The Obsessive Male Lead Is Jealous Of My Doll

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I was reincarnated into a rated-19 novel where the male lead went on a tumultuous rampage. Even worse, I was an extra character who couldn’t escape from the room and was destined to die, named Karentina Lorraine.


‘…I can’t die like this. I’ll survive.’


In order to survive, I decided to twist the frustrating original story. For a moment, I thought I was going to die… but did I get the buff of a transmigrator? Not only that I summoned a doll that looks exactly like the male lead, but I also gained the world’s only ability…


…Was the extra Karentina actually a munchkin?!


Using my newfound power, I saved all the characters who died in the original story, and with an unintended twist, I somehow helped the main characters walk a flower path toward happiness…


But, is their behavior strange?


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“We’re ending our contractual engagement.”


As soon as Karentina finishes speaking, the temperature around her suddenly drops as if frozen.


“What… ending?”

“Our engagement. We were originally business partners since we have mutual interests, right?”


A mocking chuckle flowed from Ignis’s lips as if he had heard something unbelievable as he tapped the teacup lightly with his slender fingers. Despite a chill running down her spine because of the look in his bright eyes, she couldn’t back down.


“If you break off your engagement with me, who do you think you’re going to meet? Is it him?”

“No! Zion is a doll!”


Ignis’s red pupils narrow ferociously.


Why is he looking at me like that? He wouldn’t be planning to kill me, would he?

It was when I was worried about triggering another death flag.


“Did you say you like b*stards?”

“Ba-b*stards… I meant ‘big dog!’ People will misunderstand me if you keep twisting my words like that.”


Karentina cried and vented her frustration.


“Whether it’s a big dog or whatever.”


Her breath caught in her throat at Ignis’s devouring gaze.


“I’ll be an obedient dog that listens well, so stay by my side.”


…No, what kind of crazy talk is this?

I just twisted the original story to survive, but now, it seems like everything’s going wrong…