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Was he trying to stop me saying it’s dangerous? I had prepared various counterarguments in my mind, but Theodore continued speaking.

“I’ll stay by your side. Let’s go to the Valentino family’s barracks.”


Slightly surprised by his unexpected proposal, I blinked and responded a beat late.

“You must be busy.”

“It’s okay.”

Theodore extended his hand as if to guide me. I looked at him, silently standing there and sighed with resignation, then nodded.

He started walking ahead, and I followed a little behind.

Throughout our journey to the barracks, we didn’t exchange any words. All I could see was his back. There was a strange sense of distance flowing between him and me.

After joining forces for the common goal of the downfall of the Everett family and seeking revenge, we had maintained a temporary truce.

The outcome after this truce ended was still an undecided future, but my determination was already firm.

What I wanted was a divorce from him.

Would Theodore let me go without any resistance? Or would he try to keep me?

Considering his recent attitude, it seemed like he might smoothly agree to the divorce.

But it was unknown. His eyes occasionally darkened when he looked at me….inevitably making my heart uneasy.

“We’ve arrived.”

Theodore turned to me as we walked through the entrance of the barracks. I silently nodded and entered. Inside, there was no one else, just the two of us.

“Lie down comfortably here. I’ll stay by your side until you wake up.”

In the spot Theodore pointed to, there was a makeshift bed. It was surrounded by a canopy, giving it a cozy feel.

As I carefully lay down on the bed, Theodore approached with a chair. It was a somewhat rugged wooden chair.

Placing the chair beside the bed, he took off his long coat and covered me with it. When the forest-like scent from his coat wafted over, I involuntarily clenched my fist.

“Is there anything else you need?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Alright then…”

Theodore sat down in a manner suggesting he would quietly wait. I didn’t look in his direction and lay down, closing my eyes.


– Did you call?

As I called Somnia in my mind, an immediate response came. Somnia, sensing my intention, spoke with a slightly worried tone.

– If you infiltrate Owen’s mind, Frigga and Caligo will immediately notice. Are you sure it’s okay?

‘It doesn’t matter. I’m planning on infiltrating with that expectation.’

– If you ever seem to be in danger, I’ll retreat immediately.

‘Yes, I got it.’

– Whoo…

Letting out a deep sigh, Somnia seemed somewhat displeased. However, I knew she would help me. Somnia has always been like that.

– Alright, let’s begin.


Soon, my consciousness sank deeply. When I gently opened my eyes, the gradually sharpening vision was different from reality. Somehow, I found myself in a dreamlike space.

‘Do I open a door again this time?’

– No, this time… we’ll be taking a boat.

‘A boat?’

Surprised by the unexpected information, I asked back, and suddenly, a small wooden boat appeared in the air as if by magic.

The boat had the shape of a white crescent moon, with no sails. There were no visible oars on either side, making it an unusual appearance, and it seemed unclear what propelled it forward.

– This is a boat of the soul. In human myths, it’s also called the ferry to the afterlife.

‘A boat that carries the deceased to the afterlife… is that right?’

– Yes, but this time, the goal is to quietly enter Owen’s subconscious.

Somnia added that doing so would minimize the risk of being detected by the spirits. However, she warned that there was still a chance of being discovered, so caution was necessary.

– Now, get on the boat.

‘Got it.’

Reluctantly, I climbed onto the boat at Somnia’s urging.

The boat felt more like a cloud than wood. It was an odd sensation to board a vessel heading for the afterlife. I wondered if I would board this boat again once I died.

– We’re setting sail.

At Somnia’s words, I nodded slightly, and the boat began to move.

The boat glided smoothly, as if drifting on a calm river. Simultaneously, a strange phenomenon unfolded, as if crossing space.

In an instant, I found myself in a different place, not in my subconscious. It was a vast night sky filled with countless twinkling stars and flowing galaxies.

‘Somnia, where is this?’

– It’s a secret.


I thought she was joking, but Somnia didn’t provide any further explanation. In the end, I could only guess where this might be.

‘The River of Souls… something like that?’