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The sleeping child didn’t respond, but holding her tiny hand slightly eased Berthas’s anxiety.

‘To rely on my young daughter like this.’

He felt pathetic. As he caressed the sleeping child’s soft cheek, he whispered,

“What should I do?”

“What do you mean, what?”

Isillis had quietly approached him. He hadn’t noticed her arrival, suggesting she had used magic to come undetected.

“I can’t stand this anxiety, Isillis.”

Feeling her arms around his waist, Berthas whispered again,

“I wish to go with you.”


“I want to be with you.”

“We need someone to look after Erica. The palace needs protection as well.”

He shook his head at her soft voice from behind. He wanted to accompany her. More than being asked to protect the palace and Erica, he wanted to hear different words.

“I value Erica, but you are more precious to me. I feel like I shouldn’t let you go this time, Isillis. So…”

“Berthas, I am the empress.”


He knew that. That was why he couldn’t say more. He disliked when she spoke like that, though he despised himself even more for having to concede whenever she did.

“Larchen would be better off gone.”


“Would you have stayed with me then?”

Isillis, leaning her face against his back, whispered softly to him,

“If that were the case, I wouldn’t be by your side now. I would have perished along with Larchen.”


“Don’t worry too much. Didn’t I promise I’d return soon?”

“Tomorrow is the departure.”

“It will be quick with the magic circle.”

“I can’t bear this anxiety.”

He covered her hand with his, which had grown cold from nervousness. Though he felt sorry for enveloping her warm hand with his chilly one, Berthas didn’t let go. The oath of the Swordmaster’s existence was also due to his anxiety.

He wanted to protect her… to be by her side.

“Showing weakness as the consort isn’t right.”

“I can’t be without you.”



He felt Isillis trying to turn and face him, but Berthas remained immobile. He didn’t want to show her his face filled with helplessness. How could a man do nothing while his beloved woman heads to war? What was he to do?

Swallowing the sigh, Berthas spoke.

“Promise me you’ll return intact.”

“I promise.”

“And promise me, once you’re back, you won’t go to war again.”

“Berthas, that’s…”

“Even if it’s a lie, promise me.”

Hearing his words that he wouldn’t let her go unless she promised, Isillis shook her head, indicating she had no choice.

Berthas truly didn’t want to send her away.

“I promise.”

“I love you.”

“I feel the same.”


“Berthas. Erica would be jealous if she heard us.”

“Let her be. I belong to you.”

Her faint laughter could be felt against his back, and he felt her warmth as she embraced him. Berthas closed his eyes.

‘Nothing will happen.’

Yes, that was how it needed to be.


* * *


On the day of departure, Isillis and the battalion of wizards stood before the magic circle. Berthas started to comment on Isillis’s simple robe attire but silenced himself upon hearing Allure’s explanation.

“That robe is enchanted with dozens of protective spells. You needn’t worry.”


“I’m going too, am I?”

“Please take good care of Isillis.”

“Don’t worry.”

Despite Allure’s playful tone, Berthas’s expression remained tense. Seeing his worried face, Allure said no more. After finishing discussions with the nobles, Isillis approached Berthas.

“You look troubled.”

“How can I not be when the woman I love is heading to war?”

“You should wish me luck.”


Seeing Berthas call her name, she gently placed her hand on his cheek. The warmth from her hand was too comforting for him to want to let go.

“Don’t worry. I have the necklace, this robe. In addition, your oath of existence. Everything will protect me.”

“When you return, you can’t go anywhere else, Your Majesty.”

Berthas’s words were filled with a heavy undertone.

Unable to respond to that, Isillis averted her gaze and left Berthas with a bitter smile. The woman he loved was the empress of the empire and its protector. His desire to keep her by his side could never be fulfilled.

That was probably why she remained silent as well.

From a distance, he saw his daughter watching them. Erica was too young to participate in the departure ceremony.

After Isillis waved gently at Erica, she turned around. It was time for departure.

As Isillis stepped onto the magic circle, Berthas moved closer. Watching the magic activate, he withdrew his hand. With a flash of magical energy, Isillis and the wizards vanished. Her smiling face was the last thing he saw.


Her name was softly carried away by the wind.


* * *


Etort Port, the port city of Larchen that she loved, it was also the place where she first met Berthas. This made it all the more poignant for her. The tense atmosphere enveloping the beautiful harbor city caused Isillis to frown.

“What’s the situation?”

As soon as she appeared, Count Vdier, who had been waiting at the site, approached her with a bow.

“The cannons are aimed, but no further actions have been taken.”


“Yes. They are merely aiming the cannons without any other actions, repeating the same message.”

“And that message is?”

“They wish to see Your Majesty.”

It was the same message delivered by the messenger to the capital. They wanted to see Isillis.

[ Child… ]

[ Child, help us. ]

Yet, Isillis was hearing that voice again at this moment.

‘No, how can this voice be here…’

The voice, which she had only heard in her dreams, became clearer. As she clutched her head, staggering, Allure quickly came to her aid.

“Your Majesty, are you all right?”

“I’m fine.”

The influence of the founding Emperor’s barrier present at Etort Harbor on her was minimal. It was actually Allure who looked pale, indicating she should be more concerned for him.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, Your Majesty.”

His grimace and clenched teeth showed he was not fine, prompting her to decide to head out to sea quickly. The sight of the wizards surrounding her and moving together was magnificent. The crowd of people, draped in black robes, moving together made everyone at the site bow their heads in respect.

“This way.”

Following Count Vdiers’s lead, they approached a large ship anchored at the port.

Everyone was amazed as Isillis landed on the ship with a simple spell. The fact that the empress could freely use magic in Etort Port, where wizards were said to be unable to use their powers, was astonishing. The citizens on the ship, prepared for her arrival, prostrated themselves upon seeing her.

“Stand up and continue with your work.”

As Isillis shed her robe and revealed her face, instructing them to resume their activities, the hesitant crowd turned and began to move again.

The gangplank was lowered, and the wizards began to board the ship one by one.