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Even when she bit down hard on the tongue that roughly explored her mouth, she couldn’t inflict any harm on him.

Hitting or scratching his face left not a single mark on him. Naskan simply held her small hand and continued kissing her as if it were nothing. His careful concern, checking if she had hurt herself while hitting him, only made Chryselua feel more helpless.

“Don’t cry, Chrys.”

He held her as she struggled to breathe through her tears and kissed her thoroughly as though making up for the days he couldn’t be with her because she had run away.

Chrys had no choice but to accept his actions until he laid her down on the bed. The bed was infuriatingly soft, melting away the stiffness of her body from running outside in an instant. Despite the warmth and comfort, her body couldn’t stop trembling.

It was clear what would happen next on the bed. She resisted as much as she could, pushing his shoulders and kicking him with her legs.

Naskan easily took all her resistance. He pressed her down forcefully and waited for her to exhaust herself. When Chrys finally ran out of strength and slumped, he resumed with gentle kisses as if they were lovers.

She accepted his kisses with a gasp, and when Naskan finally pulled away, she swung her hand with all her might.


She managed to land a hit. Naskan’s face turned to the side. Still, he just smiled brightly, as if Chrys had tenderly caressed his cheek in response to the kiss. His golden eyes, unique to the dragon race, intensified with a red color, were nothing but eerie.

“…I’m doing all this to save you. Can’t you recognize that even once?”

Chrys spat in Naskan’s face.



Wiping the spit from his cheek with the back of his hand, he laughed. Licking his hand, he seemed more pleased by the fact that Chrys had given him her saliva than by the insult he had received.

“What shall I do with you today?”

He asked while feigning tenderness.

There was an obvious hidden meaning. Chrys’s body, which had been long accustomed to him, reacted first.

Even without her responding verbally, Naskan didn’t wait.

Her attempts to push him away were futile as her arms were pinned down on the bed. A moist sigh brushed her nape, and strong lips sucked at the skin below her ear, making Chrys tremble and moan. She was powerless to resist as her clothes were stripped off mercilessly.

He didn’t care that she hadn’t washed.


“You smell of the forest. Maybe it’s okay to let you go once in a while.”

Madman. Naskan was a madman.

“Dirty b*stard.”

“Ah, yes.”

Naskan didn’t move a muscle. Merely closing and opening his eyes was enough for him to cast a delicate spell.

The wind of magic swept through her. The scent of the forest and the sweat trickling down her forehead vanished, replaced by the distinct, sweet scent of the dragonkin’s heat. It was stronger than the fragrance boasted by the spirits of the spirit realm.

“All right, you’re clean.”

“Na, Naskan, aht…!

A thick, long finger tore through her bottom and went inside.


The hand that had forced her legs to spread plunged toward her dripping entrance. With just a few strokes, the wet fingers teased her clitoris. Overwhelmed by the sudden pleasure, Chrys collapsed helplessly.

“Ah, uhng, uht!

“Good. Your body remembers me.”

The thick finger prodded at her entrance like a member. It would have been less humiliating if she felt nothing at all.

Ha, ah…”

Chrys twisted her body to evade the pleasure. Suppressing the rising tears, she finally spat out words of resentment towards Naskan.

“Naskan, you, you b*stard…!”


He forcibly turned her around. Chrys, whose cheek met the sheets in an instant, reflexively tried to rise. However, with Naskan holding onto her waist from behind, she couldn’t move an inch.



A faint laughter echoed from behind. The low tone made the sound eerie.

“If I’m a b*stard, then what does that make you under me?”

Uht, wait, what are you…!”

Without even removing his pants, he exposed his member and rubbed it against her. With each brush of the engorged veins against her lower body, it felt as if she was being rubbed by a devilkin.

Thoughts of someone she couldn’t meet despite running through the forest all night flooded Chrys’s mind, making her choke on tears.

Ugh, uh-huuhk…”

The object that had moistened around her opening was pushed in slowly. Swallowing the forearm-sized red member, her shoulders slumped.

It was overwhelming. It was difficult, but he wouldn’t stop.

Just like that day when, no matter how much she begged and pleaded, she was never released from confinement.

“Ah, ahht…! Ugh! Naskan…!”

The narrow walls of her insides clamped down on the wriggling member.

Seeing Chrys panting heavily and trembling with each movement, Naskan, too, exhaled as if unable to endure. He bent over and bit her earlobe. The panting breaths of heat, the piercing of his center, felt as if he were branding her as his own.

As her hips were rolled and the member penetrated deeper at a different angle, Chrys’ head was thrown back.


Haaa… Are we wallowing around like b*stards?”

With just a slight movement of his hips, the tight walls opened up to their limit. Despite knowing Chrys was suffering, the rigid member still plunged deep into her innermost depths.

Aht, aah!

“How does it feel to be tormented by a b*stard? Ung?”

Naskan’s thrusts grew more forceful, the veins on his member feeling not just engorged but knotted, scraping against the walls and pushing her toward climax.

It felt like punishment.

Punishment for resisting him and trying to escape.

“A b*stard’s cock gets really hard when it’s in heat. Shall we try that today?”

The tip of his member, which had been stroking the walls, now writhed differently from before. Rather than just teasing and scratching, it seemed to vibrate on its own.

Hu-ugh, huwaaahh!

The overwhelming sensation was almost suffocating. Chrys tried desperately to move away, but Naskan, holding onto her waist, thrust his member deeply with one swift motion.



Her vision blurred. Other than pleasure, she felt nothing else.

“Don’t. No, hu-ugh, aht!

The pillar swelled inside her. Along with the swelling in her lower abdomen came a painful pleasure. Naskan loosened his grip on Chrys, who tried to move, but the firmly fixed member inside her didn’t budge.

“Take, take it out! Please, ah, huht! No! Ah…!

“Why? Didn’t you like b*stards?”

Hu-ah! Please. No. I don’t like this. Hu-ugh.”

“If I take it out now, it’ll hurt. Do you want to finish? Should I make it deeper?”

“No. No…!”

“Then, should we stay connected like this?”

Tears streamed down her face from the overwhelming stimulation.

She didn’t know if she would become a doll, feeling only pleasure while being connected like this forever. Losing all sense of reason and seeking only heightened stimulation, her bestial body seemed cursed.

Hu-ugh. Uh, uht, ung!

Naskan moved his hips relentlessly, not satisfied with just that stimulation. With the large body wrapped around her and the member firmly lodged inside, Chrys screamed as if caught in a trap.

Ah, aht, aaht!

“Ah… Ku-ugh. Is it too much for you to handle?”

Chrys tried not to respond to his words.



His large hand slapped her buttocks.

“You should answer, Chrys. Do you like it this way?”