My Husband Hates Me, But He Lost His Memories

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My husband entered an arranged marriage with me against his will. And he hates me.
I just lived every single day as though I was dead, waiting for the day that we’d get divorced…

“The Duke… seems to have lost his memory.”

Then, one day, he suddenly lost his memories. To be more exact, only memories of me had been wiped clean from his mind.

And it seems like this amnesiac husband of mine somehow fell in love with me…

“Wife… I’m really, really happy that you’re my wife.”

Who is this… this puppy-like man…?
Isn’t he the same man who bares his teeth at me every time he sees me?

“Once you remember everything, you’re going to regret it all. You’re being so nice to me like this…”
“No, I won’t. Not even a little bit.”

Haa. Seriously… He talks to me so sweetly now, but this will definitely turn into a shameful past that he’d come to regret later on.

After he recovers his memories, I know for sure that my husband will finally push ahead with the divorce.
I should prepare for it in advance.