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Then, I carefully kissed the wet corners of his eyes.

Theodore’s body stiffened. As I gently pulled away my lips, I looked closely at him. He appeared so fragile, as if he might break at any moment.

He was much like the piece of ice floating in the sky that was the moon.

I softly told him.

“I may never be able to love anyone as much as I love you in this lifetime.”

“…Me too. I….realized that too late, but—”

“You are the one and only special existence in my life.”

An undeniable truth.

Not clouded by the blood flowing from wounds or the pitch-black of hatred.

Love was that transparent and pure.

“….You have to wait, Theodore.”


“For the day when I can accept you without pain.”

Theodore moved his lips. His blue eyes were filled with an indescribably deep emotion.

“…Until that day… No, until the day my life ends, I will love only you.”


“The owner of my heart is already you.”

Theodore gently held my hand and slowly bowed his head.

His lips touched the back of my hand. It was a very cautious kiss.

Lifting his head, he finally looked like he understood. But he looked so sad that the smile on my lips also took on a shape of sorrow.

“Can you wait for me?”

“I can wait.”

“Even if I never return?”

“I will still wait.”

Now, our task was distance and waiting.

Everything comes full circle.

Thus, the frozen ground will thaw someday.

* * *

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, Madam!”

Charlotte, who had hurriedly run out of her room, was carrying only a small suitcase.

I stared blankly, wondering if that was all her luggage. Then Charlotte explained with an awkward smile.

“I don’t have much luggage. I don’t really buy things for myself.”

…Thinking about it, Charlotte indeed had only a few casual clothes. I remembered giving her money occasionally, urging her to dress up and go out… but it seems she saved all of it instead of spending it.

“…Once everything at Arendelle Castle is settled, I should have some new clothes made for you.”

“What….? No, Madam! You don’t have to! I really don’t care about dressing up.”

“Even so, you should start dressing well. You’re my primary handmaid now.”

Indeed, upon moving to Arendelle Castle, I had appointed Charlotte as my primary handmaid. It was only fitting for her to have clothing that matched her status.

Realizing this, Charlotte didn’t refuse my offer any further and just nodded her head, scratching her cheek.

“Then… just three outfits.”


“What?! That’s too much!”

“And hats, gloves, and shoes too.”

“N, no, Madam, ah… I shouldn’t call you that anymore. I’m just used to it. ‘Viscount Arendelle’, I really don’t need that many luxuries…”

Pretending not to notice Charlotte’s awkwardness, I walked on.

As I descended the stairs to the lobby, a girl was waiting on the staircase.

It was Margaret.

Our ward brought from Eloise orphanage.

“Duche… no, Viscount Arendelle!”

She greeted me with joy upon seeing me. I smiled back and approached her with Charlotte.

“And Lady Charlotte, are you both leaving now…?”

Responding slowly to Margaret’s cautious question, I nodded.

“Yes. Now there’s no reason to stay at Valentino Castle.”

Theodore and I had officially separated with the king’s approval.

With a new place to care for, moving was the natural next step. I was no longer ‘Duchess Valentino’ but ‘Viscount Lily Arendelle’.

“You decided to stay at Valentino Castle?”


Margaret seemed to have made many friends here and grown fond of the place.

I offered Margaret a gentle smile as she hesitated and looked at me.

“Alright, I respect your choice. Take care. Remember, I’m still your guardian, so feel free to visit Arendelle Castle anytime.”


After comforting Margaret, who was tearfully expressing her gratitude repeatedly, Charlotte and I were finally able to descend to the lobby.

The servants of Duke Valentino’s castle were lined up in the lobby, waiting to bid us farewell…


Theodore was also in the lobby, waiting for me.

I slowly approached him, receiving the servants’ greetings along the way.

Seeing his face, which seemed more gaunt than in the past few days, felt like tiny needles piercing my heart.

Such a fool.

A fool, like me.

Even if love became synonymous with sorrow, we were unable to let go of the pain it brought, and embraced it tightly.

At the beginning of a long wait, before the separation, we finally looked at each other.