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After a long silence, Roderick asked with a choked voice.

“Commander of the First Guards… What does this mean? Why are you doing this?”

“Your Majesty, wouldn’t it be better to stop now?”

“What, what are you saying?”

The commander’s demeanor while declaring his intentions, was extremely composed. It was as if he had always anticipated that it would come to this.

“Your people are suffering. As the tyranny of the Everett family worsens, uprisings are breaking out across the kingdom, and innocent people are losing their lives. Can’t you really not see the situation…?”

As he had fully trusted the commander of the First Guards, Roderick erupted in great anger as the commander expressed dissent. He haphazardly threw the wine glass that had been on the table and shouted.

“Silence! It seems you’ve joined forces with Radel now! Get out of my sight! You’re disgusting to look at!”


Red wine dripped from the commander of the First Guards’ head, as he had been hit by the wine glass.

Slowly rising from his kneeling position, he turned away from Roderick without hesitation.


An hour later, the crown prince, who had secured the First Guards’ surrender, stormed the king’s hiding place.

The king was clutching the crown and scepter which were the symbols of the throne.

His gaze widened at the son who had come to seize his throne.

“Radel, you damned traitor. Do you intend to kill your own father with those hands?”

“Of course, I must take your life with my own hands. How could I let another’s hands be stained with blood?”

“You, you bastard…!”

Radel Lancius sneered. The old man in front of him may have been the one who brought him into this world, but he was never a father who raised him as an adult. He had never been a father worthy of respect, and the bond between them had never existed. He was nothing more than a stranger who shared the same blood.

“I won’t feel relieved even if you die in fire! I am your father, who brought you into this world! Are you throwing away that grace and trying to usurp the throne?”

The foolish man, full of resentment and arrogance, shouted. Over the years, he had only aged, accumulating wrinkles and white hair. He was nothing more than an aging man, lacking any qualities worthy of respect as an elder.

Radel chuckled briefly and spoke.

“The way a person is born and the way they are made are distinctly different, Your Majesty.”

“What are you saying…?”

“While you may have brought me into this world, you did not shape me. I am nothing more than an animal who was just born. But people are made. Through experience and learning.”

“This bastard, what nonsense…!”

Radel drew his sword. The gaze with which he aimed the tip of the sword at the king was simply calm and upright. There was no hint of emotions like hatred.

“Your death is what this country and its people desire, Father.”


Radel raised his sword high. The sharp blade emitted a white light, drawing a neat trajectory.

The king’s throat, which could not even leave a will, fell to the ground along with the pouring blood like a fountain.

No one was there to pick up the pitifully rolling head.

In the silence that enveloped the hall, Radel sheathed his sword and slowly bowed. Then, he picked up the crown and scepter.

As he casually placed the golden crown on his head, Radel spoke with an unwavering calm voice.

“Now, let’s go punish the demons of Everett with your new king.”

At that moment, those who had been holding their breath began to express their joy with cheers, one by one.

“We will obey your orders!”

“We shall serve you, Your Majesty!”

“Long live the new king!”

“Long live!”

As the soldiers shouted in unison, Radel, who was crossing through them, hesitated for a moment.

It was because his spirit, Cerrus, suddenly issued a warning.

Radel quickly awakened his spirit. The spirit, in the form of a majestic deer with large horns, emitted a bright light and stood by Radel as if protecting him.

Amidst the sudden appearance of the spirit that startled everyone into silence, Radel’s gaze focused sharply in one direction.

There, the severed head of the deceased King Roderick lay.

From the neck, detached from the body and presumably incapable of performing its functions, a laughter emanated.


The mouth of the deceased King Roderick was moving.

“Your Highness, no, should I address you as Your Majesty now? I must express my utmost respect since you boldly committed immoral acts and ascended the throne.”

The voice emanating from his mouth… belonged to Owen Everett.