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“Miss Riersha, why is your hair undone? And why are your eyes so red?”


As soon as Riersha returned to her room, she buried herself in Sona’s arms. While hugging and patting her, Sona seemed to have guessed that something had happened. Her face hardened as she knelt down and cupped her master’s cheeks.

“Excuse me for a moment, miss.”

After thoroughly checking Riersha’s body and finding no injuries, Sona relaxed, but her voice remained tense.

“How dare those from the collateral families say anything to you?”

“Uung, no. Noting.”

As Riersha shook her head dismally, Sona’s eyes filled with more certainty. It was clear that Riersha was struggling inside, worried about causing trouble.

“Miss Riersha, you need to tell me the truth. This is a serious matter we can’t just overlook.”


“Are you worried about getting in trouble with the Duke?”


“Miss Riersha.”

“…I hav no gardian.”

Sona was at a loss for words at her dejected muttering.

“No guardian? What do you mean—”


Eventually, Riersha raised her bowed head, tears brimming in her eyes. Just the thought of the disciplinary committee was frightening.

“I made Evill angy.”

“Evill… You mean the heir of the Crender family?”

“Gwanpa won’t take my side.”

Those in charge of the family had to remain neutral.

Even if Riersha was his granddaughter, he couldn’t take sides unilaterally, especially not when rumors were circulating that she was receiving special treatment. Knowing this, she felt she had no choice but to bear this situation alone. Yet it was too overwhelming to handle by herself.

“Why would you say that? You have the Duke and the Young Duke as well.”

Even though Sona gently combed her tangled hair as she spoke, those words provided no comfort to Riersha.

After all, no one was actually there to protect her. Even her siblings had never once come to see her. She couldn’t visit them either, as she wasn’t allowed in the area reserved for heirs. Though she had moved from the outer castle to the main estate’s annex, she never felt welcomed.

“Wat to do diciplinaly commtee…?”

“Nothing like that will happen, Miss Riersha. Why would it, when you haven’t done anything wrong?”


“Of course.”

Sona nodded confidently before she pointed toward the snacks she had prepared for Riersha’s return.

“Let’s eat something delicious and shake off these feelings, Miss Riersha. Everything will turn out fine.”


The thought of eating the sweet cake lifted her spirits slightly.

Despite the lingering anxiety, Riersha found some comfort. She was so focused on her cake that she failed to notice the cold flicker in Sona’s eyes.

Days later, a summon to attend a disciplinary committee arrived for Riersha.


* * *


“The disciplinary committee will now commence. Evill Crender and Riersha Arachrene, please proceed to your designated seats.”

Riersha stood up, flinching at the courtroom-like interior.

Evill, with an arrogant air, stuck his tongue out at Riersha. By his side was Marquis Crender, attending as his guardian. In contrast, no one was by her side. Sona, being a knight, didn’t have the right to enter.

“We appreciate everyone taking time from their busy schedules to attend.”

Marquis Crender glanced down at her with a smirk.

The presence of nobles in the jury indicated that they had been purposefully gathered. Riersha realized this was more than just a session to address a children’s quarrel. The busy nobility wouldn’t bother to witness the outcome of a mere squabble among kids.

Marquis Crender spoke again after looking around.

Kuhm, kuhm. While it’s unnecessary for adults to interfere in children’s fights, there are times when we must intervene to set a precedent.”

“That’s correct.”

Someone agreed.

The corners of the Marquis’s mouth lifted in satisfaction as he went on, “Yes. Especially when unfair incidents occur just because someone is entangled with a child of higher rank.”


“As parents, we entrusted our children’s education to the main estate. We must be concerned as well.”

Having set the situation to his advantage, Marquis Crender smirked triumphantly while Evill puffed his chest proudly by his side.

Riersha, on the other hand, could only look down anxiously.

Taking a deliberate pause, Marquis Crender continued.

“For this reason, the Duke himself has graced us with his presence. We thank him for joining us.”

He bowed dramatically and respectfully towards Archmond, emphasizing the importance of this gathering. At the mention of her grandfather in attendance, Riersha quickly turned her head. She saw him observing from a distance. He sat in the highest seat, watching the situation.

Archmond glanced at Riersha, then furrowed his brow.


At the Duke’s gesture, Marquis Crender frowned regretfully, then raised Evill’s palm for all to see.

“Look at this, everyone. This is the wound my son, Evill, suffered a few days ago when Miss Riersha pushed him.”

As Evill ostentatiously showed his hand, the nobles from the collateral families attending the disciplinary committee clicked their tongues.

“A wound on a noble’s body is a disgraceful matter. Furthermore, it’s a wound inflicted by Miss Riersha pushing him. Evill has no way to defend himself. Yet, I hear that the Miss left without offering a single apology.”

Murmurs began to grow louder around the room.

Riersha clenched her fists.

“Evill twipped me first! And pulled my hair…!”

“You are in the Duke’s presence. You must not lie. Other children have testified that you were the one who pushed Evill first.”

Saying so, Marquis Crender shook his head, his eyes simmering with a peculiar thrill. He pointed at Riersha’s clenched fist.

“Look at how she’s clenching her fist… Even now, the Miss shows no remorse.”

“Not twue! Evill gwabbed my hair first!”

“Still refusing to admit your fault? Look, Duke. We must correct mistakes early in life. Admitting mistakes is how a child grows into a good person.”

Riersha scanned the room.

All the nobles present were on Marquis Crender’s side. No matter how much she spoke of the truth, no one would listen. Realizing this, Riersha closed her mouth.

Evill’s smirk stretched ear to ear.

“Now, Miss Riersha. Please offer Evill a sincere apology.”


“The Duke is watching, you know?”

Riersha bit her lip and looked toward Richmond, but he did not even glance her way.

“If you apologize, we’ll let this incident slide, Miss Riersha.”

Marquis Crender said softly as if he was being generous. Yet, she continued to glare at Evill without uttering a word.