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Callan’s attitude began to change when other groups started showing interest in Jiwoo.

Caranazion’s Akarna was functionally no different from El Ragneil’s Ellandos, which Callan recognized first, so Callan thought it was okay as Jiwoo was human. A little deception would be fine.

But humans were ever-changing beings. Even if Jiwoo had chosen this place because she was swept away by the situation Callan had created, over time, she would come to know the truth. What would happen then? Callan was afraid to think that far.

“I told you. You chose this situation because you were swept away by it. That’s why I wished for you to break free from such an unavoidable situation.”

“You didn’t lie.”

“Jiwoo, subtly hiding the truth is worse. You are truly naive.”

Callan sighed as if frustrated.

“Rather, it’s a relief. You know everything now.”

“Alright. Until now… I knew what Callan was thinking.”

As Jiwoo took a step closer, Callan took a step back.

“But the reason I wanted to talk to Callan wasn’t to dwell on that, but because of what you said that you love me that day.”

“What did you hear me say?”

Callan snapped back, raising his head.

“I thought that was love, and I was wrong. Did you not hear what I said afterwards? I wanted you.”

“Please continue.”

“I wanted to take you away immediately when you were at your weakest, when you couldn’t return to the original world, and you had become just a normal human. I thought I should take you away and hide you. I thought I would poison you first. Your body would weaken a bit, but you’d have to stop aging forever by my side. That thought was just a start. I knew you were afraid. Even though your heart was trembling with fear, I heard it, and yet, I was pleased about that state.”

Callan chuckled.

“I’ve been avoiding you all this time because I didn’t think I could say I’m glad to see you regaining your strength when I met you. I didn’t think I could support you with joy. Whether you choose another group or return to the original world. I was afraid I might show regret when I see you.”


“Now you know everything. Are you relieved?”

When Jiwoo stared blankly and didn’t say a word, Callan added anxiously.

“No, it’s better this way. You know, I’ve known since after you took that child that you’ve been in conflict. I understand. The fact that you’re in conflict itself is evidence that you chose us unavoidably due to the situation.”


“I didn’t say anything wrong!”

Callan pointed at the white bird on Jiwoo’s shoulder.

“I hope you can put your worries to rest with this. Jiwoo, I said I would try to love, no, I said I would teach you about love. I’m sorry that I can’t give any other answer. As long as I live with my own ego in El Ragneil, this is the only answer I can give you.”

While trying to sound logical, Callan’s words made no sense at all. Did he even know what he was saying?

The person who had calculated Jiwoo’s advantages for his group now claimed he wanted Jiwoo more when Jiwoo was at her weakest.

While accusing himself of being calculated and insincere, he, in fact, exhibited the most emotional behavior.

Most importantly, while claiming not to love, he had the most tormented expression when it came to that emotion.


“Don’t come any closer.”

As Jiwoo took another step closer, despite Callan’s warning, he seemed frightened and stepped back.

“I told you not to come closer.”

It was said that Jiwoo, a member of the ever-changing human race, would give up a lot because these people didn’t change. Their time passed slowly, and they repeated monotonous daily routines.

But was it really something they felt a burden about? It was hard to say.

Ironically, Jiwoo was the one who feared change. She was afraid that her body might change into something ordinary at any moment, and she was worried that someone’s feelings for her might change. She was scared of when the fragile stability she had would crumble.

Perhaps she had always been afraid. Since the moment she arrived in this world. What would happen if she fell behind among the people who had changed?

When the fear that had been creeping up from the tips of her toes reached her throat, this person had allowed her to breathe.

Yet, even though he said it was okay, Callan, who had told her he loved her when she was at her weakest, had warned her.

“Jiwoo, I warned you. If you come any closer, I really don’t know what I’ll do.”

Ignoring the threats in Callan’s words, Jiwoo continued to approach. The closer Jiwoo got, the more at a loss Callan seemed to be on what to do.

Finally, Jiwoo stood right in front of Callan, gripping his cheeks with both hands. The significant height difference forced Jiwoo to stand on her tiptoes as Callan was as tall as Helkainis.

Callan, who had been speaking unreservedly until now, swallowed hard. His widened eyes made him ook more foolish than ever.

Jiwoo closed her eyes and forcefully pressed her lips against Callan’s like she was headbutting him.

Smack. She sucked on Callan’s lower lip rather provocatively and pulled away. Callan’s lips, now reddened, were right before her eyes.

What had been threatening moments ago about what he would do had now turned into a gentle sheep.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

Callan, unable to speak, only shook his head frantically.

He had been the kind of person who confidently said that he would try loving and dedicating himself to just one person, believing it wasn’t such a difficult task.

Even when he was skilled at expressing himself logically, he was now struggling to find the right words, unable to simply ask Jiwoo to stay with him instead of returning to her original world.

Back then, and even now, he didn’t tell lies but cleverly concealed the truth.

What could she possibly say to someone like this?

Jiwoo, who had let out a sigh mixed with laughter, decided not to say anything more.

“…Let’s go see the house site. But I don’t really know what to look for. Callan, come with me and help me choose.”

“I, I…”

Holding his hands, Jiwoo led Callan, who had been sharp until now, and he followed with a more gentle manner.

As they walked side by side, Callan hesitated and tried to say something several times. He turned his head away and didn’t look back for a while.

The sobbing sound must have been an illusion, right?

A while later, Callan returned with a cleaner smile, although his eyes were still red.

“…We’ll make several floors, so let’s decide where the main resting area should be. It would be nice if plenty of light could come in. If we grow raspberry trees right next to the window, the birds will wake you up with their songs in the morning.”

“Sounds good.”

The conversation flowed effortlessly, as if the atmosphere just a moment ago had never existed.

Jiwoo, who had worked as an office worker or as an Akarna here, was, in a sense, someone who had worked in different fields. For real estate matters, it was much better to entrust them to a professional who had expertise in the field.

Callan appeared more satisfied explaining what kind of dwelling to cultivate here than Jiwoo, who listened to the explanations.

When it came to the house, giving Callan full authority seemed like a much better option.

When Jiwoo simply nodded her head with Callan’s proposals about the house, the conversation fell silent once again.

There was an attempt to force the awkward atmosphere to dissipate, and it had side effects.

“Jiwoo, I had something I wanted to ask….”

Callan, who had hesitated for a long time, finally spoke first.

It seemed like a continuation of their previous conversation, and there was a moment of contemplation.

“By any chance… do you like the female?”

…It seemed the fool Helka had mentioned was this person.