Today’s Goal Is A Safe Divorce

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I possessed the last book I read before I died.
I thought I was finally going to walk on the flower road, too, though I was an extra that passed only in the name of the one who was poisoned and died by the éminence grise husband.

There is only one way to escape from a husband, who has neither blood nor tears to poison his wife!
It was just a safe divorce.

There are three ways to get a divorce in the Empire.
Your spouse indulges in excessive luxury, cheats on you, or dies.

Since I couldn’t kill the world’s greatest eminence grise, I had no choice but to have an affair and consume excessive luxuries

“Today, you bought red dresses till the point of bursting the dressing room.”
“The, there’s no same red under the sky!”
“By the way, madam…”
“…Are you finally tired of my luxury?”

At last, the moment I thought I could get a divorce, a smile that couldn’t be hidden appeared on my face.
However, he shattered that hope.

“You don’t mean to meet another man, do you?”