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She didn’t want to apologize for something she hadn’t done wrong since doing so would admit her fault, and it would eliminate any chance of explaining herself to her grandfather. Still, would this situation ever resolve itself?

It was at this moment when Riersha’s heart was shaken that the door burst open, and someone came in—a man with silver hair and red eyes, bearing a somewhat cold demeanor.

He glanced around and chuckled.

“…Oh my God, the young Duke has returned?”

Someone murmured in disbelief.

At those words, Riersha’s eyes widened as she looked at the man. He strode in, unconcerned by the stares.

“What a spectacle. What are you doing now, starting proceedings without the guardian’s arrival?”

Fernore held a piece of paper. It seemingly said a ‘disciplinary committee attendance request.’

“Why, why is that in the young Duke’s hands…?”

Marquis Crender muttered in confusion.

“Ah, you mean this?”

Fernore glanced at Archmond while clicking his tongue.

The request was issued directly by Archmond. It was evident from the Duke’s seal on the document. Riersha was shocked, unable to believe her grandfather had called her father for her sake. On the surface, it was a gesture of fairness. It was clearly a move in Riersha’s favor.

“A guardian’s attendance is mandatory at the disciplinary committee, Marquis Crender. Oh, did you not know?”

As Fernore took a seat beside Riersha, giving Marquis Crender a glance, the Marquis sweated coldly and avoided his gaze.

“This is the first time something like this happened while I was raising a child. Quite refreshing. I should thank the Marquis. His actions made me return quickly.”

Fernore officially announced his return to the family.

It instantly changed the atmosphere in the room. The nobles began to murmur at the young Duke’s arrival. In the meanwhile, Evill, seeing Marquis Crender losing ground, hid behind him, visibly panicked as his strong support showed weakness.

“So, which one of you is Evill? The one hiding back there?”

When Fernore casually folded the paper as he asked, Evill flinched as he was singled out.

“Did you pull my daughter’s hair?”

Fernore smiled. Evill shook his head in denial.

“….N, no! I didn’t do anything like that!”

“Is that so? Do you have proof? Come on, Evill, tell everyone. You said Miss Riersha pushed you first, didn’t you?”

Marquis Crender hurriedly asked his son. However, Evill’s anxious behavior, avoiding eye contact and biting his lips, was a clear sign of a child lying.

Fernore narrowed his red eyes with a leisurely gaze.

“It seems you’ve forgotten who my aide is. Rocinante, bring the evidence.”

“Yes, Young Duke.”

Rocinante, who was standing behind Archmond, stepped forward and took out a video stone.

Shortly, the video played, and it vividly showed the scene where Evill first harassed Riersha and then pulled her hair.

“N, no, Father, it wasn’t like that!”

Evill’s face turned pale as his wrongdoing and also his lies were exposed for all to see.

“Evill, this is not what you told me!”

Marquis Crender saw that the situation he had orchestrated turned against him and began to scold his son sharply. This was a critical moment in the presence of everyone, including Duke Arachrene… a stain on the family’s reputation could lead to their downfall.

As the video concluded, Fernore spoke up.

“Marquis Crender, anything else to add?”

“….Child, children often lie, don’t they? It’s just a fight between children. Please just let it go…”

Marquis Crender began to fumble, his voice filled with regret.

As the unexpected turn of events caused a stir, Archmond then stood and tapped his cane on the floor once. Despite the soft sound, silence quickly enveloped the room.

“Marquis Crender. Any objections to expelling Evill Crender from the estate?”

“But, Your Grace, that would mean—”

Marquis Crender turned hesitant.

Being expelled was the same as being disowned by the Arachne family. The Marquis, who had done all kinds of bad things using Duchy Arachrene in his back for his own gain, was visibly shaking. It meant that he, who had many enemies, would soon become vulnerable.

“Won’t you apologize, Evill?!”

Marquis Crender sharply called out.

Evill fell to his knees with a pale face. He had never expected to be expelled.

“I, I apologize, Miss Riersha. I will not be rude again. Please, have mercy…”

As the atmosphere turned icy, the Duke departed. The watching nobles quickly exited. There were even some who comically covered their faces, preventing Fernore from remembering their faces.

“It’s time for you to take your son and leave, Marquis Crender.”

“Young, Young Duke!”

Hearing the command to leave, Evill called out to Fernor in desperation. Being expelled would reduce him to the lowest status within his family.

That could not happen. He had to avoid expulsion at all costs.

“Marquis Crender, any objections?”

“Of, of course not.”

Marquis Crender began to pull Evill away. While it was regrettable to have a child expelled from the annex, there was nothing he could do.

‘There are other heirs besides Evill, so next year, I can bring another child to the estate.’

Eventually, Marquis Crender quickly made a decision.

Sensing his father’s resignation, Evill’s pleas grew more desperate as he shouted, “Father! What are you doing? You know what will happen to my future if I get expelled! Father, father…!”


The door slammed shut.

Riersha, stunned by the situation that ended swiftly, looked at Fernore, but she was unsure of how to address him.

Sensing her hesitation, Fernore initiated the conversation.

“It’s been a while, Riersha.”


“It seems a lot of time has passed. You’re already walking and talking.”

Fernore chuckled, amusingly waving the disciplinary committee summons.

“Quite the welcome back to the estate, attending a disciplinary committee right away.”


Riersha couldn’t tell if she was being praised or scolded and started to hiccup in confusion. Was this his way of saying, ‘How dare you make me attend such a place? Have you gotten ahead of yourself?’ At the thought, she timidly covered her mouth, her small hands trying to stop the hiccups.

Rocinante, watching the father-daughter reunion from behind, shook his head.

Thus, the dramatic father-daughter reunion came to an end.


* * *


“Miss Riersha!”


As soon as she exited the ‘Tower of Truth,’ Riersha ran to Sona. She felt Fernore’s glaring gaze from behind but ignored it, rushing into Sona’s arms.

She felt the tension leave her body.

“You did really well. You were brave, Miss! Shall we go back to your room, have something delicious, and rest?”


“I’ll stay by your side until you fall asleep tonight.”

Sona noticed Fernore approaching and quickly stood up.

“Greetings, Young Duke.”

“There’s no need for formalities.”

As Fernore waved off the courtesy, Riersha flinched at his voice coming from right behind her.

“Miss Riersha?”


“Aren’t you happy to meet the young Duke? You’ve always wanted to.”

Sona whispered.

Riersha glanced at Fernore at those words, quickly turning away when their eyes met.

It was strange.

Despite the fact that she had wanted to meet Fernore, now that she had, she felt a distance between them. In short…

“Go back, Ddona. To my room.”

“…Yes? Yes, Miss. Then, Young Duke, we’ll be taking our leave.”

Sona followed Riersha, turning back in confusion.