the upper echelons of the Desmiere Family, including the Duke, Lord Obert, and Reedmore, showed me favor.

The tea treats set before me now were specially prepared by the chef at Aila’s request.

I enjoyed the food with relish, feeling satiated after indulging, but Aila insisted.

“I’m full. I had a substantial lunch, too. You know that, right?”

“It’s not about how much you ate earlier.”

Aila remained resolute.

“You need to eat more. You’re still so thin, and I was genuinely shocked when I first saw you because of how slender you have gotten.”

More, more. She urged, pushing a biscuit toward me.

Her insistence made it difficult to refuse, so I reluctantly acquiesced.

This routine repeated every weekend until the day of the engagement ceremony finally arrived.

From morning till night, I was whisked away by others, causing quite a stir.

Finally, when the preparations were complete, the sun was high in the sky.

“Oh, Miss…”

Aila held a handkerchief tightly while tears shimmered in her eyes.

On the pedestal, I awkwardly adjusted the dress, feeling a bit self-conscious.

“Turn around.”

One of the maids, who seemed familiar with tailoring, encouraged me.

I followed her instruction, spinning lightly. The skirt billowed out in waves.


“You look stunning, Miss!”

“It suits you perfectly.”

The maids and the individuals from the dressing room gathered around, offering praise.

Among them, those from the dressing room, who had to craft two additional outing dresses and three casual dresses, were particularly touched.

It was worth the effort. Even to someone like me, who was ignorant of such matters, the dresses looked exceptionally beautiful.

The emerald green dress resembled the sea itself.

The neckline was modest yet refreshing. My mother’s necklace adorned it.

The sleeves boasted ruffles sprinkled with glittering pearl powder, adding a touch of elegance.

Below, a silver silk ribbon delicately cinched the waist, accentuating the graceful flow of the ample skirt.

I wore ivory gloves that reached my elbows.

For my hair, I chose a half-up style, striking a balance between maturity and youth, allowing the rest to cascade naturally.

And to complete the ensemble, I adorned my ears with earrings crafted from pearls sourced from the Hisen Sea.

It was evident that many people had put in considerable effort.

“Thank you, everyone.”

With a heavy heart, I conveyed my gratitude. The maids exchanged glances and shared smiles with each other.

Awkwardly gazing at my reflection in the full-length mirror, I saw a version of myself that felt unfamiliar in the elaborate attire.

My black hair shimmered, complemented by the light makeup on my face that lent me a healthy radiance.

It was a stark contrast from the first time I faced my reflection after returning, months ago. Time had swiftly flown by.

Knock, knock.

Lost in thought, I was interrupted by a tap on the door of the makeup room from outside.

“Who is it?”

Aila called out, dressed in a lively yellow gown, prepared to accompany me as my guest.

“It’s me. Reedmore.”

Aila shot me a questioning look, silently asking if she should open the door. I nodded.

“I’ll open it.”

She announced and pulled the door open.

Reedmore stood outside, looking slightly tense for some reason, dressed smartly for the occasion.

His eyes widened upon seeing me.


The exclamation slipped out but was quickly replaced by a smile. He then approached me.

He extended his arm for me to take, pretending to lightly kiss the back of my hand.

“You look beautiful, Kahlia.”

“Thank you.”

He didn’t forget to compliment Aila as well.

“You look stunning as well, Aila.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Aila gracefully gathered her dress and bowed.

“Shall we?”


With Reedmore’s arm as support, I gracefully descended from the pedestal, and he escorted me to the waiting carriage.

As we made our way to the carriage at the front gate, Reedmore’s voice took on a mischievous tone.

“I must admit, I was a bit nervous about escorting you, all dolled up, to the party… But now that I see you like this, I wonder why I was ever worried.”

“Indeed. You’re being silly.”

I replied playfully.

“I believe you’ll do splendidly. Remember, I’ll be there as your official guardian. Just trust me. Your big sister will handle everything.”

Wagging my finger at him, I warned.

“And no funny business like last time at the Academy. If you misbehave, I won’t let you off the hook!”

“Don’t fret.”

Boarding the carriage with his assistance, despite his confident assurance and the reassuring sensation of his firm arms supporting me, a lingering unease persisted in my heart. Why was that, I wondered?

More puzzling was my reflection in the carriage window. Despite my attempt at a stern expression, a faint smile betrayed my lips.

“Off we go.”

After seeing off Aila, Reedmore joined us last.

I swiftly schooled my expression and turned my head to the other side.

However, from the corner of my eye, I caught Aila sitting across from me, her content smile radiant, a subtle glow on her face.

“Let’s depart!”

With the coachman’s loud call, the carriage set off toward Marquis Manor.

Approaching the Marquis Manor, my mood grew colder and colder, unlike Ridim’s cheerful demeanor. Unlike him, I couldn’t pinpoint the main source of my tension.

Was it because of Helena, or maybe something else…?

Even at a distance, the image of the person who had scornfully avoided me, golden hair fluttering in the wind, lingered in my mind.