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“Hey, wait, can you, can you untie this…?”

I thought it was familiar then realized it was Damian. His arms and legs were entangled in tentacles. He was unable to use his holy power without risking harm to me, so his helplessness right now was rather cute. I pressed my body against his chest and kissed him, appreciating his eager response.

Noona, Li, Lily Noona! Can I cut these? It’s not bad for you, right?”

As I aligned my opening with his tip, Regulus’s urgent voice made me turn back. Tangled in tentacles and suspended in mid-air, Regulus looked utterly disheveled. His clothes were torn, and small tentacles were not only caressing his chest but also sneaking into his trousers.

Despite creating a blade with his magic, his concern for me made me pause. I motioned him to come closer. Then, the member that was precariously positioned, thrust into me without warning.

“Hu-ugh, ah, uhng!”

“Don’t get distracted.”

The pillar savagely entered the tight walls and the thrusts echoed inside me. I felt my body heat up, adjusting to Damian, allowing me to feel him more intensely.

Noona, Noona…”

Each thrust from Damian made me shake my hips and let out a moan, but Regulus pulled my hand. He was hesitant at first, but then fully exposed himself and guided my hand to his center.

“Touch me, please?”

His youthful, pleading face filled my blurry vision. He was cute too. As he wanted, I gripped his thick shaft that could not be fully encompassed by one hand.

“Focus, hu, on me.”

“Ah! There, just now…”



Sharp moans spilled out continuously. As my grip loosened, Regulus covered my hand with his. My body seemed to have completely adjusted. I could distinctly feel the shape of the pillar inside, and a single thrust made my vision dizzy.

“It’s good, good. Right there, huht…”

“You’re so tight. And leaking so much.”

As Damian mentioned, each disconnection produced a loud sound. The tangy-sweet scent was so intense, I could even smell it. As my entire body tensed and tightened around him, Damian bit his lip.

“Just relax a bit. I’m about to…hu-ugh!”

The teetering pleasure exploded. My thighs trembled as I rocked my hips vigorously, causing Damian to climax immediately. The rush of semen hit my insides, warming the area below my navel as usual.

As I caught my breath, relishing the afterglow, I noticed my palm was damp.


Regulus, making a sad face as our eyes met, was so cute I couldn’t help but smile and lick the semen off my finger.

“Don’t, don’t eat that!”

“Why are you so embarrassed, Regulus?”

“That’s right, if you’re embarrassed, you can leave.”

“Commander Damian, you’re really persistent. I’m not leaving, ever.”

“Let’s see if you can keep from crying, you mutt.”

“Why do you keep calling me a mutt!”

“Right, there are nicer terms like puppy.”


“But Damian was the first puppy, right?”

As I traced my neck with my finger, Damian clamped his mouth shut, his ears turning a bit red as if he remembered being leashed and panting like a dog. Regulus seemed confused by the reference.

Then, I felt the member inside me harden again.

“What’s this, Damian? Got excited thinking about it again?”

“Ah, I can’t hear you.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. It would be problematic if you went soft before we even started.”

Just as I was about to move my hips again, recalling the way he accepted it when I asked him to do it to my satisfaction.

Noona, Noona.”

“Who’s throwing a tantrum now, you mutt?”

“Ah, come on. I called for Noona, why are you answering, Commander Damian!”

“Damian, Regulus. You guys used to get along, right? Why all this fighting?”

“I’d appreciate it if you realized you’re the reason. I’ve never gotten along with him.”

“Wow! Noona, you know that’s all lies, right?”

I can’t believe the claim that they never got along. Their childish behavior just made me laugh continuously. Feeling wronged, Regulus patted his chest in frustration. I leaned into Damian and spoke in a soft voice.

“If I tell you when my heart flutters, will you stop fighting?”

“You seem strangely happy.”

“Well, maybe it’s because my puppies are being so cute.”

As I stroked his black hair, he grumbled, “Who’s a puppy?” but his flushed face betrayed his enjoyment. I pressed further.

“So, what will you do?”

“…..Did your heart really flutter? And not in a bad way?”

“Yes, really.”

After kissing his collarbone and whispering, he made a pained sound but nodded slightly. I slowly sat up and extended my hand towards Regulus, who looked dejected.


“Yes, yes?”

“Put it here, this way.”

“This… You mean, the butt?”

“Wasn’t it you who was going to put it in?”

“There’s no need to tease when we’re all feeling good, right?”

If it had been Kyren, I wouldn’t have cared whether he cried or not. But Regulus hesitated, not daring to touch me.

“Don’t you like it here?”

Realizing his cheeks were flushed but he remained silent, I thought, well, that can happen. Damian seemed indifferent to either option, so when I was about to change positions, Regulus firmly protested.

“No, no! It’s not that I don’t want to! But, that, it’s going to hurt.”


“What if it tears because it’s too narrow for something like this!”

I looked at Regulus’s center that was already throbbing and leaking clear fluid. Considering the size difference, Ares had been the largest, but even he had fit comfortably. However, if I told Damian I had put something bigger might have made him faint, so I covered Damian’s mouth, who was about to make a sarcastic comment, and smiled.

“It’s okay, Regulus. Being a succubus now, it doesn’t bother me.”


“Please put in quickly.”

Otherwise, he might think I was forcing him, which was not the case. If it weren’t for the ‘no forcing’ rule, he might have already been gasping and thrusting eagerly.

His hands, damp with sweat, pulled at the flesh, and I felt both front and back twitching with anticipation. In the heat-filled room, I heard Regulus swallow nervously. He kneeled and carefully aligned his tip with my back.

As the front was adjusted for Damian, the back accommodated Regulus. The wrinkled hole opened without any pain or resistance, followed by an intense pleasure no human body could typically endure. The pillar filled me completely and started its vigorous movements.

❦ ❦ ❦

The tears flowed non-stop, filled with bitterness and injustice.

As I had confessed to my grandmother, to the commanders, and to myself, even in a state of lost senses, I was aware that I had done wrong. The situation was ironic. The perpetrator became the victim, and the victim became the perpetrator, but it didn’t erase the deed.

“Committing a mistake warrants punishment. It’s true, but this is too much.”

I fell asleep, and Lilith appeared. I was angry at Kyren, and Lilith couldn’t hide that feeling. Everything happened as Kyren feared, but that was beside the point. I couldn’t bear it any longer.

After crying for a long time, I gasped for breath and lifted my head.

“This is the second time I wanted to hit someone. The first was you, Damian.”

Rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand, I glared at little Damian. His doll-like appearance, with a face too large for his palm-sized body, broke into his characteristic mischievous smile before he lightly tapped my arm as if to comfort me.

“It really bothers me. Why did you all have to show up here…”

Not only Damian, but other commanders were also beside me. They each looked like a plush doll, their round hands connected to mine by threads tied to my fingers.

Though I don’t know why, they’ve been clinging to my side since I awoke from that dream. No matter how loudly I yelled at them to go away or how far I threw them, they always returned unscathed making it impossible for me to push them away any longer.

“You all really are too clingy. If it were me, I’d find someone kinder and more suitable.”

I sniffled and hugged Ares and Odil, who sat at my feet with worried expressions. Endymion, with his short limbs, managed to climb from my back to my shoulder to wipe my tears, but his small size made it less than helpful.

“…Don’t be so tender with me. I might actually start to like it.”

Perhaps such words come easier in a realm that was not reality. How Ares and Damian could realize and delve into the nuances of my emotions, which even I hadn’t fully grasped, was beyond me.

“You’re all so strange.”

Endymion, who was close enough to touch just by turning my head, touched my cheek and smiled gently.

Suddenly, I thought of Lucy.

That mischief-maker who, despite teasing me, was worried about me getting involved with the commanders. You were right, Lucy. I’m weak against persistence, unable to outright reject advances even if it meant to eat me, just as you said.

“…Don’t smile, Damian.”

Damian, who had been bickering with little Regulus, suddenly grinned, prompting me to flick his forehead. Damian started to crawl over with a sulky face, followed by a huffing Regulus.

With heavy eyes, I opened up about the turmoil within me.

“I think I’m afraid not knowing when your feelings might change.”

Round eyes turned to me at the same time. I carefully embraced Damian and Regulus, who clung to my legs, and continued speaking slowly.

“People are like that, aren’t they? Even Emperor Kyren, I never imagined he’d despise me enough to resort to such actions. Yet, I don’t feel betrayed or anything. After all, he meant so little to me. But you all are different…”

My mouth went dry. As I blinked incessantly, I finally added.

“I’m afraid of getting too hurt. Far more than when I found out about the hidden ring. I’m a coward. I’m terrified of endings, so much that I can’t even start. So, let’s stop here. I’m a succubus, after all. So please understand that.”

I wasn’t sure if I’d wake up in a prison or a hospital, but given the Emperor’s actions, I no longer felt confident staying in the castle. I had stayed for Maria’s promise, the commanders’ promise, and another promise to myself, but now it seemed impossible, even if it meant putting the ring back on.

I finished speaking freely, knowing my words wouldn’t reach them directly, yet they all looked stubbornly back at me. It was then, as I had a pout on my lips, a voice chimed in.

“Even when speaking frankly, you still aren’t being entirely honest, child.”

The little commanders’ heads shot up. I turned around reflexively and my eyes widened. There stood a figure with wisps of gray hair, a face marked with fine lines, smiling gracefully.


“It’s been a while, Lilith.”

A gentle breeze carried small wildflowers around my grandmother.