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[It seems like you can do something to grab Luca. What is Sylvia’s choice?

1. Put a knife to his throat and shout at him to stay here while you’re being nice.
2. Try to act cute a little too excessively.
3. Throw off all your clothes and rush over to Luca, who is about to leave.]


Seeing the options, Sylvia’s pupils shook violently.

‘What is this? Ah, right. Whenever I thought about what to do, options popped up. Hm, what is it… Has the system overheated after being normal for a while? The options are a mess again.’

The normal options that appeared in the shrimp-catching boat had gone crazy once again. This miserable system seemed to enjoy making trouble for her. That’s right. Was there any suitable option?

After abandoning her expectations for the stall game again, Sylvia slowly examined her choices.
For option number one, she wasn’t a criminal, and for number two, it was something she didn’t do well, but it was still better. Number three… She wasn’t even a crazy fan who broke into a concert venue, so this really wasn’t it.

Ah, whatever. She closed her eyes tightly and chose the most normal of the three options, trying to act cute. As soon as she shouted ‘option number two’, an aggressive act of cutesy started coming out of Sylvia’s mouth.


Luca tilted his head. Sylvia almost had hiccups at the words that came out of her mouth, but once she made her choice, she couldn’t stop talking. Her body, which was moving beyond her will, bumped her index fingers together and cast a so-called ‘acting cute in the third person’.

“Sylvia is scared to be alone, what if wild animals come and rawr! at me…”

When she roared and made a gesture of grabbing something with both hands, Luca looked at her with his mouth wide open and a blank face.

‘Damn it. It would have been better to be a crazy fan at the concert venue.’

Regardless of whether her brain was cursing or not, her body made a shaking motion with her hands clasped together, saying, “It’s scawy, scawy.”

At the end of her last words, she checked that her body was moving at will again and closed her eyes tightly in dismay.

‘Developer. I really won’t let you go when I find you.’

The skills her body had just demonstrated were actually tremendous. The technique that her body just showed was actually incredible. Also referred to as ‘acting cute in the third person’, or ‘murderous cuteness’, this skill can’t even be used by those with respectable experience, only experts. It is said to be the ultimate cuteness skill, and it is an evil technique that can lead both the user and everyone present to lose all their strength when used incorrectly.

A cold breeze passed between the two for a moment.
Luca’s expression, which seemed like he had seen something he shouldn’t have, made her face heat up.

‘… I can’t help it. It’s better than shoving a knife or running around naked.’

Feeling like a complete failure, a cold sweat flowed down Sylvia’s back. However, he suddenly covered his face with his large hand and lowered his head.

“Why… why did you do that?”

‘Did it hurt his eyes because he saw something he shouldn’t see?’

When Luca kept silent, Sylvia approached him. Then, she grabbed his wrist and removed the hand that had been covering his face. She tilted her head and saw that Luca was laughing silently. Glancing at Sylvia, Luca stopped laughing at her embarrassed expression and looked sincere.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’ve never seen you do this before, so stop being so cute.”
“Being… cute?”

‘He saw this horrible act and thought I was cute? And he didn’t just spit out those words either. I can do it for him all the time from now on!’

When Sylvia asked in disbelief, Luca gently curved his eyes and gazed at her. No matter what Sylvia did, everything looked lovely in his eyes, but she didn’t seem to know it yet.
Luca gently squeezed her cheeks, which were puffed up as if she were in pain, with his free hand.

“That’s right. Were you that scared?”
“No, not really…”

When she recalled her cutesy act, she felt like she was going to go out of her mind. The smile in Luca’s eyes deepened when she made a look like a Tibetan fox that had been liberated. He lowered his head and whispered in Sylvia’s ear.

“Do you want me to stay with you?”

Sylvia’s mouth watered at Luca’s voice, as if to seduce her. She swallowed the saliva that pooled in her mouth nervously and took a deep breath before answering.

“… Yes. Then that would be great.”

His moist lips narrowly brushed past her ear. Suspicion arose in Sylvia’s face at that touch.

‘If his lips are moist, it means there’s saliva on them… Why didn’t a message pop up?’

Did the 〈Almost-Legendary Poison Immunity〉 work this time? As she tilted her head, Luca gave a low laugh and kissed her forehead.

“Alright, if you’re that scared, I have to stay by your side.”

‘What, there’s no reaction this time?’

Something seemed to have changed while she was unconscious. Sylvia was impatient as she wanted to open the system window right away. However, Luca would think it was strange if she just stood there blankly, so she decided to endure it for now. Maybe she could calmly check it out while washing herself in the water.

Luca cleared his throat, embarrassed by his own actions without even dreaming about what she was thinking.

“Ahem… I’ll turn my back like this. Even so, I can’t watch a lady wash herself.”

Thanks to her tearful efforts, Luca decided to sit on a rock and turn his back instead of walking away. When Sylvia unzipped the seaweed dress, Luca quietly muttered to himself.

“What, did the dress have a zipper…?”
“Hm? Nothing, it’s nothing.”

As Luca turned around and shrugged, Sylvia smacked her lips and gazed at his wide back.

‘I want to make a path with my fingernails on his back like a playground! I want to leave vigorous traces of myself… I wish we could wash together, but there is a saying that haste makes waste.’

“Ugh, am I getting a fever? I’m cold again.”

Sylvia took off her clothes, gazing happily from behind as Luca shuddered. Then, she tossed a few pebbles to see if there were any unidentified creatures living in the clear valley water. After seeing the monster fish, she developed anxiety.

The pebbles that plopped into the water soon fell silent after causing shallow ripples. She let out a sigh of relief, put her clothes on the rocks warmed by the sun, and dipped her hands in the water to measure the temperature.

‘I won’t get thermal shock from this.’

On the 36th day after being possessed by the game, Sylvia, who was originally somewhat insensitive to safety, became a person of caution due to her repeated exposure to danger. The game did a great mental reform.

As she slowly entered the water, there was a sloshing sound. The refreshing temperature was welcome, as the weather was hot. Swimming through the shallow edges, she scrubbed her body, covered in dried salt, and washed it thoroughly.
She didn’t forget to wash the underwear she brought with her. Then, she realized that she didn’t have any underwear to change into, so she grumbled a little.

‘Was I out of my mind? Why did I bring only one piece of underwear? … Right! More importantly, I should check the system window!’

After forgetting what to do for a moment because she was so happy with the water, she glanced at the side of the rock where Luca was sitting when that thought flashed through her mind again. Then, she carefully opened the system window.

First of all, she decided to check the status window after a really long time. She didn’t need to level up when she used the 〈Free Hug Ticket〉 during the festival, so there was no reason to check it.



Level 37
Hammer Warrior

Money: 70,000 Gold (Limbo’s money: 50,000 Gold)
HP: 230 Strength: 170 Intellect: 85 Agility: 150
Speaking: 300 (+50)
Karma: 20
Faith: 500 (+100)
Fatigue: 30
Public Evaluation: Pitiful Wanderer of Our Village
Combat Skills: Head Smasher, 1+1, Hammer of Purification, *Hands Faster than Eyes
Life Skills: Seriously Talking Nonsense, *Hands Faster Than Eyes
Passive Skill: Poison Immunity *new!

[You have 15 undistributed points.]


First of all, as soon as she opened the status window, the corners of her mouth rose happily to the 70,000 gold she saw. As expected, righteous work is rewarded. Although she did lose her cabin…
The corners of her mouth were about to go down again, so she forced a smile and continued her thoughts.

Level 37. If her current level was 37, wouldn’t it be over 45 after finishing the raid on the 〈Treasure Island Shrouded in Fog〉? What were the attack points of this island?
Thinking about it, while also washing herself, it was necessary to quickly grasp this dungeon. She had to finish this raid as soon as possible and go back to get a house again.

While checking the status window, her eyes stopped in front of the 〈Hands Faster than Eyes〉 skill. Now that she realized that her fatigue would accumulate if she abused the skill, she needed to use it carefully.

‘Hm, I have to start increasing my HP now. I wish I could find an item that increases that. I hope that when I reach level 40, there will be another 〈Level Up Treasure Chest〉. Also…’

She thought of the delicious… correction, cool guy with two sexy moles under his eyes, who had made her die just a few days ago. She didn’t know his name yet because she couldn’t communicate with him. However, when she remembered his healthy tanned body and navy eyes that resembled the mysterious deep sea, her unilateral intimacy piled up wildly.

‘I couldn’t understand him, but I could see it just by looking at his eyes. That guy likes me. Come to think of it, there was a message that said we couldn’t communicate because my intellect was low. But spending all my level-up points on intellect is a bit… Is there any other way to increase my intellect?’

There’s no way she could come up with a way just because she was thinking about it now. She recalled the time in the last dungeon when she was able to increase her agility a lot at once thanks to saving points. She didn’t know when such a similar situation would happen again, so she decided to save the remaining 15 points. Was everything else the same?


Her eyes widened in astonishment as she gazed at the skill window without thinking. When she suddenly shouted loudly, astonished, Luca stood up and looked back at her.

“Sylvia! What is it? Did something hap… ahhh! I-I didn’t see. I didn’t see anything!”