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[ But I’m dead. How am I able to talk with all of you? ]

The Priestess asked as if she didn’t understand.

“In this world, the memories and abilities of special people remain in a stone called the soul stone. I can communicate through that soul stone.”

[ Wow! I see. It feels like I’ve been born again. ]

Sister Leah whispered softly.

“…Priestess Leah.”

Karentina smiled broadly, concealing her nervous fists.

“You said it feels like you’ve been reborn. If that’s the case, would you like to start this new life with me?”

[ Yes? ]

“I hope the Priestess can help me.”

[ M-me? What if… I refuse? ]

Zion bluntly retorted.

“What’s going to happen? You’re just going back to eternal sleep again.”

“Zion, don’t say that. The choice is up to the Priestess.”

Priestess Leah, who had been deep in thought, responded nervously.

[ Y-yes! I feel like I’ve been reborn again because the Princess woke me up. ]

“Thank you. I’ll make sure you never regret being with me. If there’s anything you want to do or anything you desire, please tell me anything.”

[ Then, what should I do? ]

“First, I’ll put the Priestess’s soul stone into this bracelet.”

Karentina held the soul stone, which emitted a faint light, closer to the second socket of the bracelet, which was empty. The once coin-sized stone shrank to fit perfectly into the socket the next moment. Since the soul stone wasn’t powered by magic, there wasn’t any special effect, which was a bit disappointing.

As the soul stone slid into the second socket, Priestess Leah raised her voice with excitement.

[ Wow! I can feel everything about the Princess. Am I becoming like that handsome man, too? ]

“I won’t be able to make a doll like Zion because I don’t have enough magic power. Instead, I’ll make a doll that fits the impression of Priestess Leah.”

[ My impression? Great! ]

Karentina drew a magic circle on the floor to create the doll. Thanks to her body’s memory, it wasn’t difficult to draw the magic circle.

‘Now, all I have to do is materialize the image.’

She focused and concentrated on using her magic power.


A bluish energy emanated from her body.

‘Priestess Leah is a lady with round, large eyes and a white, pure feeling.’

As if putting together puzzle pieces, the blurry images gradually became clear.

A cute figure with long ears and a white body…


As soon as the thought crossed her mind, a bright light erupted from the magic circle like a firecracker, engulfing the surroundings in white. When the light disappeared, a small rabbit doll stood in the magic circle.

‘It, it’s done!’

Karentina concealed her excitement and connected the bracelet to the doll, just like she did with Zion. As the shimmering blue light vanished, the little rabbit doll twitched its ears. Its fluffy white fur was soft to the touch, and its perky ears stood erect in a rosy hue. Its brown eyes reflected kindness and warmth.


[ Oh! You just thought that I was cute, didn’t you? ]

Caught up in the cuteness that made her want to bite it, Karentina clutched her chest.

“You’re so cute.”

Priestess Leah was reborn as a cute rabbit doll.

As Karentina held Priestess Leah preciously in her arms, as if she had sensed her emotions, the Priestess also nuzzled her head within the embrace.

“What’s this? Why are you favoring the rabbit but not me? Do it to me, too!”

Seeing Zion grumble under his breath, Karentina suppressed a laugh that was about to burst out before she gently stroked his head and whispered softly to the cute Priestess Leah.