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– Don’t touch it.

As I reached out to touch a small star, Somnia scolded me. I withdrew my hand and assumed a more subdued posture, but the starlight seemed to approach me as if trying to collide with me.

– Go away. This one is alive.

As Somnia uttered a warning, the starlight shivered and scattered. It seemed somewhat pitiful. Although they didn’t seem to approach with ill intentions.

– The purest things tend to be the most dangerous.


Somnia muttered incomprehensible words. I didn’t understand their meaning, but I nodded in agreement. The white boat was gently moving on the calm waves.

– We’re almost there.

After hearing those words, another phenomenon resembling crossing the space occurred shortly afterward.

This time, it felt as if submerging into deep water. The surroundings instantly became pitch dark, the galaxies and starlight disappeared.

Soon, bone-chilling cold spread throughout.

‘Is this…?’

– Yes, it’s Owen’s subconscious.

It resembled the deep sea.

More precisely, it could be described as a landscape as if the world of the night was submerged in deep water.

‘It just feels exactly like Owen’s subconscious…’

– Is that so?

Softly murmuring, Somnia added, ‘I’ll let you know if Frigga and Caligo notice.’

Thanking her briefly, I got off the boat and started walking. Although the scenery suggested swimming might be necessary, I could move on foot, perhaps due to the dreamlike nature of this place.

‘Where should I go….to meet Owen?’

The purpose of this infiltration was to directly encounter him and probe his intentions. However, I don’t think I have to urgently take action.

This was Owen’s subconscious, and exploring in detail might reveal something useful.

‘If I happen to find a plan or something, it could be helpful.’

People with perfectionist tendencies like Owen often keep their plans neatly organized in their minds.

So, in this subconscious realm, the organized form would manifest like a written plan.

If I could find that… then there might be no need to confront Owen directly.

– Are you afraid?


When Somnia asked suddenly, I stopped for a moment. Am I afraid? Well, I wasn’t sure. Owen was both a target of revenge and a fearsome presence, like a nightmare, to me.

Between the fear of him and the resentment towards him, which one was stronger? I had continuously nurtured the desire for revenge without succumbing to his control, so perhaps the resentment was stronger?

Then, Somnia’s warning penetrated my consciousness.

– Lily, be careful.

‘Has Frigga and Caligo already noticed?’

– It’s not that. Look at the 1 o’clock direction.

I turned my gaze with a somewhat tense feeling toward the 1 o’clock direction. There… Owen was standing.


I didn’t expect to encounter him so quickly like this, but it wasn’t a huge surprise. I had anticipated that it would eventually come to this.

The Owen in the dream looked almost identical to the one in reality. I thought he might have a demonic or monstrous appearance, but surprisingly, he looked perfectly fine.

I approached Owen slowly with a compliant smile, playing the part of the obedient ‘Lily Everett’ in the dream.

“Brother Owen.”

“….Lily, my pitiful canary.”

Owen smiled at me and extended his hand. It was surprising to hear him call me that again. He used to liken me to a canary or sometimes called me his ‘doll’.

I faced him with an expressionless face, just as I always did when I was in the Everett Castle, and took his hand.

However, the next moment, something unexpected happened.


Owen twirled me around as if making me dance.

After spinning once, he pulled me into his arms, assuming a waltz stance, and chuckled softly. Soon after, I began to dance around like a marionette being played with in his hands.

“Your dancing skills have rusted quite a bit. I should teach you properly again.”


Owen stared at me with a teasing smile. His gaze, as if appreciating something precious, sent shivers down my spine.

Come to think of it, this was his subconscious, and therefore… it implied that he would reveal everything he didn’t usually show outwardly.

“Why are you so stiff? Try to be more flexible.”

I gritted my teeth. Until when did I have to endure this? I considered dropping the act altogether. Get caught or not, it didn’t matter.

“I can hear the gears turning in your head all the way here, Lily.”


In a moment of nervousness at the suggestive tone of his words, Owen abruptly pulled me closer.

His arm wrapped around my waist, and with the other hand, he gently stroked my cheek and said with a voice full of laughter.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t know?”