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She was unable to contain her excitement at the timely appearance of Edmund. She consciously controlled her widening nostrils.

“Oh, dear! What brings you here?”

His voice brought on a headache. The throbbing sensation was particularly unpleasant. Edmund’s large hand pressed firmly against her temple.

‘That foolish woman must have thought she could escape, she really worried me.’

Edmund corrected his disheveled expression with a smirk.

“I should be asking you that. Why are you here? And what’s all this?”

His gaze swept around as he asked in a gruff voice. The cool look in his eyes made the previously excited members suddenly quiet down.

“Ah! I came to see you, but when you weren’t here, I thought I’d chat with the knights and asked Rettin to prepare some food. It’s more fun to eat delicious things together, isn’t it?”

“Eating during training, what a great idea.”

With a gruff voice, Edmund’s red eyes quickly scanned Chloen.

From the exposed shoulders and neck to the deep neckline. Her outfit was as free-spirited as usual, but today it particularly caught the eye. Edmund noticed smudges on her clothes.

“What’s that mess?”

“Ah! I brought some charcoal for the knights because of the smell. It must have rubbed off on me. It might look odd, but charcoal is great for deodorizing.”

She said coquettishly, raising her thumb. But the response from her cold husband was not what she expected.

“Leave now.”

“There’s still a lot of food. And I have more to discuss with the members…!”

“You’re going to stay like that? Don’t you realize you’re in the way?”

His sharp words shut her up. She couldn’t argue because he was right, which made her feel even smaller.

“Fine, sorry for the trouble! I wanted to help, but I’ll leave if I’m just a nuisance!”

She replied sulkily, revealing her hurt feelings, and quickly turned to leave.

“Madam, wait for me!”

Sasha quickly followed me. The once lively training ground went silent with her departure. Edmund’s gaze naturally shifted to Tiberio.

“Your Grace…”

He recognized the items in his hand. The rings that were on his wife’s fingers just hours ago.

“Follow me.”

His voice was cool and authoritative.

* * *

The room was filled with stifling silence. Being alone with the Duke felt like sitting on pins and needles. Tiberio’s back was drenched in cold sweat.

Hoping for this torturous moment to end, Melvin swallowed dryly and held his breath.

After what felt like an eternity, Duke Randolph’s lips finally parted.

“What did you talk about with Chloen? I heard you went to the kitchen together.”


Tiberio’s mind became a tangled mess. The image of his wife insisting on secrecy flashed through his mind.

‘Keep this a secret from our lord, okay?’

He was torn between lying to his superior and breaking a promise made in kindness to his wife.

As the seconds ticked by, Duke Randolph’s expression grew colder. Despite it being midsummer, a chill filled the air. It was a moment demanding a careful choice.

“It was nothing significant. She was just encouraging me to do well in the knight’s life.”

“Seems like encouragement is done quite differently these days.”

Edmund pointed to Tiberio’s fists with a disdainful tone, clearly already knowing everything. Continuing to lie would surely lead to punishment, but Tiberio remained silent.

Out of loyalty to the Duchess.

“Were you planning an escape?”

Edmund asked.

“No, not at all. How could I betray you? I was merely accompanying her to be helpful.”

“If you’re thinking of sneaking Chloen out of the mansion, I suggest you abandon that thought. It wouldn’t be for her good.”

“I don’t understand what you’re implying. I met the lady for the first time today!”

Confused by Edmund’s words, Tiberio widened his eyes and gestured frantically. It was clear he was heading for trouble.

“For her safety, and yours, give up and leave the mansion today. It’s the most I can do for a comrade.”

Edmund’s heavy eyelids closed with a burdensome sigh. Tiberio’s face turned pale.

With no place to go as a Randolph, his situation was dire. Now, it was no longer about loyalty. His first priority should be to secure his place in the knights’ order.

“The lady helped me! A few days ago, I needed a large sum of money due to a dispute with a member of the Heshton knights. She happened to hear about it and gave me this as assistance. I swear, I never betrayed you.”

Tiberio hurriedly showed the jewelry in his hand. Edmund’s red eyes flickered slightly, seeing the sincerity in Tiberio’s expression and words.

A simple act of kindness and not escape funds? Why?

Edmund’s mind was filled with unanswered questions. The unpredictability of the situation was baffling.

“How much?”

“I asked for five gold coins. I broke my nose…”

Tiberio added, as if to prove his innocence.

“I was quite surprised, myself. The lady used to be very displeased when encountering us, but to offer her own possessions… If you need to verify, you can ask Garita of the Heshton knights.”

The more Edmund heard, the more the question ‘why’ echoed in his mind.

“Why would Chloen show such kindness?”

“I’m not quite sure… But the lady I met today was warmer than the rumors suggest. She did insist that I shouldn’t tell you, though…”

Tiberio trailed off, gauging Edmund’s reaction. Despite not knowing the fundamental reason, it seemed clear she had intended to help.

Somewhat touched, he cleared his throat and loosened his tie.

“May I leave now?”

At Tiberio’s question, Edmund awkwardly gestured with his hand, giving permission. The tense atmosphere in the room slightly eased.

Melvin, who was also present, breathed a sigh of relief and signaled Tiberio with his eyes.

‘Get out now. Leave this place immediately!’

Tiberio was about to put the rings he was holding into his pocket when Edmund interrupted.


Tapping his desk with his fingertips, Edmund added, “Leave that here.”

“Ah… Yes, of course.”

Tiberio hesitated, scratching his neck.

“I’ll pay for it. He’s a member of my knight order, after all.”

Edmund emphasized the phrase ‘my knight order’ with particular force. Tiberio placed the ring down and bowed respectfully.

“You may leave, too.”

Edmund nodded at Melvin, and both men bowed their heads and left the room.

Left alone, Edmund picked up one of the neatly placed rings, examining it closely.

He felt complicated emotions. For some reason, he disliked the idea of Chloen’s belongings being in someone else’s hands.

“They’re really small,” he murmured softly, lifting the corner of his mouth and closing his eyes.

* * *

As I left the training ground and headed toward the mansion, my anger bubbled up under the hot summer sun.

I had shown kindness, even offering my jewelry. I personally carried charcoal to help with the smell!

“What exactly is so displeasing?”

I couldn’t help but grumble, thinking about the rebuke instead of praise. It wasn’t long before I saw the familiar sight of the mansion. The way back seemed shorter than when I left, but my anger had yet to subside.

Suddenly, Sasha caught up with me, panting.

“Madam! Wait for me! Why are you in such a hurry?”

Her question stopped me in my tracks. I turned around, clearly agitated.

“Really, the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. ‘That look’? A ‘nuisance’? Am I really a nuisance?”

“Why are you upset about the Duke’s behavior? It’s not the first time. Please calm down.”

Sasha blinked and tried to soothe me, but my mood was far from improving.


I clenched my fists, feeling a deep sense of injustice.

“This can’t go on.”

Seeing that determined look on her face, Sasha’s expression turned serious.

It meant trouble was brewing whenever the lady wore that expression.

Sasha knew it all too well now.