When I Became The Daughter Of The Villainous Duke

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When I regressed, I encountered the Mad Assassin, Grand Duke Belroc, Again.
Unknowingly, I ended up helping him.
But when he said he’s looking for me, I paled and panicked…

“He’s going to kill me, isn’t he?”

Why did I help him?
I’m going to regret this so much.

“You saved my life, so I should repay you.”

Uh, repay?

“If I become your father, that should do.”

Wait, did I just hear something strange?

“From today, we’re a family.”

The notorious mad assassin known for killing everyone who crosses his path, and the future villain who will rebel against us, is saying he wants to be my family?

Do I have to be happy about this, or should I cry?