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“I feel like burning it.”

As Diello spoke, bringing the letter before me, magic flared at his fingertips for a moment before it disappeared.

I flinched, but the letter was fine.

“But I dare not, as it is for Krua.”

He handed me the letter. As he did so, he sidled up next to me.

“May I read it with you?”

I nodded at his words.

“Of course.”

What was there to keep secret? It was a letter from the enemy, after all.

At my words, Diello came around the desk to stand beside me. I held the letter at a slight angle so that it would be easier for him to see.

[ To my beloved daughter, Krua ]

And from the very first line, my stomach churned.

I raised an eyebrow.

After that, the sickening pleasantries continued before getting to the point.

[ It has already been a month since we last met. Will you come visit and tell me what has transpired in the meantime?

I have heard enough about your blissful newlywed life with Duke Argenta, but I would like to hear more from you. ]

…In other words, it was time for me to pay a visit.

I narrowed my eyes.

From Alors’ perspective, this was a very timely contact. After all, since it was not yet known that Alors was after Argenta, but calling me now…

“It seems that since it has been a month, he intends to confirm which side I was on while also gathering information on Argenta…”

At my words, he frowned slightly. It was clear that he had had a similar thought.


His fingertips grazed the nape of my neck. The hand that had moved up to the back of my ear came to rest on the nape of my neck again, spreading a gentle warmth. Diello, who had stopped his hand where my name was engraved, asked.

“Are you going to go?”

At his words, I looked up at him.

Of course, I had to go.

The next moment, a regretful gaze looked back at me as if he knew my answer.

“It is our agreement to visit once a month, but right now, preparations for war are underway. What if Duke Alors is after you?”

He seemed to genuinely want to dissuade me. Still, I shook my head.

“I will not be taken hostage. If I am, who will eliminate Diello’s lilies?”

At my words, Diello’s eyes narrowed. I shook my head repeatedly at him, who seemed about to say something.

“More than anything, if I don’t go, I will arouse suspicion.”

Certainly, Duke Alors must have been convinced that he could attack before Argenta realized and prepared themselves.

There was nothing good about revealing that we knew Alors’ plan. Besides, Duke Alors would try to engrave Diello’s name on the back of my neck again. I had been pretending to follow his plan until now, but if I suddenly stopped cooperating with him, I would be suspected.

Of course, I would definitely suffer terrible pain, but there was no other way.

“Duke Alors will wonder how many lilies have disappeared this time. It would be strange if it weren’t different from last time, so I’ll answer that two are missing,” I said, trying to appease him.


I took Diello’s hand, which had stopped, and lowered it. Noticing that his hand seemed a little cold, I held it tightly and continued speaking.

“He’ll be a little angry, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

My gaze fell on the spot where his lilies should have been.

“If you say that all of Diello’s lilies have disappeared, he’ll come in thinking it’s time.”

Diello’s mouth closed into a line.

“If I say two, you’ll be able to buy some time, so we’ll finish preparing for war in the meantime.”

So that he wouldn’t get in his way.

I gently pressed my fingertips against Diello’s tightly closed lips.

“Duke Alors will think he has the upper hand when he finds out the number of lilies.”

I continued, looking into his blue eyes.

It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t scared or afraid. Especially when I was caught by those horrible hands and had his name forcibly engraved on me, the pain that felt like flames had been inserted under my skin was really hard to bear.

Still, if I could get the perfect opportunity for revenge with that…

I found myself clenching one of my hands as I went on.

“Think of it this way. In other words, this war is a war where we can set the timing.”

“…When Krua contacts them to say that the lilies are gone, Alors will move his troops, right?”

When Diello’s low voice rang out, I nodded my head.

“Yes. For the sake of victory, I can endure the pain for a while. Diello, too, right?”


Diello closed his eyes.

“I’d rather be the one in pain.”

He opened his eyes as he spoke so softly. As our eyes met, he gently wrapped his arms around the back of my neck.

“I’ll make sure this is the last time, Krua.”

‘Please don’t get hurt.’

It was going to hurt, but he hoped it wouldn’t hurt too much.

“If only the Ferro were here, the war preparations would have been much easier. It’s a shame.”

I let out a short sigh.

I, too, hoped that Diello, that Argenta, would not get hurt.

Of course, the chapter where Argenta and Alors fought in the original, and the current situation, were very different. Argenta was united, Redias was alive, and I was there, so the situation was much better than in the original.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but be anxious.

“…I feel like I’m making Krua suffer too much.”

Diello kissed the back of my neck with a look of regret. He gave me warmth for such a long time.

As if by doing so, I wouldn’t be in pain.


* * *


“Argenta, please hurry up and prepare for war.”

Krua requested before leaving. It was obvious what she meant.

“…Be careful, Krua.”

Diello clenched his fist as he watched the carriage heading to Alors… so hard that his hand started bleeding.

“My lord.”

Rick approached with a worried expression and handed him a handkerchief. However, instead of receiving it, Diello waved his hand.

“How are the preparations for war?”

“Almost done. We have calculated the possible routes Alors might take and prepared enough supplies nearby to replenish.”

Diello narrowed his eyes at Rick’s words.

Originally, he had planned to send Rick to Alors with Krua. Just in case, in case something bad happened. However, his decisive lady immediately opposed the idea.

“The intelligence department has its own tasks to do.”

He couldn’t refuse her as she smiled so gently.

Even when he was furious enough to burn everything down, her smile alone would calm him down as if he was never furious.

“For our sake.”

Krua said so as if to appease him.

Did he know what he was thinking? Did she know how intense his emotions were when he thought of her?


Very occasionally, when he saw Krua with her eyes wide open like a rabbit, he wanted to ask her.

Did she really know who he was?

Was the current him fine?

Still, he didn’t have the courage yet to ask a question that couldn’t be reversed. Surprisingly, Argenta, the flame that devoured everything without hesitation, was hesitant. Afraid that if he touched her wrong, she would break, change, or leave.

He let out a hollow laugh.

Where did his confidence go, leaving behind the world’s biggest coward?

“I’ll take Vielle with me. Like last time.”

Diello exhaled briefly as he thought of Krua, who smiled, saying that she would be okay.

“Let’s do a final check.”

He returned to his office and spread out the map. Since it was an opportunity and time that his wife endured pain to create, he didn’t plan to waste it.



* * *



The fast-moving carriage arrived in Alors in no time.

“Madam Krua has arrived.”

The people of Alors treated me very politely on the surface. Anyone who saw me would think I was a daughter who was truly loved in Alors. I tried to suppress the laughter that was about to burst out.

“His Excellency the Duke is waiting for you.”

As we approached the Alors mansion, a knight from the Alors mansion approached and opened his mouth. Then, they naturally surrounded the carriage. It was an escort for the guest, but for me, who didn’t have good memories of Alors, it was extremely unpleasant.


Nevertheless, it would be weird to refuse. Thinking so, I waited for the moment we arrived at the Alors mansion, but I felt something strange.


Vielle, who was riding in the carriage with me, asked cautiously. She seemed to have noticed my reaction.

“Is there something wrong?”


Rather than being uncomfortable…

When I closed my eyes, I felt it more clearly.

…The water power surrounding the carriage.

I hadn’t felt it when I visited Alors before. Indeed, my control over water had developed more delicately and powerfully, so much so that I could even sense the strength of those surrounding the carriage now.

They were much weaker than me.

In other words, just as I felt pressured by the water following Duke Alors, they could feel pressured by the water following me. It meant they would realize that I have different abilities than before.


I exhaled briefly and suppressed my water ability as much as possible so that my energy would feel weak to them.

“Madam. Are you okay?”

When Vielle asked again, I nodded as I composed myself and created a relaxed expression before I replied.

“I’ll do well.”

I looked into Vielle’s sharp eyes.

She didn’t have such eyes when we came here together before. She was clearly hostile toward Alors, even more so than before, and the reason was obvious. Because she knew what I would go through in the future and because she had become much closer to me than before.

A small smile unconsciously came to my lips.

“Listen well, I’m the beloved daughter of the Duke of Alors right now.”

Even as I uttered so, It was nauseating, and I couldn’t help but lose my smile at the thought. My very small voice echoed around us, but Vielle seemed to hear it well and focused on me.

“So, don’t be mad when I send you away. Okay?”

It was unlikely that the self-disciplined Vielle would make a mistake, but I said it just in case.

Vielle paused and nodded briefly.

“I will keep it in mind.”

Her expression relaxed. It was a change that seemed fake. Still, while looking outside, she showed a cold gaze for a very brief moment.

“Don’t worry too much.”

I patted her on the shoulder.

The people around me were angrier than I was, who were actually being affected.

…I felt sorry but also grateful.

I realized once again that I was loved by these people.

“This is the last time.”

Come to think of it, Diello and Vielle, and of course, everyone in the family was worried about me. They had hard expressions on their faces as if they were the ones who were in pain, not me.

“Thank you for worrying about me.”

Vielle nodded as I spoke, feeling a little embarrassed. The next moment, the maid who was riding with me quietly covered me with a fluffy blanket.


And Vielle gave me a shoulder massage.

“If you face them without relaxing your body, your muscles could get hurt.”

Her gaze turned to my arm. She must have been referring to the bruises on my arm from being restrained earlier.

“Then, I’ll ask you to do it.”

Unable to refuse even that kindness, I willingly entrusted myself to them.


And finally, we entered the Duke of Alors’ mansion.