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“…As explained by Duchess Valentino, the material for the dark spirit is the human soul. It requires deep resentment….and extreme suffering.”

Ethan resumed his explanation, his voice echoing gently in the now-silent chamber.

“So, the Everett family… tortured and killed people sacrificed as material in various gruesome ways.”

There was a growl of disgust from Count Norbert. He probably wanted to strangle Duke Everett right then and there.

“The incident that sacrificed the most victims was the large-scale disappearance event and the artificially induced earthquake in the Archeton region. But in truth, the Everett family had been doing such things long before that… Initially, they used illegally imported slaves.”

In the Fraunces Kingdom, slavery was illegal. Nobles who were caught owning or trading slaves faced punishment, even if they were to be executed.

…..However, the Everett family was different. Even if they were caught, they could likely shift the blame onto another family and avoid punishment.

“When I learned about what the Everett family had been doing… I tried to withdraw as soon as possible. However, it was too late.”

Ethan’s sister was not actually missing. She had been kidnapped and kept captive by the Everett family, all to lure Ethan into their research.

“When the resentment harbored by the dark spirit became uncontrollable and unmanageable, the Everett family devised a plan to control the dark spirit using me and my sister.”

The idea concocted by the wizards of the Everett family conducting the research at the time was extremely cruel.

Given the strong bond between the two individuals, one of them must be a wizard to handle the dark spirit. The other, who is not a wizard, must become a part of the dark spirit.

Due to the deep connection between the soul that becomes a part of the dark spirit and the wizard, the wizard could gain control over the dark spirit.

“They killed my sister to turn her into a part of the dark spirit and forced me to control it.”

The shocking tale left numerous people in the audience shocked. Even Queen Ellemiel, who was usually composed, turned pallid.

“But eventually, they realized. Since the dark spirit always emitted an aura of death, it was impractical for a living person to control it…..”

As if anticipating the following words, a chilly silence swept through the hall.

“So, they killed me and resurrected me with the Dead Resurrection. They turned me into… a moving corpse.”

A long silence followed. It was a tragedy no one could dare comfort. How can someone imagine a life trapped as an eternal puppet neither dead or alive?

“The one who turned me into a perfect puppet was Owen Everett. He used forbidden magic to fragment my consciousness and sealed it.”

Thus, for about 15 years, Ethan obeyed Duke Everett and Owen’s order.

His primary mission was to unleash the dark spirit, causing rifts throughout the kingdom.

Particularly, the damages were severe in Veronis.

“The sudden rifts that led to the deaths of the previous Duke Valentino and his wife, and their eldest son, Camillus Valentino… It was all the doing of the Everett family.”

This revelation brought a different kind of shock among the people. The deaths of those three, which had a profound impact on Valentino’s power, were finally revealed to be the doing of the Everett family.

“…Everyone, this issue is not exclusive to Valentino.”

As Ethan finished speaking, Theodore stepped forward and took the opportunity to address the assembly. His blue eyes radiated a determined light as he scanned the audience. Everyone listened with earnest expressions.

“The Everett family intends to cause numerous rifts not only in Veronis but throughout the entire kingdom. The area most at risk is Dornach.”

Duke Delacroix clenched his teeth. Beside him, Zen sat with a tense expression. Theodore continued.

“As you know, Dornach is a pivotal point for trade, and if multiple rifts occur simultaneously in this region, the damage will affect the entire kingdom. Although my wife has sealed the dark spirit in a sealing stone, we cannot be at ease. The Everett family might have hidden another dark spirit.”

People started to stir, and anxiety was evident on everyone’s faces.

“Another dark spirit…”

“Does this mean there are others like that wizard?”

“We don’t know…”

“If rifts occur in our territories… It’s horrifying just to think about.”

“If trade is disrupted, the damage to the merchants will be substantial. The country might be greatly shaken… The Everett family is truly insane.”

“We cannot let this continue. We must quickly bring other families to our side.”

“For now, we need to gather forces near Salisbury, the territory of the Everett family, and put pressure on them. As soon as possible…”

As people exchanged serious remarks, Theodore and I subtly exchanged glances.

…Everything went according to plan.

Now, every family present in this place would have no choice but to stand against the Everetts sincerely.

Moreover, we would actively work to convince other families that hadn’t joined yet.

No one would want to lose their precious home.


And so, a week later, the substantial forces of over fifty families, all united against the Everetts, gathered near Salisbury.

Except for the few families that sided with the Everetts.

Among that few, there was even Duchy Alvinith.