Please Pay Me 9.99 Million Gold As Alimony

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Yvonne, the Duchess, was murdered by her husband’s mistress, and inexplicably found herself alive again, back in the past. She had dedicated her life to the fidelity of her marriage, only to meet a tragic end. Or so she thought.


“Why am I alive?”


When she awoke, she realized that she had returned to the past.


Determined to get revenge, Yvonne planned to divorce her husband. However, her well-thought-out plan took an unexpected turn when she noticed her husband’s changed behavior.


“I’m fine, don’t worry, Yvonne. But I’m glad you’re worried. I should pretend to be in pain, right?”


He acted affectionately, spoke with respect, and carried himself with elegance. These were all unfamiliar traits in her previously carefree and casually spoken husband, and they raised suspicions in her mind.


Then, out of the blue, her husband made an outrageous claim.


“I am Charles Louis de Frieze, Emperor of the Turin Empire. As you can see, I am your husband, Arsen.”


Could anyone utter such madness unless they were truly insane? Yvonne had never planned to take revenge on someone so mentally unstable.


“Have you gone mad? Have you lost your mind?”


Yvonne decided to wage war against her truly insane husband who pretended to be the Emperor. All to divorce him and escape from this madman.