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‘Why… it is a Korean personality, or no, courtesy, isn’t it?’

Edith was aware that this form of question was not common in the empire. People here didn’t typically use the question about whether someone had eaten as a casual greeting. Still, that didn’t mean someone would directly question why she asked, as the Duke did.

In Korea, where she had lived, when she asked out of habit, most would respond with a smile.

“Uh… I was wondering if you might not have had time for dinner, given your busy schedule, and if my visit was ill-timed?”

“So, you were concerned that it might have been an intrusion?”

“In a way…?”

She felt the meaning was slightly different. Edith vaguely agreed, fearing that responding with ‘it’s just politeness’ might lead to ‘why is that considered polite?’

“I don’t usually enjoy dinners, and you don’t need to worry about that since I was the one who asked to talk.”

Fortunately, the Duke seemed content with the explanation and moved past the topic.

‘He seems very rational, yet somehow uniquely peculiar…’

…Like a well-programmed robot?

At the thought, Edith secretly sighed, realizing she needed to choose her words more carefully around him.

“I’d like to discuss a few matters before the marriage.”

“Ah, yes! I also have some things I wanted to ask.”

“That’s good.”

As the Duke pointed to a document on the table, she cautiously opened it, finding it to be a contract.


[ Marriage Contract ]


The header of the first page was very brief. Edith quickly moved her gaze down.


[ 1. The duration of the marriage between Skyle Elliott Devion and Edith Irene Brussel is to last a maximum of three years from the date of the wedding ceremony, and the contract will be terminated as soon as each party fulfills their respective objectives. ]


She read on, pleased with the first part. She appreciated the clarity of the duration and conditions.

Her eyes stopped at a particular section.


[ 1-1. However, if contract fulfillment becomes impossible, the duration can be extended by mutual agreement. ]


“What does it mean by ‘contract fulfillment becomes impossible’…?”

“We can roughly predict the period when the red moon eclipses the sun, but the exact day cannot be pinpointed. It might exceed three years.”

So, this was a clause for her wish. It seemed like a reasonable provision.

Edith continued to meticulously review the contract. The more she looked, the more surprised she was.

‘It’s incredibly clear-cut. No complicated wording…’

Despite the status difference, she was worried there might be conditions unfavorable to her, yet that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, it seemed he had considerably taken her circumstances into account, to her astonishment.


[ 12. Edith Irene Brussel, as the wife of Duke Devion, will have rights befitting her status for the duration of the marriage. ]

[ 12-1. The dignity maintenance allowance shall be set at two thousand gold per month. (However, this does not include expenses for various luxury items.) ]


This particular clause took Edith by surprise.

‘Two thousand gold a month…?!’

Her monthly salary had been twenty gold. That was after gaining some experience and being recognized for it, and it was considered quite a substantial amount among her peers.

However, to receive two thousand gold every month just for dignity maintenance, just playing around?! And that didn’t even include luxury items. She couldn’t even begin to imagine how much gold that would amount to each month.

“If the budget is insufficient, you can discuss it with the butler.”


Edith stammered, overwhelmed by the sudden prospect of being buried in gold. She tried to convert the amount into her original world’s currency but gave up. The figures got larger, and her head began to swim.

‘It’s too much money for an ordinary citizen…’

The enormous dignity maintenance allowance made her head spin rather than calming it down. Edith forced herself to look away from the numbers.

The rest of the contract consisted of fairly standard clauses.


[ Each party’s privacy is to be respected. (However, actions that could lead to prosecution by the temple are prohibited.) ]


As she read on, she paused at a special clause towards the end.

‘…What does this mean?’

She stared at it, trying to understand it, but the Duke seemed to notice her confusion and quietly spoke up.

“Miss Edith has the right to meet others freely during the marriage. Considering the opinion of the social circle, it would be wise to refrain from doing so immediately after the wedding, though I won’t insist on it.”


Her mouth fell open as she finally grasped the meaning. So now…

“However, the existence of illegitimate children could lead to complications with the temple—”

“I understand! That won’t happen. I promise.”

Edith quickly interrupted him, despite knowing it wasn’t quite polite.

In a noble society where arranged marriages were common, having lovers was quite normal among the nobility, and the Duke had every reason to be concerned. Nonetheless, hearing it directly from her marriage partner was another matter entirely.

Moreover, the Duke’s voice was so indifferent it made her feel even more embarrassed.

‘But wait, that means the Duke could also meet someone else and not me, doesn’t it?’

Feeling a sudden rush of heat, Edith fanned herself with her hand, a different perspective suddenly crossing her mind.

‘Could the Duke have a secret lover?’

Edith glanced at the Duke discreetly.

He was an unreal figure every time she saw him. She had felt it the first day she saw him. It was the first time she saw someone whose silver-white hair suited him perfectly, and his mercury-like eyes sparkled, eliciting admiration.

‘Whoever it is, he’s surely meeting someone similar, right?’

She soon realized it made sense.

According to Daisy, while the Duke was considered a groom to avoid, he was also a man many wished to meet at least once, so it wouldn’t be strange if he had someone he was seeing. In fact, it would be more surprising if he didn’t.

‘Come to think of it, he did ask if there was any romantic interest at the beginning.’

While she thought it was a peculiar question, if he asked because he already had a partner, it made some sense.

The Duke clearly wanted to prevent any unfortunate incidents in advance.

There was no need for him to explain all this to Edith or seek her understanding. It was probably more convenient for both parties to have it specified in the contract.

“If there’s anything you wish to amend, let me know. I’ll see to it that it’s done.”

Lost in thought, she was brought back to reality by his words.

‘The contract seems like one to be signed away immediately without problems.’

However, she hesitated to sign it immediately. The memory of suffering from a flawed contract when she first entered the workforce was still vivid.

“It seems fine to proceed as is, but if it’s all right, may I take a little longer to look over it?”

“Of course.”

Although she had been worried about upsetting him, the Duke readily agreed. He even seemed pleased that she asked. Edith felt relieved.

“You mentioned you had a question?”

“Oh, yes, I did… but it’s been resolved now.”

Edith smiled awkwardly.

She had forgotten about it, but the Duke remembered. It seemed that a genius wizard also had an extraordinary memory.

In fact, she had been earning her living as a tutor and was about to discuss with him the possibility of continuing her work after becoming the Duchess. However, now that she was to receive a dignity maintenance allowance, it seemed like a needless concern.

“I see. There’s something I’d like to ask for your understanding on, Miss Edith.”

“The Duke, from me?”

“Since we haven’t had the wedding ceremony yet, strictly speaking, our contract hasn’t started yet. However, it’s something His Majesty wanted, so I must ask for your cooperation.”

“Something His Majesty wanted…”

Edith felt a bit nervous. The mention of the Emperor always made her heart flutter.

“His Majesty wishes people to believe that there’s no intervention from him in our meeting. At least, that’s how he wants it to appear.”

That was how he wanted it to appear?