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But today, Yuria said he was going to meet two summoners she showed great confidence in.

“Are they trustworthy?”
“They followed along well when I trained them. They are sincere.”

She didn’t falter even at the crown prince’s question. Yuria’s trust in Florence made him, the crown prince, feel sad.

Meanwhile, Serian was looking at the prince when he suddenly noticed Yuria’s hair caught on her necklace and moved his hand. He unwittingly released it.

“Oh, thank you.”

Yuria didn’t care much. Then, she continued what she was saying to the crown prince.
And Serian regretted his action just now.

‘I did something useless when she was talking to someone superior.’

Even so, she was the duke’s daughter.
However, he was comfortable while receiving training, and her habit of taking care of Florence came to his mind.
Fortunately, Yuria didn’t seem to care much after that, but…

‘I think the way the Crown Prince is looking at me is strange.’

And that was right.
Because Crown Prince Enoch had come to see other things, not just the abilities that Serian possessed.

‘The summoner is too good-looking for no reason.’

He thought he would have a modest appearance when he saw his soft turquoise hair, but looking at his face with his head raised, he looked surprisingly gorgeous. He had unique rough lines, but it would be right to say he was beautiful.

He, too, knew that summoning magic was a very rare ability. And that Yuria had a lot of trouble bringing them in.
But… Did there have to be an attractively tall adult man among them?

‘He’s good-looking for no reason…’

Thinking he didn’t like the atmosphere he gave off, Crown Prince Enoch fell into a self-scorning mood.
As he received many compliments for his appearance, he had never paid much attention to other people’s looks in his life. What the hell was he doing?

“…? Is something wrong, Your Highness?”

Yuria tilted her head at the sudden sigh.
Then, Crown Prince Enoch smiled awkwardly, saying it was no big deal.

He then stepped forward, saying he wanted to look around more.
The crown prince and Yuria walked around the greenhouse and talked about all kinds of things.

“After the clay walls were finished, I did a bit more.”
“Because it would have been difficult if it rained because of the moisture it would create?”
“Oh my, I never told you that before. You know it well.”
“I also thought the Lady was amazing when I heard it for the first time. I have to follow you relentlessly.”

The crown prince walked with Yuria and reached his hand inside the greenhouse to cast magic. It seemed that he was increasing the durability by using the magic of partial reinforcement.

“Of course I studied it, even if the Lady didn’t tell me.”

With that said, the crown prince looked at Serian.

“I will come to see you as often as I can. Wouldn’t it be hard to leave it to just one summoner?”
“Wouldn’t it be hard for Your Highness?”
“Am I not your official business partner?”

Crown Prince Enoch smiled softly as he said that, but Serian looked upset.

‘Isn’t he saying that he doesn’t trust summoners?’

Was he… keeping him in check?

Crown Prince Enoch put up another barrier, saying that the lady’s great ideas couldn’t be discovered by someone else.
Perhaps because it was daytime, the mana that rushed out of his hand shone more ecstatically than usual in the sunlight.
In short, when the magic was cast, its distinctive flair was evident.

“I am relieved thanks to you, Your Highness.”

And at that sight, Yuria smiled at Crown Prince Enoch.
It was shocking.

‘Is the devil that seems to have 666 horns smiling shyly in front of the Crown Prince?’

Everything about this was sickening.
Serian tried hard to control his expression.

Yuria and Crown Prince Enoch soon entered the parlor of the villa built near the clay wall greenhouse.

‘I can’t believe I have to keep witnessing this…’

Serian began to work as an escort knight in earnest, so he had no choice but to follow her.

“I think the time has come to think more specifically about collecting and transporting the cosmetic ingredients.”
“As I told you last time, the staff of the Imperial Merchant Guild…”

Then, when the two of them moved to their seats and continued talking,
Crown Prince Enoch noticed that Yuria’s hair was poking her eyes.

‘She was frowning from time to time. Was it because of this?’

Yuria’s red eyes were glowing when she talked about business-related matters, as if they were burning. However, it bothered him that the light seemed to be obscured when the hair that was poking her moved.
He didn’t know why he remembered at that moment that the summoner had removed the hair that was caught on Yuria’s necklace.
He reached towards Yuria’s hair.


Yuria was visibly surprised by his action.
Her eyes opened wide, so much so that she forgot what she was saying and kept looking at him.


He just swept back the hair that was poking her eyes.
He didn’t even touch her forehead.
Crown Prince Enoch was also very careful, so objectively speaking, he just stirred his hand in the air in front of Yuria.
But he didn’t expect her to become so stunned by it.

“Ah… I apologize.”
“No, I just overreacted.”

In the continuous silence, the mind of Crown Prince Enoch, who had offered an apology, became complicated.

‘The summoner touched her earlier because he was taking off what was caught on her… I didn’t even touch her.’

As he sat close to the table, it was noticeable.
Shouldn’t he have just told Yuria that her hair was poking her… while she was frowning?

‘I didn’t expect her reaction to be so… different.’

He thought it would be fine and that she would act like it was nothing, like she did with the summoner earlier.

‘Even if my actions are lighter, the other person is different.’

Of course, she could be surprised.
Yuria could…


But there was silence.
The crown prince thought that she could be surprised, but when he noticed that Yuria didn’t even make eye contact with him, he felt sad.
Like he didn’t have the right to do that.

‘The summoner… even though she has only known him for a while, she acted like it was nothing.’

She probably doesn’t remember because it happened a long time ago, but it started on the day she comforted him at his father’s funeral.

‘… She wasn’t just one of the many people to me.’

He thought she was just a vague first love, so why did he feel sad that she seemed to be closer to other men than she was to him?

‘The atmosphere is strange.’

And the subtle emotions of the two, which they did not notice, were visible to the third party, Serian.
Yuria had reacted insignificantly when he removed her hair.
But even though the crown prince’s hands didn’t even touch her, she was at a loss for words and couldn’t even meet his eyes.
In that silence, where each had fallen into their own thoughts, Yuria was insanely embarrassed.

‘I o-overreacted too much to His Highness!’

Crown Prince Enoch had just reached his hand to her because she seemed to be uncomfortable in such a close space.
But how embarrassing it must be to see her overreacting like this.

‘The Crown Prince just showed me the same kindness he showed everybody else, but I’m not used to this…’

On the other hand, she was embarrassed to keep showing herself like this.
Wasn’t she almost dragged away by Sir Vieira?
Didn’t she receive encouragement because she wasn’t confident in her business?
The way she continued to show herself was ridiculously… not cool.

‘I don’t care about others, but I wanted to be more confident and relaxed in front of His Highness!’

But that didn’t go well.
She wasn’t good at human relations from the beginning, but there were times when things didn’t go particularly well in front of Crown Prince Enoch.
Of course, it wasn’t because she had romantic feelings and was in front of the man she liked.
She wouldn’t dare look at His Highness in that way!

Standing a short distance away from Crown Prince Enoch and Yuria, Serian quietly stared at the two.

‘She’s comfortable with me, but uncomfortable with the Crown Prince.’

Yuria didn’t realize it, but Crown Prince Enoch also didn’t know what to do.
Even though those thoughts were so obvious to Serian, the two were trying not to let it show.

‘Look, Your Highness. Are you sad that you made her more uncomfortable?’

It is easier for some emotions to grow between feelings of discomfort than between feelings of comfort.

‘Don’t you know that she doesn’t feel conscious of me being a man, but she does of you?’

He regretted unconsciously removing her hair earlier. Why did he do something useless?
However, he did not expect that Crown Prince Enoch would not view him as being disrespectful to the daughter of a duke, but as if he was his rival in love and he was keeping him in check.

‘Seriously… I feel like I’m watching kids play dating.’

Even earlier, he pretended to cast the completed barrier magic—Serian could see that as he had the ability to—once more.

It was said that he was a mature crown prince even at a young age.
She acted like the wicked daughter of a duke, full of confidence.
But in the end, whether it was the crown prince or the duke’s daughter, they were both immature.

“I was impolite and acted rashly. I will never do that again.”
“No, it’s really not something Your Highness should apologize for…”

Seeing the two apologizing to each other, Serian smiled inwardly.