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It seemed like the screams of people were carried by the wind from the direction of the imperial palace.

“Damien, Oscar. Can you hear the screams of people?”

I asked them since my ears couldn’t make an accurate judgment, and they had sensitive hearing.

“Master, we can hear them from all directions, but the loudest screams are coming from the imperial palace.”

“Oh, master. Seaweed punk is right. The next loudest is the noble residential area, and the area with the least screaming is the commoner residential area.”

My head naturally tilted at their words. In such a situation, wouldn’t the commoner residential area usually suffer the most damage? Of course, it was fortunate if there were no casualties, but it was hard to shake off the doubtful feeling.

“Well then, let’s head towards the imperial palace for now.”

I decided to prioritize going to the Imperial Palace, which seemed to be the most heavily affected. After Damien circled around for a comprehensive check, it turned out that the imperial palace was currently the most severely damaged area.

It was a bit strange that the place with better defenses had the most significant damage, but I had no choice but to see. With Damien flapping his wings vigorously, we quickly flew towards the imperial palace.

Before we knew it, we had arrived above the imperial palace.

Looking down from above, the Imperial Palace was a scene of chaos. However, there seemed to be fewer human casualties than I had expected. Since people were gathered in the training ground, it appeared that they had managed to avoid being trapped under the collapsing buildings.

Nevertheless, the explosions still posed a threatening presence.

I quickly searched through my thoughts. It seemed like one of my abilities involved inhaling magical power by intertwining my breath, temporarily transferring the abilities of others.

Simply put, it felt like inserting a USB into my head that was like a computer and using their abilities.

Of course, it only lasted for a limited period, and once extracted, it was over. Although I had been absorbing Enzo’s magical power for a long time, I hadn’t reached the end. It seemed that it was because of the vast amount of magical power he possessed and the extensive knowledge in his mind.

Various magic spells swiftly passed through my mind. Another explosion occurred while I was selecting an appropriate spell.


Witnessing debris falling towards the crowd, I promptly cast a lightening spell I had used a moment ago. The debris, now as light as a feather, floated away with the wind.

As people looked bewildered, I discovered another magic spell.

Unsure if it would work, I decided to give it a try. I cast the lightweight spell on everyone visible, lifting them into the air. Despite the fact that they screamed in surprise, I had no time to explain and immediately transported them to a safe place using wind magic.

“A wizard!”

“Looks like a wizard!”

The astonished crowd realized they were being moved to safety and quieted down.

Among them, I spotted a familiar face. I was relieved to see that the person who had been imprisoned was now safe.

Samuel was in the midst of the people while looking around, holding the Countess.

The surprised knights noticed us and, although their expressions changed oddly upon seeing Lucian, we moved them together to a safer place.

The imperial palace continued to crumble.

Explosions erupting from the ground were not very loud, but their power was tremendous. The area that had just collapsed began to sink like the temple. As we hurriedly moved, people gathered in a wide-open space in the distance.

Somehow, it seemed safe to head in that direction.

I successfully lowered all the servants to that location. After releasing the lightening spell, I took a deep breath. The magic consumed more power than I had anticipated.

Lucian, who had been holding me tightly, whispered in my ear.

“Did you do this, Ray?”

“Huh? Yes.”

“How did you do it? Could it be…?”

I understood what he was trying to say, and I quickly replied.

“It’s not Enzo possessing me, Luci.”

“…Then, how did you do the magic? Weren’t you only supposed to know healing magic?”

He was well aware that I could do healing magic. He must have realized it naturally after unintentionally seeing me kiss him. Well, even so, he should say something.

Instead, he kept it to himself, not saying a word to the person involved, me.

“It’s a bit complicated to explain. Can I tell you later?”

Lucian chuckled softly in my ear at my words. His warm breath gave me a slight shiver.

“It tickles, Luci.”

“All right then. Let’s go down and find out what happened.”

“Yes, we should. Damien?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Let’s go down.”

“Yes, understo—”


Before Damien could finish his response, an overwhelming explosion echoed, more powerful than any previous noise.

Immediately, the sensation of the entire capital shaking enveloped us.

I instinctively sensed that it was the moment the barrier was completed. It felt like someone had placed their palm over the entire capital and vigorously shook it. The screams of the people violently hit my eardrums, and amidst the chaos, a calm voice murmuring something faintly slipped through.

Though calm, the collective murmur was as distinct as the screams.

Instinctively, I searched for the source and turned my gaze in that direction. There, amidst the crowd, I discovered an unusual group of people. Sparse as it was, they all seemed to be reciting the same prayer, or more precisely, a spell.

A faint divine power emanated from their bodies. Whether through their prayers or some other means, those around them appeared to be less affected.

Could I do the same?

…I wanted them to remain unharmed. They poured the ground beneath their feet with divine power.

White light streamed from between my lips. Although the white light settled gently like falling snowflakes, its ripple effect was tremendous. As if the area we occupied alone received divine favor, it grew tranquil.

People who were praying in various locations all raised their heads simultaneously and looked toward me.

Their expressions, having accurately identified my location, seemed both joyful and sorrowful.

Soon, the white light began to fade away from the bodies of the crowd, who had deeply bowed their heads to me.

Then, a man began to run urgently. Even as his son desperately called out to him from behind, he didn’t look back and continued to sprint. He wasn’t the only one among those emitting the white light who acted this way. Several of them rushed towards dangerous places.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

The person emitting the white light was undoubtedly a priest, perhaps similar to Paul. While Paul had lived for a long time as a turtle shapeshifter, these individuals might be priests and possessors.

“Damien, follow that man!”

“Yes, Master.”

After briefly glimpsing at the boy sobbing behind him, I focused on where these individuals were heading. They ran resolutely toward a split in the terrain.

Why were they doing this?

“Wait! Wait a moment…!”

A man who heard my call momentarily hesitated but resumed running. Then, he leaped through the split in the terrain.


I instantly used wind magic I had tried once before. Perhaps because I had used it before, I could cast it smoothly and swiftly.

“Please let me go, Saint!”

“It’s dangerous there!”

“We have no time except now!”

“For now, come up, and let’s talk…”

The man did not listen to my words and shouted urgently. Not only him, but some others tried to squeeze through the split in the terrain just like him.

Damien brought us closer to the man.

With an earnest expression, the man spoke to me.

“We are priests, Saint. We became possessors by chance. However, it seems to be coming to an end, so we’re trying to end it like this.”

“Isn’t there an owner for that body?”

The man’s expression distorted at my question.

“He’s not even a person! If I disappear, he might abuse that lovely child again. I want to prevent that, Saint.”

Other people around him nodded in agreement with the man’s words.

“We didn’t ask for much. We endured until now with faith that the gods will surely guide us. However, before we go, please allow us to act according to our human will!”

Even though I didn’t know what to do with the man’s earnest expression, could I let a possessor act recklessly with the body?

At that moment, Lucian whispered.

“Let them be, Ray.”


“They couldn’t even control their own deaths. You can’t stop that.”

I couldn’t find a response to his soft words.

“Please, let us go.”

However, faced with their desperate plea, I couldn’t block their request any longer.

When I released the magic, the man closed his eyes with a relieved expression. Following him, several others also threw themselves through the split in the terrain.

As I wondered if my judgment was correct, a white light burst in the Maze Forest and disappeared in an instant. It seemed like a sign that the barrier had been properly completed, making me take a deep sigh.

At that moment, various colored magics from all over the capital headed towards the Maze Forest, or rather, it seemed like they were returning.

As the barrier was completed, it felt like the spirits of the ancestors were also returning to their original places. The overwhelming and beautiful magical colors might look lovely, but the inside felt nothing but melancholic.