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In the early dawn, shocking news spread to the gathering place.

Owen had become the new Duke Everett and had contracted with Caligo.

‘The Crown Prince succeeded in neutralizing the First Royal Guard and seizing the throne according to the plan…’

…But Kazef Everett’s death was unexpected. Roderick’s defeat wasn’t surprising, as he had lost his sharpness long ago. However, Kazef Everett’s case was different.

‘Owen, what kind of means did you use to kill Kazef Everett so easily?’

Moreover, contracting with Caligo. Does that mean Owen can handle both spirits?

– Cold and darkness, not a good combination….

Somnia’s worried voice echoed. I silently listened.

Cold and darkness, they complement each other well. And both are opposite to Seraphim. If the Crown Prince… no, now the king, calls on his spirit, Cerrus, to assist Seraphim, there might be a chance. But for now, it’s unclear what trick Owen has up his sleeve.


Understanding Owen’s true intentions is as difficult as peering into a deep well. However, one thing is certain, Owen knows that Theodore and King Radel who had joined forces, will be against him.

‘Therefore, among Owen’s plans, the foreseeable move is to… prevent Theodore and King Radel from joining forces.’

…What method will he use? Kidnapping the Crown Princess, or rather, now the Queen, and using her and the Queen Mother as a hostage is not entirely out of the question.

The two are currently under strict protection at the Delacroix family’s hideout. Can Owen really kidnap them?

Or… am I the target?

‘…But Owen knows I won’t go down without a fight.’

Owen must know that I’ve made a contract with Somnia. The issue is how much Owen knows about Somnia’s abilities and the ‘constraints.’

‘In general, it’s difficult to gather information about Somnia. There might have been something in the secret archives of the royal palace…’

…Continuing to dwell on these thoughts felt like my head would explode. While pressing hard on my throbbing temples with my thumb, Somnia’s voice came through again.

– Hmm, seems like I know one thing.

‘…What are you talking about?’

– Remember the sparring session before? Owen was trying to do something to Theodore, right? Although it ended unfinished… I think I know what he was trying to do back then.

Caught off guard by unexpected information, I stopped massaging my temples and listened to Somnia’s continuation.

– At that time, Owen was probably attempting to leave a mark on Theodore using Frigga’s ability. In the end, it didn’t succeed… but I think he was planning to enhance that mark with Caligo’s power to control Theodore.

‘What? Is that… possible? Theodore is a spirit contractor, right?’

– Well, it remains to be seen whether it’s possible to leave a mark on Theodore and control him… Owen was likely conducting experiments. Since Seraphim has to defend against FRigga’s and Caligo’s powers alone, there might be a chance… and perhaps Owen thought it might be possible to infiltrate Theodore’s shadows through the gaps.

‘Well… It could have been a disaster. If it is as you speculated.’

– Yes, but Seraphim wouldn’t have stayed idle anyway. The chances of Owen’s plan succeeding were extremely low.

…Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but feel relieved once again that Theodore’s spirit is strong against both the cold and the dark.

All of this felt… almost like destiny. The fact that Theodore was the most threatening adversary to Owen. That his spirit was Seraphim.

– Anyway, things ended sadly for Kazef Everett. He was the one you wanted to kill with your own hands, wasn’t he?


I wanted to take revenge with my own hands for the unjust murder of my mother. Owen took that opportunity away. Unfortunately.

– I hope you can at least kill Owen with your own hands, Lily.


Three hours later, Radel Lanciaeus arrived at the gathering point with his knights. Nobles from about fifty families bowed to him as their new king.

The morale of the soldiers gathered at the meeting point was at its peak. Each family’s heads commanded their substantial forces, and leading them all was King Radel.

He smiled in trouble amidst the quarreling family heads.

“We need to attack right now. What kind of person is Owen Everett! We can’t give him any time. Attacking first gives us an advantage.”

“Please talk realistically. They can’t be completely unprepared over there! We need to be cautious, especially in times like this.”

“Well, everyone? In my opinion…”

As King Radel opened his mouth for the last time, I quietly left the barracks, having observed everything.

There’s something I need to do with Somnia’s power. It might be a bit risky, but… it’s not like there’s any other option.

With that thought in mind, I sought a suitable place to lie down for a while. While contemplating, someone gently touched my shoulder from behind.

I flinched and slowly turned around. Theodore was staring at me with slightly reproachful eyes.

He took a deep breath and asked.

“Are you planning to infiltrate Owen Everett’s mind?”

…There was no avoiding this conversation.