Seeker Of First Light

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Accidentally had a one-night stand with three men.

One is a childhood friend whom she met after a long time.
One is a feisty elf who has been ignoring each other for a long time.
One is an ordinary fellow researcher?

…To make such a terrible mistake!
Chryselua, who even failed an important request that day, tried to erase their memories and focus on handling the request…

“You have a child? You?”

Eventually, they found out about her pregnancy.
How was she supposed to deal with this nonsense?
Rather than that, she’d have to deal with the failed request first!

“If it’s okay with you, I’ll think of it as my child.”
“There is no one more suitable than me to be the father of the child.”
“It is my responsibility that day. I have to take responsibility.”

In the end, they started chasing her on the journey to rectify the mess.

No! That’s not needed—!

With three men’s unrequited love
A delightful and exhausting adventure story of the tactless but sensible Chryselua!