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The two of them stood in silence, exchanging glances for a while. After a brief moment of surprise, Dustin crumpled his face unapologetically under Andra’s scrutinizing gaze.

What brings Avelin here? Could she have heard everything? He examined Andra’s face with a hesitant expression. Her face, appearing firm yet serene, showed little emotion. Strangely, a sense of unease swelled within Dustin.

“Who might this be? Lady Avelin, isn’t it?”

Dustin spoke first. He awkwardly fumbled his hand into his pocket while standing at a slight angle, and peered down at Andra.

Thanks to the dress that boldly revealed her shoulders, her slender white neck gleamed in the moonlight. It was quite different from her usual attire, which covered her neck completely. Consequently, the pendant necklace around her neck was distinctly visible.

“Seems you don’t fancy the banquet. Roaming alone at this hour is quite something. Or could it be that you’ve lost your way?”

“As if.”

Andra noticed the vivid red lip marks on Dustin’s collar and chuckled at the sight. Her laughter, tinged with mockery, seemed to irritate Dustin. Andra continued speaking with an indifferent tone.

“Congratulations, Lord.”

“…What do you mean?”

“It was quite a sight. A perfectly matching couple, everyone said. And, above all, you succeeded in making a clear impression on people by borrowing someone else’s name at this opportunity. So, what title are you aiming for this time? Did you want to be a playboy?”


“Lord, it seems you’ve truly lost your way. Hurry back to your beloved lover, there shouldn’t be enough time for a sweet reunion. Oh, is this a one-night escapade? Then, I should address you not as a playboy but as a Tualidren’s servant.”

Tualidren’s servant, a term referring to a male prostitute. Dustin grimaced openly, making no attempt to conceal his expression. So, she must have heard everything. It was a blatant attack.

If that was the case, there was no need for him to adhere to formalities any longer. Why go through the motions when they both knew everything? The capital manner of speech was still unfamiliar to him.

“Think what you want. Venting your frustration like this won’t change the outcome anyway.”

“Lord, you’re not even trying to hide it? Your shameless and despicable appearance is always appalling.”

“Why bother hiding now? Why should I bear your misplaced anger just because you couldn’t couldn’t see what was being taken right from under your nose? Isn’t meddling in others’ affairs something Avelin excelled at?”

“Don’t be mistaken. Avelin, at least, wouldn’t behave as vulgarly as you do. Doing such ignorant things, not distinguishing between duty and personal matters—sounds more like something a bastard would do somewhere.”

As Andra sharply retorted, Dustin’s face became more menacing. Every time Avelin treated Airak like a bastard, he wanted to kill the woman in front of him.

Clearly, Avelin was forgetting who made her current laughter and chat possible. Andra should have known the reason why the head of Airak did not come to the capital this time.

“You should watch your words if you don’t want that bastard to tear your throat out. Don’t think it’s all over. It’s you, of all people, who better not be mistaken. If you think today’s incident is the end, think again. Similar events can happen again countless times.”

“If you can, go ahead and try. No idiot would fall for Airak twice. Everyone can see the obvious trap. What you did today, you should know very well that it’s not something built up by you. Pretending to be capable is just pushing it too far. It’s pathetic.”

Andra struck harder than before. She not only didn’t want to show any courtesy to Airak, who ruined her coming-of-age ceremony, but she also wanted to shatter his mood as much as possible.

If she could, she would say even harsher words. There were plenty of rumors circulating about Airak in the North, and with a little creativity, they could make for a satisfying retort. Above all, Andra was Avelin. Rare was anyone who knew Airak’s flaws as well as Avelin did.

“Even if you can’t secure a single position, Avelin will never step back. This is the capital, Lord. You should know better than anyone that our Avelin is more advantageous than you. Can it happen again? Do you think you can embarrass me with that pitiful and despicable move again?”

If you can, go ahead and try. Andra stared at Dustin. She wouldn’t fall for such a trick twice. Even if she had to give up and return to the East, she was determined to completely crush Dustin Airak. The process might get a bit complicated, but in the end, Avelin would be the winner. Especially in this day and age.

“Why do you think I can’t do it? Isn’t that too arrogant of you? Do you think Airak will just sit still? Don’t be ridiculous. People like you only know how to calculate, don’t you? You’re idiots who don’t know how to protect even one’s body.”

Andra mocked Dustin once again. Every word he uttered was unbelievably simple. She couldn’t stand the pitiful feeling that surged within her every time he spoke like this.

“Holding onto such thoughts in a world like today’s, no wonder you’re stuck in such a place and still can’t come out like a beast. Oh, maybe you are a beast. I thought the Lord was a person since you dress like one. That’s why they say you shouldn’t let a dog or cow hold a sword.”


“Why are you so upset? Wasn’t it Lord who started this? If you’re going to meddle in someone’s affairs, you should be prepared for the consequences. Or do you have nothing better in your head than chasing after a woman? Or perhaps you really want to become Tualidren’s servant?”

If you’re good at it, you might survive in the capital. After all, the only intact thing about you is your body. Andra openly scanned Dustin’s body from top to bottom as she spoke.

Consequently, Dustin’s face was stiffening more and more over time. But Andra didn’t want to stop. She was far from done. To get upset over something like this? After all she has been through!

Andra couldn’t just stand there quietly and watch Dustin, who had openly ridiculed her in front of people, flirting with Lady Venetolia today of all days. She hoped that, just for today, she would let it pass quietly, but Dustin deliberately spoiled it in front of everyone.

Just because he wanted to see her fail! Damn Airak. There seems to be no way for him to stay out of her life even once.

“If you feel upset over something like this, you shouldn’t. It seems like I’ve become such a terrible person. In fact, I’m treating the Lord with utmost respect, and if that’s the reaction, it’s not right. How generous I am. There probably isn’t a single person as considerate as me in the Lord’s life.”

“Shut up. Just because you have a big mouth doesn’t mean you can blabber on about anything. And scratching my insides like this won’t do you any good.”

Dustin lowered his voice as if issuing a warning.

Andra chuckled disdainfully. Was he trying to intimidate her? It didn’t scare her at all. In the current location, the imperial capital, both of them couldn’t act recklessly. If he didn’t want to ignore an impending storm, there was nothing Dustin Airak could do right here and now. So, she didn’t hide her contempt for him.


“… I guess Lady really seems to find my words unbelievable.”

At that moment, Dustin approached Andra. He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him forcefully. The distance between them decreased sharply. With Dustin standing so close that their noses could touch, the confused Andra squirmed her body.

“What kind of nonsense is this!”

“You’re the one who ignored me, despite my warnings. Do you really think I can’t do anything?”

“…Let go of this!”

Andra shook her body vigorously to break free from Dustin’s grip. However, the man’s grip on her arm was firm, and it wasn’t easy for Andra to break free.

Now, was he going to use force because words aren’t enough? Such a cliche. He probably thought that there was nothing he could do here without using his strength. Therefore, she didn’t think twice about confronting him.

“Let go! If you don’t release me within 5 seconds, I’ll scream. If I scream, soldiers nearby will rush over within a few minutes. Do you want that?”

“When have you decided to act without knowing they are scary? Only now feeling a bit scared?”

The man’s grip on her wrist tightened, and Andra involuntarily twisted her body, furrowing her brow. Bastard! She opened her eyes wide and shouted low.

“If you can, try hitting me, go ahead! Do you think I’ll be scared?”

Even as she shouted, Andra knew very well that Dustin couldn’t hit her. Despite his anger flaring up every time they clashed, Dustin had never raised his hand against Andra.

The current situation was ultimately just a form of intimidation. Of course, Dustin’s actions were not non-violent just because he didn’t physically harm her.

“I won’t say it twice. Let go of this.”

“…Damn it, Avelin!”

As Andra expected, Dustin eventually released the arm he had grabbed roughly. Ack! In the recoil, Andra tumbled onto the grass. The palm of her hand that had scraped against the ground stung. It seemed a bit scratched.

Andra stood up and went straight to Dustin, delivering a merciless slap to his cheek. Slap! The sound of flesh tearing echoed, and Dustin’s head turned to the side.


“A slap to the cheek is all you get, Airak. Be grateful, there’s no kinder treatment than this.”

With those words, Andra turned her back and retraced the path she had taken. Left alone in that spot, Dustin spat out blood from his mouth and loosened his tie with a rough motion.

Surprisingly, Andra’s hand had accurately struck the same spot where Anthony, his brother, had hit him, causing his lips to split, and a bitter taste of blood lingered.

‘Hitting the same spot….’

The slapped cheek stung and felt numb. While his body had taken many hits through training, his face had rarely experienced such blows. Getting slapped twice in one day indicated that luck wasn’t on his side.

Dustin gently touched the swollen cheek and chuckled bitterly. The force in Andra’s hand was more formidable than he had anticipated. The untrained arm with no combat experience, hitting a face was sharp and unforgiving.

‘That’s enough. There’s no need to get involved any further. Getting hit like this is a first and last.’

After the ceremony, Dustin had planned to return to the North and avoid the capital for a while. The likelihood of facing Andra directly after today was low.

But at that moment, as he was about to turn away, something sparkling on the grass caught his eye. Bending down, he picked up a necklace with a portrait inside.