Try Begging

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The cruelest way to take down an enemy is to make them fall in love.

“Sally, you smell good.”

Captain Leon Winston, a vulgar monster clothed in the skin of a stoic and elegant noble. He was a pathetic bastard who only raged at the smell of blood from the torture chambermaid.

However, as soon as her name came out of the revolutionary army spy’s mouth with a scream, he became a pathetic dog in heat.

“I can’t bully a good child, so I endured it… But, I don’t have to endure it anymore. Thank you, Sally.”

When Leon Winston stripped off his noble skin…

“No, Grace.”

Grace asked him.

Did she meet or create a monster when she was young?

In the end, she agreed to a disgusting deal with the enemy to protect the revolutionary army.


“F*ck, me, harder.”

He vowed every time she begged for her life miserably from the enemy…

…One day, I will make you miserable.
So, try begging.

All you’ll get is regret.