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Even though it was a dream, the sensation of my heart pounding resonated vividly. The continued excitement felt just as clear as in reality.

‘…You knew from the beginning.’

That I had infiltrated his mind.

I stared at Owen with an expressionless face. Amidst this, the ability to conceal any hesitation was the result of rigorous training.

How to hide emotions, how not to waver, how to hide a blade in gentle words—all of these were learned in the Everett family.

“What are you talking about, Brother?”

So, when I opened my mouth, I had a truly puzzled voice. Even I admired the perfection of this ability to hide all emotions cleanly.

“You’re cute pretending to be innocent.”

Of course, Owen wasn’t fooled. With a wry smile, he tilted his head to the side, one hand gently cupping my cheek. There was a clear sense of joy in his eyes as he looked at me.

“…I genuinely like you.”


“I noticed from the first time I saw you that you were a precious gemstone, but I really didn’t expect you to be made the way I wanted it to be.”

I felt a surge of anger at his words, ‘made into the way I wanted’. I’m fed up with him treating me as his possession.

I didn’t need to hide or pretend. I forcefully pushed Owen’s hand away and stepped back. Owen, with a nonchalant face, raised an eyebrow as if not particularly bothered.

“It seems you’re thinking of giving up the act.”

“I no longer have a reason to keep it up.”

The tone was gentle, akin to that of a docile younger sister. There was no reason to use sweet and pretty words for someone I hate.

“Fine, go ahead and reveal yourself, Lily. You’ve always hidden yourself in front of me.”

Disturbingly, Owen found this situation even more enjoyable. As if he had anticipated that someday I would shed my mask and reveal raw, unfiltered hatred.

“It’s not bad having you look at me with venomous eyes. You might not know, but… I genuinely care about you.”

His eyes, initially sparkling with interest, took on a more subtle gleam. Slowly, he approached me. With each step he took, I retreated two steps. When the distance didn’t narrow, Owen spoke slightly annoyedly.

“Stop running away, Lily. In the end, you’re mine from the beginning to the end.”

I openly scoffed at his absurd words.

“How amusing… I belong to no one. I’ve always been that way from the start.”

Owen was taken aback and looked at me in silence. I glared at him coldly, pouring each word with anger.

“You may think you created me, but I created myself. I’ve never been obedient to you. I’ve always imagined thrusting a knife into your throat. From beginning to the end, you’ll never have me even in death.”

Finally, anger reflected in Owen’s eyes.

With a cold smile, he approached steadily. I tried to step back as usual, but something was tightly gripping my ankle, preventing any movement.

As I looked down, I saw an icy hand emerging from the ground, firmly grasping my ankle. The dream space had transformed according to Owen’s will, the master of this dream.

“You can’t escape from me, Lily Everett.”

Owen emphasized his words with a forceful tone. His hand, which had reached me in no time, reached out and tightly gripped my jaw, emanating a fierce madness from his brightly glowing blue-purple eyes.

“You will eventually come into my hands. Because it is your destiny. You’ll never reach the end of the chessboard, forever remaining a small canary in my hands.”


“Even if you die, you’ll die in my hands, Lily. Don’t forget that I discovered you, created you, and will be the one to kill you.”

As I was about to openly ridicule his unconvincing and forced claims, I paused and frowned at the word ‘discovered’.

As if he could read my thoughts, Owen chuckled briefly and continued.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t told you yet. How you ended up becoming Duke Everett’s adopted daughter…”

‘….no way.’

A chilling feeling, as if my heart was freezing, washed over me. It was a kind of premonition. A very ominous premonition.

And, the premonition was correct.

“I chose you. It was me who recommended to Father that he adopt you.”


“That’s not all. I also planned your education schedule, and I even choose your tutor. Everything you eat, wear, it was all within my plan.”

Owen’s hand, which had been gripping my jaw, slid up to cup my cheek. He stared at me as if I were something incredibly adorable, like a pet dog or cat.

“You grew up within my plan, Lily.”

“…Even my mother’s death, was it your doing?”

“Ah, that…”