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Despite the fact that that was a fleeting moment of laughter, Amil clearly saw that her gaze lingered on the cold coffee cup. In an instant, his heart grew cold.

Did she see through him? No way.

‘She looks pretty clueless.’

“Oh, I’m sorry. Dinner took longer than expected. You must have waited a lot.”

“I did wait, but I haven’t been here for long.”

“Really? It seemed like you waited a lot.”

As the Grand Duchess’ gaze once again rested on the empty coffee cup, only then did Amil realize.

‘…She completely saw through me.’

“Marquess Leopold, you’re quite diligent, aren’t you? It’s impressive to see.”


Without any sarcasm, the Grand Duchess genuinely smiled as if she found him ‘admirable.’ However, it felt like she was looking down on him.

‘What is she? Who does she think she is to look down on me like that?’

“Can I offer one piece of unsolicited advice for Marquess Leopold, who works so hard?”

“What is it?”

His cautious answer made Irovel smile and open her mouth.

“During situations like just now, it’s more natural to direct your gaze towards the coffee cup instead of straight ahead, and it’s better to stretch your legs a bit. Surprisingly, the position of your legs plays an important role in determining the overall picture. Haven’t you practiced in front of a full-length mirror?”


‘What is she? Who does she think she is?’

That thought came to him again, even stronger than before. What kind of person must she be to give feedback as if she were a professional who specialized in seducing people?

…He didn’t even know if there were professionals who specialize in seducing people!

“…Is that so?”

However, in the midst of all this, he couldn’t help but think that the advice was somewhat useful. He tried adjusting his posture as the Grand Duchess suggested.

“Yes! That’s it! You’re talented, just as I thought.”

This was followed by a series of objective compliments, although it didn’t stem from her thinking he was attractive. While he didn’t expect such a reaction, it wasn’t bad. For now, he had to establish familiarity before expecting anything more.

‘I guess I have to adapt to her for the time being.’


* * *


“How is it?”


As soon as I arrived at the office, I lost my words at the sight before me. Why was that man sitting on top of the desk in such a stylish pose, leaving the chair empty? It wasn’t like he was doing a solo photoshoot.

Well, if it were a photoshoot, it would be excellent.

“It looks good.”

“Is that so? I tried to incorporate your feedback as much as possible yesterday.”

Oh my. Did he take my advice so seriously? To the extent that you were alone in the office taking photos for a magazine until I arrived for work?

‘If he had been born in the world I live in, he would have become an idol who would sweep many hearts.’

It was a bit funny, but I decided to give him some more advice because I wanted to help him improve.

“If you lifted your chin a bit more, it would have looked much better.”

“Like this?”

“And could you part your lips a little more? Naturally.”

“Like this?”

“It’s perfect. You look much more alive and natural.”


Amil approached me, reflecting on my words, and I noticed a fleeting sense of displeasure in his response. His pride was probably a little hurt.

“Well, enough to make you fall for me?”

I nodded my head and continued.

“If I hadn’t met Reinhardt, that’s how it would have been.”

In other words, it meant, ‘He’s good-looking, but not as much as Reinhardt…’ Although it was quite rude, I had no intention of showing any courtesy to a fox-like cousin-in-law.

“Are you saying that I’m not as good as him?”

“In my eyes, of course. My heart has already been captured by someone else.”

“Is that so?”

I caught a momentary sense of dissatisfaction in his calm response. Perhaps his pride was a bit hurt again.

“Well, what do you think I should improve?”

“Even if you make improvements, it won’t make me fall for you.”

‘So, don’t try to win me over anymore.’

He smiled, swallowing the rest of his words.

“Judge that after seeing the improved version.”

Even after I said that, he didn’t give up. Was the Emperor’s command more important than his pride? Well, if that was what he wanted, then I should tell him.

“Well… Is it okay if I mention something that I felt was lacking?”



I hesitated as I spoke.

“It’s about that vest. Brown doesn’t suit your complexion, so navy or gray would be better. And the buttons, silver would be better than gold.”

“Are you giving me fashion critiques now?”

After saying that, Amil suddenly turned around and left the office.

‘…Is he angry?’

Did I speak too bluntly? Even if he’s angry, he should give up on trying to seduce me. Maybe he would return to his estate, just like that.

‘It worked out well.’

My heart might have been in danger if I hadn’t seen that handsome face for so long, I also didn’t know when he would return. Even if it was uncomfortable, drawing a line was the right thing to do.

Just as I tried to ease my uneasy feelings, Amil returned once again.

…Wearing a navy vest with a button.

“Now, is it truly 100% perfect?”

And once again, he struck a pose as if he were taking a solo photoshoot.

“…Weren’t you mad about the clothing suggestion earlier?”

“I was the one who made the initial request. Why would I get mad?”

“But earlier, you said, ‘Are you giving me fashion critiques now?’ That sounded angry to anyone.”

“It seems like I misspoke. To convey my original intention, ‘Are you giving me fashion advice now?’ would be more appropriate.”


Did I mishear?

“It’s not easy to point out someone’s flaws, especially when it’s about their appearance.”

“That’s right.”

“Even though it must have been difficult, I really appreciate you telling me.”

His eyes, filled with genuine laughter, showed no signs of falsehood. It was truly astonishing.

“I thought your pride would’ve been hurt…”

“To be honest, if I hadn’t felt hurt, it would have been a lie. But it’s not something that’s hard to fix, just changing clothes. If changing clothes can make me a man that you could fall for, I have nothing more to ask for.”

I felt like I understood why people were so drawn to Amil. He could take criticism gracefully, even the ones that could make someone feel bad, and he even discarded his pride to make me like him. I couldn’t help but feel his charm.

If I hadn’t met Reinhardt first, and if I hadn’t known that he was under the Emperor’s command, I would probably have fallen for him by now.

“I said that there was no chance for me to fall for you.”

“By continuously improving myself like this, won’t I eventually become a man that you could fall for?” He was saying nonsense again. I sighed as if I was tired of it.

“What would you do if you became a man I could fall for? Would you abandon me for someone else?”

“I said I wanted to become a man that you could fall for, not that I wanted to abandon you later, did I?” He deliberately made statements that could be easily misunderstood and skillfully deflected them.

Well, I already knew this would happen, but still.

I looked straight into his eyes and spoke firmly.

“Then, please be mindful of your actions from now on. I want to avoid misunderstandings.”


* * *


Meanwhile, Jade, Reinhardt’s fiercely loyal aide, was eavesdropping on their conversation outside the door to monitor whether the Grand Duchess was being unfaithful. Although the sound was not completely audible due to good soundproofing, he could vaguely hear conversations like these.

“If you lifted your chin a little more, it would have been much better.”

“Do you mean like this?”

“And if you parted your lips a little more?”

What? Lifted the chin? Parted the lips?

He couldn’t hear it clearly, but it definitely sounded like a conversation between a man and a woman exchanging a kiss! Poor Grand Duke. Even if he pretended not to, it seemed like he had already fallen under the spell of the Grand Duchess.

She was the first woman to steal his heart so easily!

Jade, who had been under Reinhardt’s care since he was a child and saw him as an older brother, felt deeply disappointed and pained by the news.

“Your Excellency, I’m afraid I have some very disappointing news to inform you…”


* * *


“Is this really a demon’s painting?”

John Eclipse, the commander of the Northern Tatar Defense Line, looked suspiciously at the painting brought by the Grand Duke from the south. The dozens of copies made through the duplication process were entirely pitch black.

It was unimaginable that the painting contained the enemies of humanity, the demons.

“The special paint is applied so that it’s invisible to human eyes, but it should be clearly visible to the eyes of the Tartars.”

“Why is the special paint applied?”

John asked, and Reinhardt gave the prepared answer.

“If it were seen, people might fall in love with it.”

“Can people really fall in love just by looking at a painting?”

“That’s what people say.”

Even if it wasn’t this painting, there were people who fell for a painting or a photograph. There were quite a few young people who fell in love just by looking at a newspaper article with her photo, for example.

Well, whether it was because she was really a half-demon or because she had exceptional charm herself, who knew?

“But why were you smiling?”


Reinhardt immediately composed himself and asked back.

Smiling, he said. It meant that a moment ago, he was indeed smiling, which meant he was saying something absurd.

“…I see. Why was I smiling?”


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