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‘What benefits could Alvinith gain by assisting Everett…’

Well, it wouldn’t be just one or two things. They could secure quite a substantial amount of benefits. If Everett doesn’t collapse this time, Everett will continue to grow even more powerful.

However, Duke Alvinith wasn’t someone who simply pursued wealth and power. Though I’m not entirely sure, there must have been some sort of deal between him and Duke Everett. Or… Owen might have enticed him.

‘What Duke Alvinith wants… It’s probably still Adeline’s revenge.’

Though there are suspicions of Valentino regarding Adeline’s death, it’s still just a hunch for now.

Nevertheless, it seemed like he firmly solidified those suspicions, especially considering he joined forces with Everett.

‘Well, in the circumstances, Valentino is the most suspicious.’

Duke Alvinith’s choice was predictable. It wasn’t particularly surprising.

And anyway, Duke Alvinith and his underling wizards weren’t a significant problem. We have Philist and Derek on our side.

And other families’ wizards too. They can deal with Alvinith’s forces. It might be a bit bothersome, but… it shouldn’t be difficult to gain the upper hand.

‘Enough forces have gathered near Salisbury to pressure Everett, and now the problem is… the capital, perhaps.’

The biggest challenge currently was whether the Crown Prince’s army could break through the First Guards and reach the king’s residence.

That was the most pressing issue at the moment.

* * *

“Duke Everett? Is there still no news?”

The king, Roderick Lancius, asked the commander of the First Guards.

Except for the First Guards, every army had turned their backs on the king. Even now, the Crown Prince’s army threatened the king with their revealed intentions.

The king was hidden in a secret place deep in the royal palace, but the Crown Prince was unlikely to be unaware of this location.

Even though the Crown Prince could directly attack, the reason he was stalling against the First Guards was clear.

The knights in the First Guards were also Lancius’s people, and he didn’t want to shed unnecessary blood.

The Crown Prince’s attitude, seemingly deeply considerate of the people, was influencing even the First Guards. With already more than ten knights leaving the First Guards, it was only a matter of time before Roderick lost the army he trusted to protect him.

There was only one person he could fully trust, and that was the current commander of the First Guards.

If there was anyone who wouldn’t betray him, it would be the commander.

“Commander of the First Guards, tell me, is Duke Everett really coming to help? Huh? What the hell is going on? Radel, that ungrateful bastard… doesn’t appreciate the grace of being born and raised! A scoundrel who has abandoned all human decency!”

The commander of the First Guards stood silently, gazing at his king. In his quiet eyes, a fleeting sense of resignation and regret passed by.

Once, Roderick Lancius was an excellent knight who loved the country and cherished the people. He never indulged in excesses and vice.

However, Roderick changed. It started when the woman brought by Duke Everett began sharing a bed with him.

Every time they shared a bed, she secretly used an aphrodisiac to addict him. Although the queen, upon discovering this fact, killed the woman, Roderick, already addicted to the aphrodisiac, craved even stronger stimulation.

‘Duke Everett, I have lost the bird I cherished. Are there no other birds?’

‘Of course, if the king desires, I can provide as many beautiful birds as you wish.’

Thus, many women proficient in seduction and deep in aphrodisiacs entered Roderick’s chamber.

Unable to endure, the impatient queen killed all those women, but Roderick continued to indulge in debauchery, even reaching for drugs, avoiding the queen’s eyes.

Meanwhile, the country’s governance fell into disarray, and the nation began to be controlled by Duke Everett.

On the day when the former Duke Valentino expressed his opposition to Everett and conveyed it to the king, a sudden rift occurred in Veronis, leading to the unexpected deaths of the former Duke Valentino and his wife.

From then on, as the Valentino family’s power declined rapidly, no one dared to oppose Everett.

In this way, the Kingdom of Francis fell into the clutches of Everett.

The commander of the First Guards thought in agony. Having sworn a lifetime of loyalty to King Roderick, going against this pledge seemed to go against the code of chivalry.

But is it truly right to simply watch over a ruined king?

“Commander of the First Guards! Answer me! Are you just going to stand there looking stupid?”

King Roderick urged with a red face and narrowed eyes. The commander of the First Guards, exhaling a small sigh, hesitated before placing his sword on the ground.


Roderick blinked his eyes in bewilderment, alternating between the commander of the First Guards and the sword on the ground.