I Became The Stepmother Of An Irrevocable Dark Family

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I became the stepmother of Rebecca, the 5-year-old wicked girl who planned to commit all kinds of debauchery because of her limited-time due to an illness.

Soon, I’m going to get severely hurt because of Rebecca.

In my second life, I can’t believe I’m going to be crippled and unable to live properly for the rest of my life.

As expected, the Duke’s appearance exceeded my expectations.

“Get lost.”

I just went to your side, is there a need to swear?

“My mom? As if! Such a rotten being. Get out of my house!”

Splashing water at me, why does my daughter have a mother-in-law style that I saw in a morning drama?

“Don’t cross the line. I don’t like you.”

Even the Duke, who brought me over himself, loathes me.


Nasty and cheap humans.

I’m out of here!

I made up my mind and started to do what I wanted.

After taking a little revenge on a kid who does not even apologize, let alone feel remorseful, what’s left is to run away….

“Mom, you can’t live without me, can you? I’ll grant you a special place next to me!”

…No. I don’t want to be next to you.

Even that girl’s father — the Duke, the man who hated me to death, was acting strangely.

“I hate you so much. So I’m going to put you next to me.”