I’m A Fake Bride Who’ll Run Away Someday

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“Do as I say if you value your mother’s life.”

Erica was the nanny’s daughter and was forced to get married in place of the lady she served. Even the groom-to-be was the prince of the evil Archleiff Dukedom.

‘What if I am hated there, too?’

I’m dead meat if I get caught!

Even if it was frightening, Erica was prepared to put up with all forms of prejudice, mistreatment, and bullying in order to see the day when she would be reunited with her mother. But contrary to her expectation, the life of a fake bride turned out to be sweet, after all…?

“I take back what I said that you should live here like a mouse. Do whatever you want. Do as you like to your heart’s content.”

Erica tries hard not to forget that this marriage was bound to end someday, but it wasn’t easy at all. “Didn’t we agree to divorce once I become an adult?”

“That’s right. And at that time, I didn’t give you an answer.”

Unlike his gentle smile, her husband’s eyes flickered like a wildfire.

“Erica, if you ever have any place to go, shouldn’t it only be next to me?”

Will Erica be able to live the modest life she had always wanted without ever being discovered as a fake bride?