Thus, She Married That Monster Twice

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“Did you come to save me?”

Even though it was a question so innocent to the point of being revolting, it contained the last glimmer of hope in it. Nevertheless, the man spoke with disdain.

“No way.”


“I’m here to send you to hell.”

In her first life, Guiscard Lodbrook plunged Diana Brien right into hell.

━━━━━ ∙ʚ(✧)ɞ∙ ━━━━━

“You must bear with me.”


“Three years. Only three years…”


“I won’t hold back for three years. You have to take all of me.”


‘I know. That’s why I’m doing this.’ Diana nodded flatly. The man lowered his head, muttering softly into her embrace as if on the verge of tears.

“D*mn it. So, why did you abandon me?”

In her second life, Guiscard Lodbrook fell into the pits of hell because of Diana Brien.