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The heat that started from her lower body has risen to her face.

Was it his touch that spread this heat? Or was it due to shame? It wasn’t painful, but it was too hot. Feeling anxiously trapped in this moment, it seemed she would have to endure this pleasure forever.

“Do it. Ask me to do it Inside…!”

Hua, I hate thi—ah, please. Ah!

“Alright. If that’s what you want.”

“D*mn. You’re terrible. Hu-ugh, you bastard.”

“Our Twilight seems very fickle.”

Hu, no, please. Ah… ! Aahh!

She knew what it meant.

Chrys had to endure his overwhelming power, more intense than the pleasure itself. His large hand, which had been gripping her waist, moved down to her thigh, then abruptly grazed her swollen clit as if scratching it.

In that moment, all sensations focused there.

Hu, huaahnngg!

Overwhelmed by the violent pleasure, she gasped for breath.

Still, the climax didn’t end. She couldn’t see and was struggling to breathe. He didn’t allow her exhausted body any rest. Her inner walls, twitching uncontrollably in climax, squeezed him as if wringing him out.

Naskan’s excited breathing fell to her ears.

“Aahh. Hoo… Chrys…”

Heuk, uht, Na, Naskan… hu-ugh, go die.”

She cursed Naskan, yet the pleasure wrapping around her body was honest and ecstatic. It drove her mad. No matter how much she resisted or disliked it, her body faithfully felt the pleasure.

At times, it was she, not Naskan, who moved her hips and sought pleasure.

Chrys panted with a drooling mouth. That sight seemed to stimulate Naskan even more as his length rubbed even more aggressively inside.

“Sto, stop…”

“Beg more, and I’ll finish it.”

It was beastly. He was already a beast in form.

Naskan didn’t wait for an answer. Gripping Chrys’s waist tightly, he bent down to bite her shoulder, intertwining their waists. The pillar that was firmly fixed inside, seemed to slip out but caught at the entrance.

As she held her breath, he thrust it back to the deepest part.


The pleasure was almost painful. Her mouth was drooling, yet she couldn’t close it. The swollen member inside pressed against the cervix. She was immobilized as if pierced by a spear.

“Gasp. Hu-ugh…”

As Chrys gasped for breath, Naskan rubbed his lips thickly against her cheek. Pulling back once more before thrusting, the swollen pillar scraped the inner walls. She could only tilt her head back, pierced by pleasure.


Overwhelmed, Chrys desperately gripped the bedsheet, trying to move forward to escape the painful pleasure.

When she felt the connection between them slightly loosen, Naskan pressed down her arms. His pillar penetrated deeply inside her again as if striking her insides with each forceful movement, making a squelching, obscene sound.

Uh, aahh!

“Hm? If you don’t respond, I’ll just keep going.”

Her hands that were gripping the sheets were pale and trembling.

Anger and pleasure mixed, but she had no strength to resist strongly. Naskan started to move his hips mechanically. Without hearing any disordered breaths, it felt not like s*x but like receiving punishment.

Hu-ugh, ugh, ahng, aaht!

“Should I do it with both? Inside here.”

Naskan pinched and caressed her clit with one hand. The pleasure was so dizzying that all her senses focused there.


“You like it when it grazes against each other, don’t you?”

“No, aaaahhhh!

Her body reacted before her mind’s rejection could catch up. Memories of being tormented by two p*nises until she fainted and then fainted again upon waking, revived. Chrys struggled to escape the chilling sensation.

However, far from escaping, her lower body moved, tightening and twisting around Naskan’s member.



Excited, Naskan bared his fangs and bit into her nape. His growling moans pierced close to her ear. Both from above and below, Chrys was consumed by a violent pleasure.

Heuk, ah, let, ugh, go, let go! Uht!

“You’re mine.”


“You’re mine. Twilight. I won’t send you anywhere.”

He bit and suckled on her nape from behind like he was drawing blood. The shameful stimulus caused her walls to contract. Without even moving, a squelching sound came from their joined parts.

“Ah…! Uht, uung!

Naskan started to slowly move his hips.

With her arms restrained and her nape bitten and held tightly, she could only receive him. Was it what it felt like being mounted? Even the slightest movement shook her entire body senselessly, yet his movements became increasingly violent.

Hu-ah, uht, ung, aahh! Aht, ah!

Cries burst forth involuntarily. The sensation of her insides being scraped as his pillar moved in and out sent chills down her spine.

It would have been better if Naskan had just moved to satisfy his own pleasure. Without consideration, just thrusting forcefully would have meant biting down on her lip until it bled and enduring it.

Even as he breathed out beast-like sighs, he focused solely on how she responded to the different stimuli.

Just a slight move of her fingertips. Just a slight parting of her lips. Even how she breathed was closely observed by Naskan. Deliberately seeking out responsive areas to stimulate, she was helplessly dragged along by the rising pleasure.

This situation was overwhelmingly difficult. It was sadder to be betrayed by someone she thought of as a friend than to be pierced by an enemy, and enduring pleasure was more miserable than enduring pain.

But what was the point of distinguishing between them now? Those she considered enemies were allies and the one she thought a friend was nothing but a scoundrel.

Ah, aht!

She didn’t want to show herself climaxing miserably beneath someone she despised. Biting her lower lip, she tried hard to endure, but ultimately, Chrys succumbed to the pleasure and moaned like an animal.


Naskan grabbed her hair and pressed his lips to hers. A moist sigh accompanied his slick tongue, entering her mouth. She bit down on him, but to him, who had inherited the Lord’s title, it was merely a strong stimulus.

Responding to her resistance, he thrust his hips mercilessly.

Chrys trembled, accepting the tongue that roamed freely in her mouth. Compared to the act of being devoured, what followed was a gentle kiss.

It was a kiss so nostalgic it brought back faded memories of a past that was now meaningless. A time when they were close friends, and a kiss shared when they were swept away by emotion or perhaps a mistake.

A fleeting touch that left only the soft sensation of a light kiss.

An awkward moment when both were too embarrassed to do anything but fidget with their fingers and then laugh awkwardly while scratching the back of their heads upon making eye contact. The thought of Naskan, always perceived as cold, blushing and feeling shy, was like a fantasy that could only exist in the imagination.

But why… why? Why! Why you?!

After repeating the kiss, he turned her over.

As her body was turned with his member still fixed inside, a pleasure so intense it felt like breaking washed over her. Naskan placed his hands on her waist and the back of her head, holding her in place as he kissed her deeply.

Her soft chest, dotted with the heat of passion, was mercilessly crushed against his hard body.


Her trembling hands clawed at his forearm. She scratched fiercely with her nails, but if such actions had any effect, he would have retreated long ago.

His violent kiss wetted Chrys’s mouth. How quickly the tender flesh was sucked and chewed, she couldn’t tell. It was only when their lips finally parted, and a small sigh escaped between them that she realized this vulgar act had ended.

Ha, haa… I hate you, Naskan.”