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The Oakley-Sitz engagement ceremony was held at the Oakley Marquess Estate in the capital. After the ceremony, a light party was planned.

At the main gate, carriages engraved with the emblems of each family were already lined up.

Descending from the carriage, we headed toward the outdoor garden where the ceremony would take place.

Passing through the arched entrance adorned with ivy, we found a red carpet and a podium in the center, with tables on either side bearing the nameplates of attendees.

“Here we are.”

Reedmore found our seats.

On the round table, only nameplates for myself, Reedmore, and Aila were placed.

I sat quietly, observing the surroundings.

People from the Oakley and Sitz families seemed to be mingling brightly, exchanging greetings with the guests.

Felicia and Pogos planned to greet guests at the banquet after the ceremony.

“I feel strange.”

I murmured suddenly. Reedmore replied.

“Is it because those two are getting engaged?”


“Me, too.”

“By the way, Reedmore, do you have anyone in mind for engagement or marriage after that?”

Reedmore’s face flushed red. He said, seeming embarrassed.

“No. Let’s not bring up unpleasant memories, shall we?”

In the past, he had been one of Helena’s famous suitors. He shrugged.

“Romantic, isn’t it? Saying you won’t marry without love?”

“Quiet, Khalia.”

Teasing Reedmore was always enjoyable.

Aila glanced at the two of us and chuckled softly. I asked her the same.

“Aila, what about you? Any lord or suitor in mind from the family?”

“No, none. I’m happiest being with Young Miss.”

She said with a smile. A warm feeling enveloped me. I firmly gripped her hand that lay on the table.

“Isn’t Aila’s attitude toward me and you too different?”

“It’s natural.”

“Come on.”

“Quiet, please. Looks like it’s starting.”

I intervened to quiet Reedmore’s grumbling.

Indeed, as he said, the warm orange glow of the stone lamps scattered around the garden began to dim simultaneously.

The murmurs of people sitting at their tables also quieted.

The orchestra musicians, who had been playing gentle music, began to play a traditional march.

Pogos Sitz appeared first.

Emerging from beyond the ivy arch, he appeared more polished and mature than one would expect from seeing him at the academy.

Gone was the image of him enthusiastically discussing childish legends or eagerly delving into the secrets to enhance elemental magic.

Confidently striding forward, he halted in front of the podium where the priest stood.

Gradually, the musicians started playing another piece of music. The anticipatory murmurs of the guests grew louder.

Felicia walked in slowly.

Draped in a pure white veil and dress, holding a large bouquet of lilies and forget-me-nots in her left hand, she looked absolutely stunning.

The engagement ring on her finger sparkled.

As she carefully walked down the red carpet, the hem of her dress flowed elegantly like waves.

Standing in front of the podium, she took Pogos’ hand. They faced each other and smiled.

Their faces were filled with a happiness that could only be described as pure joy. Their wide smiles were dazzling.

For some reason, that image deeply imprinted itself in my heart.

“Oakley’s heir, Lady Felicia Melvin el Oakley. Sitz’ heir, Lord Pogos Veil el Sitz. You both…”

The priest began reciting the vows of engagement before the deity.

Throughout, they didn’t take their eyes off each other, their clasped hands never parting.

Several declarations and responses ensued.

The priest pronounced their engagement and concluded the ceremony.

“…By this, the two before us are bound as betrothed. May the blessings of the deity be upon the future of Oakley and Sitz.”

Pogos leaned in. Their heads tilted naturally toward each other, and a long kiss followed.

The attending guests cheered and applauded.

I, too, genuinely wished them happiness and clapped as hard as I could.

* * *

After the engagement ceremony, the banquet took place in the Marquess’ Main Hall.

As we entered the hall, the gatekeeper announced loudly:

“Marquis Desmiere, Lord Reedmore Desmiere.”

“Viscount Estelle, Lady Khalia Estelle.”

“Lady Blainey, Lady Aila Blainey.”

It was customary for heirs of noble families to be addressed with a lower title until they succeeded their parents’ titles.

Therefore, Reedmore and I, who were to inherit titles, were addressed one rank below our parents, and Aila, not being an heir, was given the title of Lady.

As our names were called out grandly, the hall momentarily fell silent.

Those who had already entered ceased their chatter and turned their attention toward us.

Reedmore stepped forward in front of me, subtly shielding me from the torrent of gazes.

Aila stood beside me, her arms crossed. There was a fiery determination in her eyes.

It was a look that seemed ready to confront anyone who dared to challenge me, ready to fight tooth and nail.

“Let’s go over there.”

Contrary to my expectation, I calmed the excited Aila, pointing to a corner of the hall where tables with food were laid out along the wall.

Reedmore, Aila, and I headed in that direction together. People discreetly made way for us.

Once we settled into our seats, conversation resumed and the noise returned.

I surveyed the hall. Helena and Claude were still nowhere to be seen.

“Are they coming late?”

Although Claude, as a free prince, could come and go as he pleased, it was somewhat surprising that Helena hadn’t arrived yet.

If she hadn’t arrived by now, there was a significant chance she wouldn’t attend the engagement ceremony.

If she were to arrive late even for the banquet, it would be a major breach of etiquette.

“What could be keeping them?”

I pondered.

“Reedmore! Hey, long time no see.”

I heard a man I didn’t know calling out Ridim’s name from across the room, waving his hand enthusiastically. He began to approach us.

“He’s the heir to House Sitz. He graduated from the academy last year and is a friend of Young Master.”

Aila quickly whispered to me. The approaching figure, who had been hidden behind Reedmore, froze upon seeing me. It was clear he hadn’t known I was there.

With a solemn face, he nodded slightly to me and Aila.

That was it.

He immediately turned completely to Reedmore and cheerfully engaged in conversation.

“It’s been a while since graduation. How have you been?”

“Hazel, you…”

Ridim spat out my name as if it left a bitter taste in his mouth. Aila’s face also turned pale.

I remained stoically calm.

‘Quite the gentlemanly behavior.’

I couldn’t help but admire it inwardly.

Simply refraining from cursing in my presence already showed his manners.

According to etiquette, it’s proper for a gentleman to first introduce himself and greet the lady present, not me, right?

In that regard, his behavior could be considered quite merciful, ending at merely ignoring me.

But it seemed I was the only one thinking that way.

“Go away.”

“What? Wait, Reedmore…”

“Since you have no intention of talking to her, leave, Hazel.”

Reedmore growled sternly. Hazel, as the man was called, hesitated before stepping back.

His expression showed utter bewilderment.

It was evident that while the people of House Sitz might be familiar with rumors about me, they were unaware of the recent close relationship between Reedmore and myself.

“Why the sudden change?”

“Do you intend to keep repeating the same thing?”

Eventually, Ridim’s demeanor changed dramatically, becoming extremely authoritative.

From the moment he approached, he carried himself with the imposing presence and dignity of a natural-born heir of the Duchy.

Hazel finally retreated, looking bewildered to the end, not comprehending.

“There was no need for that.”

I quietly remarked to Reedmore as he returned to me. Aila held onto my arm tightly.

“Please refrain from such remarks, Young Miss.”

Her voice was firm. Reedmore also nodded sternly.

However, as time passed, similar situations repeated themselves several times.

Many individuals approached, eager to exchange greetings and build rapport with the Desmiere family’s only heir.

It was a number so large that it surpassed counting on both hands and feet, ultimately leading to frustration and giving up.

They all went through the same procedure as ‘Hazel’ and disappeared.

Even if occasionally someone managed polite conversation without rudeness, the distraction caused by Reedmore, who couldn’t focus while I stood alone, quickly led to the conversation fizzling out.

Those who wished to converse a little more with ‘that’ Lord Reedmore looked on with disappointed eyes, hesitating a bit before moving away.

Those glances pricked at my face like needles. Eventually, I sighed deeply.

As another unknown lord approached to strike up a conversation, I turned to Reedmore, who returned to me like a vigilant guardian, and said,



“Ignore it, and let’s go enjoy the banquet.”