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“His Highness the Prince and the Grand Prince are leaving the mansion. As the Young Lady of the County, you must come and see them off.”

Canon quickly explained as she helped her change her clothes. The servants had been busy since dawn, preparing to farewell the imperial family and the great nobility who were leaving the mansion. Ariel also quickly finished preparing and went out to the main entrance of the main building.

Two vehicles had already arrived in front of the mansion.

As she stood side by side with the Countess and the servants behind them, two distinguished guests soon appeared from inside the door. They descended the stairs in a dignified manner before facing the Countess’s entourage.

“Did you have a peaceful night? Nothing happened during the night?”

The Countess stepped forward as the representative, politely inquiring about their well-being. The two guests nodded in response.

Skylar had the look of someone who hadn’t slept a wink all night. His complexion was pale, and there were dark shadows under his eyes. It seemed as if he had been haunted by nightmares in the middle of the night. The difference was even more pronounced when compared to Lexius’s complexion.

In reality, Lexius seemed to be in quite a jovial mood. He whistled as he got into a white car with a silver lion emblem on it.

Afterwards, a distraught-looking Skylar paused before he got into the royal black car. There was a lingering sense of reluctance in his movements.

Ariel, feeling unnecessarily anxious, lowered his head as she greeted him.

As the content in the help section she had checked last night and his two-heart favorability crossed her mind, it was a moment when he was about to get into the car completely.

‘Please… Please, just go now!’

She wished inwardly, even adding a hint of pleading. However, the sound of approaching footsteps in her direction crushed her desperation.

Skylar, who was about to get into the car, turned around and stopped in front of Ariel.

“I have something to say to you for a moment, so follow me.”


Ariel replied, and he took the lead. With no other choice, she followed him while the curious gazes of the servants followed behind them.

The two walked a little longer.

Turning around the wall of the main building, they reached a path connected to the garden. Skylar stopped in a narrow and quiet spot reminiscent of an alleyway. Ariel, who had been walking while looking at the ground, glanced up at him, and she saw his blue eyes and delicate features.

Yesterday, he had been avoiding, hiding from her, yet today, he was facing her like this.

‘…What could it be?’

She started to feel a little scared.

Skylar, who had said he had something to say, was still quiet. She was afraid of his silence for a moment as she observed for any signs of his intention. She was afraid he might confess.


He finally uttered his first words, calling her name.

Ariel averted her eyes with a tense expression. Her demeanor was the complete opposite of yesterday. Skylar furrowed his brows when he saw that she was clearly avoiding him before his right hand gently pressed against her cheek.

Ariel, who had turned away, found his gaze fixed on her, and she reluctantly met it. Then, as he glared persistently into her black eyes, he opened his mouth.

“…The transfer is based on the enrollment date, so don’t forget to attend on April 10th properly prepared.”

His words were a formal matter that could be said in front of others. Ariel sensed something strange about it as it wasn’t what she had expected, but she parted her lips to reply.

“I understand. I’ll be well-prepared for April 10th.”

Skylar’s eyes, which she faced as she answered, were as cold as a frozen lake, feigning composure that no emotions were visible. He forcibly suppressed his inner feelings and extracted coldness.

He changed the subject. No, he concealed it.

“Don’t forget that you transferred under my name.”

“Yes, I’ll keep it in mind.”

“In April, I’ll see you at the academy.”

Skylar said dryly and didn’t even wait for a response. It sounded more like a declaration.

…It was a declaration of the beginning.

The cell phone she had hidden under her clothes didn’t ring, but Ariel was sure of it. The new semester and the strategy plan… everything starts in April.