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“The, the dead speak…!”

“What on earth is that?!”

Confused and shocked, the subjects exclaimed with horrified voices. On the other hand, Radel remained calm. He had already heard about the possibility of such an event from Lily Valentino.

‘Caligo, Duke Everett’s spirit, is a spirit of darkness. The details of it’s abilities are not well-known in the public. From what I know, Caligo can infiltrate shadows and manipulate people. However, it doesn’t work on wizards or contracted spirits. Even for an ordinary person, Caligo needs to leave a mark on their shadow to control them.’

‘Can that mark be left on anyone?’

‘No, it’s only possible for someone who deeply trusts Caligo’s contractor. Caligo’s abilities are very dangerous, so the Great Spirit imposed many restrictions. That’s what I heard from Somnia.’

’Duchess Valentino’s spirit…. Can communicate in human language?’

’Yes, that’s correct.’

’Well, it turns out to be quite helpful. Please convey my thanks to Somnia.

’She’s already listening.’

The sensation Radel felt at that moment was similar to the one coming from the current presence of ‘Caligo’. Indeed, it seemed to be a dangerous spirit. Sensing his spirit, Cerrus, tense, Radel drew his sword again.

Roderick’s severed head rolled its eyes, staring at Radel as it spoke.

“Your Highness, no, Your Majesty, your spirit happens to be of the light. It’s in stark contrast to Caligo, the dark spirit. If they were to clash, it would undoubtedly be challenging. It seems there’s no other option.”

“Owen Everett, what are you trying to do? What happened to Duke Everett?”

Owen released a chilling and mocking laugh to Radel’s question. It was a sound that sent shivers down one’s spine, perhaps intensified by the fact that it came through the severed neck.

“I am manipulating my father’s spirit, what could that possibly mean, Your Majesty?”

“…Did you kill Duke Everett?”

“I merely made the same choice as Your Majesty.”

The corners of Roderick’s mouth twisted into a long grin. In that moment, Radel, sensing an instinctive foreboding, expanded Cerrus’s light, enveloping himself and his followers.

The next moment, Roderick’s head exploded. Simultaneously, a thick darkness extended in all directions, attempting to engulf Radel and his followers. However, Cerrus’s light intercepted it.

“…Dirty tricks.”

Radel muttered, his forehead damp with cold sweat. Dealing with Caligo’s power required his full effort.

The darkness, thwarted by the light barrier, gradually dissipated. Cerrus roamed around, dispersing the remaining darkness.

When only a small puddle of darkness remained on the ground, Roderick’s voice echoed once again.

“Too bad, Your Majesty. It was my chance to leave a fatal blow… Well, it seems I didn’t waste my efforts in vain.”

Then, a low laughter followed. The last piece of remaining darkness disappeared completely.
Roderick’s head and body were nowhere to be found.


“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty, are you all right?”

As Radel, feeling the tension release, sank to the floor, his attendants rushed over to support him.

Radel offered a slightly nervous smile as it placed Cerrus to sleep again. Then, turning to his subjects, he commanded in a composed tone.

“Send a message to Duke Valentino. Owen Everett has obtained Caligo’s power.”

* * *

A poisoned corpse lay sprawled on the red carpet, its skin unnaturally tinged blue, making the gruesome sight even more horrifying.


A smile appeared on Owen’s face, silently gazing at the cooling corpse. His eyes were tinged with a cruel delight.

“Well done.”

Hearing Owen’s words, a maid nodded silently. Kazef drank the tea from a trusted servant, who had been by his side for a long time. As a result, he succumbed to the poison, writhing in agony until he took his last breath.

Despite pleading for help until the end, calling upon Caligo, surprisingly, the spirit did not aid him.

It accepted a contract with Owen, another direct descendant of Everett.

“Looks like Caligo didn’t recognize Father as the master. Contracting with me was this easy…”

Owen muttered with a humored voice, waking up Frigga and Caligo simultaneously.

Gradually, a dense darkness enveloped him, accompanied by a chilly aura. Manipulating the power of two spirits at will, seemed like something almost transcendent of humans.

“These insignificant beings dare to band together…”

Owen got up and approached the window. The combined forces of fifty-some families surrounding the castle came into view.

“Just a ragtag bunch.”

Mocking them with a curl of his lips, Owen pulled up the curtain with a rough motion. In his distinctly blue eyes, symbolic of Everett, there was a fitting arrogance and confidence.

“I wonder what my pitiful little bird is up to right now….”