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“Where is a man who would give his mistress an illegitimate child as an engagement gift? You said so. My body is too humble to sow the precious seed of the Winston family.”

“Humble? No, Miss Davenport, the one who inherits the noble blood of the Rochester royal family.”

As the situation slowly deteriorated, the woman begged when she was reminded of the second reason for having a child.

“It’s okay. Don’t cry.”

Leon comforted the woman and continued the rough movements.

She trembled in fear, shaking all over with a pale face. The trembling spread deep into her belly, pleasing him. It was also a joyous occasion for the woman to cry and beg for his mercy after a long time.

Yes, beg like that. At least beg.

Leon embraced the woman, who began to fear him again and laughed like a maniac.

Everything will go as you wish.

In the ecstasy of the fading vision, he received a revelation. Now, there was nothing to hesitate about. Leon unleashed his savage desire into the woman’s belly without reservation.

The vigorous movements suddenly slowed and became shallower. Grace stiffened like a stone, feeling something that was buried deep in her belly, moving up and down like a shovel, spreading something on her cervix.

“…Did you, did you really do it?”

Even after several times saying he really meant it, the woman had a blank look as if she couldn’t believe it. Leon nodded, kissing the cold lips gently against hers.

As their parted lips opened, a scream poured out.

Aaahhhh, you lunatic!”

He embraced the woman, howling like a beast, and from lip to eye, he slid his tongue. Tears filled with pure despair and fear wet his tongue.

It was so thrilling to match the taste of blood.

“What if I really get pregnant?! Why are you doing this?”

Unable to control her bad habits, the woman spewed harsh words and even raised her fist at him.


“Let me go!”

After twisting her entire body and kicking, the man clicked his tongue and finally withdrew. The long pillar of flesh fell out in one go, and warm bodily fluids dripped down onto the sheets.

That alone didn’t bring relief.

As soon as Grace sat up, she plunged her fingers into her private parts and frantically scooped the inner walls.

“What are you doing?”


Before being able to scoop everything out, she was pushed down roughly. Winston, with one hand pressing her belly to prevent her from getting up again, pushed the seed flowing outside back inside.

“If a single drop spills, I’ll put it back in from the beginning.”

“Why, why are you doing this…”

Grace, who collapsed and wailed in despair, the man smiled with a satisfied face as if he had set everything aside.

“My wedding will be celebrated by three, maybe four people.”

Even beyond midnight, the sound of music in the garden did not cease.

Avoiding the crowd, Leon sat on a dark bench and lit a cigar. As he took a long drag from the cigar, he suddenly chuckled.

He eventually succumbed to the disgusting impulse to implant a child in that woman and claim ownership over her. After committing the act, instead of regretting it, there was only a refreshing feeling. Anyway, that impulse was quite splendidly connected to a fine plan, so there was nothing to regret.

Leon looked beyond the neatly trimmed shrubs to a distant, darkened guesthouse and, without putting on the unused top hat, gestured as if expressing gratitude.

‘Thanks to you, I easily resolved a difficult dilemma. I’m very grateful.’

Even the woman, who now resisted as if her life depended on it would eventually have to accept his decision, and beyond that, accept him.


When the sound of grass being stepped on reached him, Leon turned his gaze to the source. The Grand Duke approached, tapping a cane with a golden handle, and sat beside him.

“Your Excellency, how is the bidding going? You must be pleased since the most likely competitor withdrew due to an unfortunate incident involving Sinclair.”

The Grand Duke chuckled mischievously with the sarcasm about the plot against Sinclair.

“Thank you for asking… No, there’s nothing to thank you for.”

“That’s fortunate.”

His neck would be intact.

“By the way, there’s a scent of perfume emanating from you.”

“More precisely, it’s the scent of a woman’s perfume.”

Leon casually told him about the perfume’s brand and even graciously showed the Duke the nail marks on the back of his hand when asked about it. He already knew that he had come for such a reason.

When he intentionally twisted the hand holding the cigar to show even the nail imprints, the Grand Duke clenched his jaw.

“Get rid of that woman immediately.”

‘Who is he to command me?’

Leon twisted the cigar in his mouth as if mocking and showed the Grand Duke an amusing smile.

“Captain, we are now on the same boat. Your failure is mine as well.”

Leon had scandalous evidence about the Aldrich family, so he was forced to join in and spoke very harshly. Leon furrowed his brows.

“Yes. Now that we are in the same boat, I hope you will do your best to prevent me from being overthrown.”

Inside, he stifled a laugh. Why had the Grand Duke originally informed the king that he had a rebel as his mistress in the first place? If he was going to be like that, he should just abandon Leon or something.

It was ridiculous to see the Grand Duke fumble and fret to put a noose on Leon because he couldn’t discard him due to the scandal. He was a human who didn’t know how to handle a dog.

Leon exhaled a long puff of cigar smoke and declared.

“Have patience and wait. It will be taken care of.”

Not her, but what you possess. All of it.

Among the countless crossroads he had pondered, he ultimately chose the narrowest path that was least like Leon Winston. Thinking of the person who would be waiting for him at the destination, or rather, the people, Leon smiled.


* * *


Afterward, what seemed like a war of passion turned into an actual war.

“Honey, come here.”

“Get lost, you b*stard!”

“Running away won’t help.”

That was not a wrong statement. Grace had only hidden under the bed, as evident by her yelling. Still, the man, who, due to his larger frame, couldn’t fit under the bed, was now sitting on his knees in front of the bed, offering her a hand.

“Stop it. Come out, when I’m still nice.”

As the man grabbed the bed frame with one hand, the bed creaked and tilted so easily, like tilting a cover of a book, and he held out his other hand to her.

Aahh, let go!”

“If you behave, I’ll let go.”

The feeble resistance under the bed soon turned into a fierce struggle on top of it. Unlike before, when Grace fought moderately, this time, she fought fiercely as if her life depended on it.

The false peace between the two was shattered as soon as the man disrupted the unspoken balance.
The man tried to press his body onto the bed and spread her legs. Grace concentrated on targeting his vital points like his eyes and groin. Most of her attempts were blocked before landing, but the man’s face, which had been laughing all the way since he entered the torture room, gradually stiffened.

“Do I have to break your limbs to make you stop?”

“Then, I will never forgive you.”

She warned the man, who was threatening her by twisting her wrist. The man hesitated for a moment, then asked in a puzzled voice.

“Were you planning on forgiving me?”


She was stunned. Winston also looked confused.

“…As if that would happen.”

Grace, who regained her senses first, kicked the man’s face with the leg that was draped over his shoulder.

“No way!”

Her heel struck his face directly. Thanks to his quick reflexes, Leon, who narrowly avoided a broken nose, removed his hand from his face. The woman had slipped out from under him and was lifting a metal chair on the other side of the torture room.

“Ha, this d*mned woman…”

“Get out right now!”

“Calm down.”

“You calm down! How much more do you have to torment me before your conscience is clear? You treated me like a whore and a dog. Isn’t that enough? Now, treating me like a mare for breeding? Please leave me alone!”


The man muttered with a disgusted tone.

“Now, I’m really getting angry. If you don’t want to regret it, come here on the count of three.”



When Grace retreated towards the bathroom, the man got up from the bed and took a step toward her.


She lowered her body and tightened her grip on the chair even more.



Winston, as if he had expected that, scoffed and approached her. She was trembling like a cornered mouse at a dead-end, and his footsteps were leisurely, lacking any urgency.

“Put it down, it’s dangerous.”

She was holding it because it was dangerous.

Grace swung the chair vigorously without any fear the moment the man stepped into the danger zone.


The one without fear was Grace. Before the chair could reach him, it was snatched away and thrown to the other side of the room. A loud clang echoed as the metal chair crashed into the black iron door.

As he exerted his force, her wrist, which was twisted, suddenly stung. The man looked at her, who was holding her wrist and whimpering, with a pitiful gaze.

“What did I say, honey? I told you it’s dangerous.”