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* * *


When I opened my eyes, Diello was gone, though the scent he left behind lingered. His strong musk and warmth, mixed with the fragrance of the incense, remained with me.

And the mirror he had placed there as if to tell me to look at it was still there.

“Oh my god.”

I covered my face with both hands. It was no use thinking it was just a massage. My heart was pounding, and I couldn’t control the strange heat that swept over my body like a wave. It felt like I would react to him if our eyes met.

Because I couldn’t stand it.

Because I felt like I would forget what I had to do and grab his hand, suppressing my reason.

I closed my eyes.

‘Sleep well.’

Until he left, he kept whispering like that. As I thought about last night, I felt the heat rising again.

“Are you awake?”

At that moment, the maids who came in without making a sound bowed their heads to me.

“Are you feeling okay?”

As Vielle asked, I opened my eyes wide at her words.


The soreness had disappeared, and I felt fine moving around.

“I’m okay.”

It was surprisingly effective.

“That’s a relief.”

Vielle smiled as if she was relieved.

“Where’s Diello?”

“He’s working.”

She answered lightly. At those words, I let out a sigh of relief without realizing it. I felt like if I saw him again now, I would flare up again.

“He must already have breakfast?”

Then, I should eat something simple as well.

I got up thinking that way.

At that moment, the maids moved in a flurry. They were clearly preparing the clothes I would wear to go out.

“Which one would you like to wear?”

Strangely, there were four sets, including accessories, to choose from. I was just going to the first floor of the mansion for breakfast…?

Of course, I didn’t hate pretty dresses.

“The third one.”

I chose a light blue dress that looked comfortable to move in. The maids who were holding the other items quietly stepped back.

And the maid who was holding the light blue dress approached.

“Excuse me.”

She, who was more enthusiastic than usual, slid the clothes off my shoulders. The maids who took off my nightgown were much more attentive than usual. I didn’t have to lift a finger, and I was dressed in an instant.

“…Everyone is working hard today?”

The maids bowed their heads at my words.

That wasn’t all. There were only four knights from the fourth floor following me to the first floor. They seemed to be keeping their distance in case I felt uncomfortable, but it was obvious that their steps were stealthy.

It was a nice sight, but…

“…The atmosphere is different from usual.”

As I ended up saying to Vielle, who was standing next to me, she smiled broadly.

“It’s to express gratitude.”

“Gratitude? What―”


Only then did I look again at the faces of the Argenta who were following me. Among them were those whom I had saved from the sea with my water power, and there were also Argenta from the village who received supplies from the northwest this time.

“They know that the Madam cares about each and every Argenta.”

Vielle said in a low voice.

“Please don’t refuse their gratitude.”

At Vielle’s words, I looked back at her.

“They’ll like that better.”

This kind of treatment was a first.

When I looked at them and turned back, I could feel the maids following me at a brisk pace, watching my every move. They seemed to be paying attention to my every move so that I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

It would be a lie to say that it wasn’t burdensome, but rather, I felt a warm feeling.

It was unfamiliar at first, but it didn’t feel bad. Because before the incident, I never felt this way. They weren’t this eager to serve me like this.

“Thank you.”

In the end, I only smiled softly.


* * *


It wasn’t just the maids who had changed. After finishing a rather extravagant breakfast for a light morning meal, I met Diello, who greeted me with a gentle smile.


It could be considered his usual gentle smile. However, his atmosphere was subtly different. Or perhaps it was just me seeing him slightly differently because of what happened last night.

“Are you feeling all right?”

Diello’s voice asking this question sounded overly sweet.

“I’m fine now, thanks to Diello.”

At my words, Diello smiled, seemingly pleased.

“My lord, you can no longer postpone your duties.”

The next moment, he smiled helplessly at Vielle’s cold words.

“Then, I’ll excuse myself for a moment.”

And soon, he returned to his office.

“Nias said it would be better for you to rest until today.”

I gladly returned to my room at Vielle’s suggestion. It was common sense that if you overdo it after getting better, your condition would worsen.



The documents that were definitely piled up on the desk in the office were gone, and Diello soon entered the bedroom.

“Diello? Are you done already?”

At my words, he showed me a bundle of documents that he had been hiding behind the door.

…Did he bring those with him?

“I wanted to be by Krua’s side.”

Saying that, he began to work at a table where he could keep me in his sight, with the corners of his lips turned up.

Of course.

“My lord, these are the tasks that you must complete by today from the Knights’ Hall.”

“My lord, this is a report from the Intelligence Department.”

Unable to focus properly on his work, it seemed like he spent more time looking at me than at the documents.


My face flushed whenever his gaze landed on me.

‘Please stay like this, Krua.’

At that moment, a strange whisper seemed to echo in my head. Diello had said something like this before, hadn’t he? The moment the hazy feeling was revived… he was looking at me.


Before the pile of documents in front of him could go over the edge of the table, I quickly lowered the canopy of the bed. Contrasting expressions of him, who looked troubled beyond the canopy, and Vielle, who looked relieved, were visible.

And then, naturally, Diello’s work speed increased.

What was I supposed to do with that man? I looked back at the mirror on my bedside table, a trace of last night.


It wasn’t just him that was the problem.

Seeing my face red all the way to my ears, I quietly covered the mirror.


* * *


I naturally returned to work the next day.

The fact that I went to the sea and used my abilities was, of course, kept a secret. The Alors side must be wondering how the Alors assassins were dealt with on the sea, but they wouldn’t be able to suspect me because Vielle disguised herself as me and headed to the northwestern village.

And Diello had never officially left his office.

Duke Alors must have a headache right now, wondering what on earth had happened.

[ Shadow Distribution Status ]

The Shadow distribution began to be escorted by more troops than before, and the inspection procedure for the supplies was supplemented with ‘boiling the food in different combinations in water.’

This incident would slow down the Shadow distribution for a while, but it was said that none of the recipients expressed any complaints.

Rather, they repeatedly expressed their gratitude.

In addition…

[ Argenta Special Distribution ]

Written in the document was what I had previously suggested to Redias.

[ Among those receiving the Shadow distribution, those who wish to train are being supported, and facilities and personnel are being supplemented. The planned scale is… ]

This also had a great satisfaction rate. It was said that all of the applicants were training diligently. Rielle’s name was also on the list of applicants.

And below that.

[ Training Supervisor: ]

A person from the Knights’ Hall was originally supposed to fill in the blank. However, a name suddenly came to mind. As I looked at Rielle’s name on the list of applicants, I thought of Vielle, who couldn’t go home for some reason and kept asking me for news.

I looked back at Diello.

“Diello, is there a reason why Vielle isn’t going home?”

He glanced back at me at my words before he tilted his head slightly. When our eyes met, I felt my face flush for no reason, and I quickly lowered my gaze.

“I heard it was a family matter.”

His low chuckle rang out.

“Shall I look into it?”


I waved my hand.

There was no need to look into it that much. If Vielle didn’t go around talking about it, there must be a reason she wanted to keep it a secret. Instead, I asked something important.

“Does Vielle hate going home?”

“That’s not it. I heard that if she has business nearby, she always checks on her house from a distance.”

He spread his hands.

“She even installed a device on the door so the child could open it herself.”


‘So, it doesn’t seem like there’s any real conflict.’

Vielle’s words suddenly came to mind.

‘I don’t want to leave my assigned duties.’

And Redias’ words.

‘…The sisters suffered a lot after their father died.’

Did something happen while their father was away? According to the documents I looked at, only the sickly Rielle and their sick mother were at the house.

“In short, she can’t go even if she wants to because she doesn’t have time.”

Diello nodded at my words.

“That’s right.”

Then, he approached my desk as I wrote something.

[ Training Supervisor: Vielle ]

I showed him what I had filled in the blank space.

“I think she’s worried about his family.”

Since a training supervisor would be dispatched to the village where Rielle was, she would be able to check on her family comfortably.

Diello’s eyes widened, and then he smiled broadly.

“I think I know why the maids have been more devoted to Krua recently.”

It was because I was being so considerate to them.

He said that and looked at me.

…The maids have changed, but Diello has changed even more.

Before, he seemed to be holding back, knowing that he had to marry the Ferro. But now, he was like a flame about to spread.

The heat that had approached me like a dream was becoming increasingly vivid. Every time I received his heated gaze, I wanted to ask him what had changed his feelings so much. However, if I asked carelessly, it felt like his flame would spread to even the hem of my dress—

—An undeniable flame that could never be extinguished.

Just when I realized my mouth was dry…

“Madam, a letter has arrived.”

“A letter?”

‘…For me?’

When I turned to look at the door, the knight spoke in a somewhat subdued voice.

“…It’s from Duke Alors. Shall I bring it in?”

At those words, Diello’s eyebrows shot up for a moment.