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Owen’s lips curled up as he smiled broadly. That smile resembled the devil’s grin from a nightmare one night.

“Obviously, it was my doing.”


I clenched my trembling hands into fists. My molars clicked together, emitting a sharp sound. Uncontrollable rage grew within me.

“If that woman had remained alive, she would have become an obstacle someday.”


“She was just like you. A woman who, despite her humble status, had a lofty pride, pretending to be gentle but hiding venomous eyes.”

Owen paused for a moment, tilting his head to scrutinize my face closely, as if trying to gauge something.

“….Come to think of it, you really resemble that woman. Is it because she was your birth mother?”

Unable to endure any longer, I invoked Somnia’s power. While Owen hadn’t posed a direct threat to my life, I knew that using this power might backfire and harm me, but I couldn’t endure it any longer.

— Lily, calm down!

I distorted the dream space to slip out of Owen’s grasp then stood in a position beyond his reach. I looked down at him coldly.

— Not now! Don’t forget the rules!


A rage akin to molten lava surged through my veins, as if my entire body was being consumed by it. I understood all too well what it meant for your vision to be tainted with red. However, even amidst this fury, I clung desperately to the last thread of reason.

‘…Somnia, I have a question.’

Despite my boiling anger, the calm functioning of my mind returning sent shivers down my spine. But in a way, it was natural. This was who I was. The girl who survived in hell had grown into a monster that could devour even the devil.

— Well, what is it? If that’s real?

‘I’m curious about something. What if I inflict just enough damage on Owen to prevent him from using his usual strength in the next battle? What kind of repercussions would that bring upon me?’

The clash between the combined forces of over 50 families led by King Radel and the Everett family army would soon come. If I could inflict even a slight injury on Owen…it would help King Rade; and Theodore.

And the only chance to harm Owen was now.

— Lily… …that wasn’t what the original plan was.

‘It was that. However, my thoughts have changed. Even if my lifespan is further cut here, I must witness Owen’s miserable defeat this time.”

Somnia’s faint sigh followed my answer.

— It’s possible to momentarily confuse Owen’s mind. There might be some issues with his perception. But going beyond that is too risky.

‘Alright, do it that way.’

— You’re asking for it without even knowing the repercussions? Your body will suffer as much as you harm Owen. Your condition isn’t great even now, and it might get worse…

‘It doesn’t matter. I won’t live for much longer anyway.’

— You… Ugh, fine. Yes, this is another process, and it’s something that has to happen…

After muttering incomprehensible words for a moment, Somnia eventually began exerting her influence on Owen’s mind.

Feeling the wave, Frigga and Caligo, who had awakened, resisted, but Somnia didn’t stop.

The enormous power possessed by the spirit of dreams is vividly transmitted.

“Lily, what are you trying to do?”

Owen asked, looking at me. His eyes still carried confidence and arrogance. If only despair could fill those eyes… I would do anything. Even if it meant sacrificing my life.

“Did you say you’d kill me with your own hands?”

A sly smile, like a chilly wind, appeared on my lips. I spoke like frost scattering.

I will kill you with my own hands.”

Owen seemed to open his mouth to say something, but he wasn’t given the chance to respond.
The dream space began to shatter like a broken glass window. Somnia had succeeded in striking a blow to Owen’s mind.

As the enraged waves from the spirits Frigga and Caligo were about to collide with me, Somnia enveloped me like the night sky as if protecting me.

Subsequently, with a mysterious sound of something bursting, I lost consciousness.


When I opened my eyes again, the scenery that greeted me was reality.

“Lily! Are you okay? What on earth happened―”

Theodore’s bewildered voice echoed in my ears. Getting up with a frown, I immediately began to vomit blood.

Then came the agonizing pain, like an intense fire was burning my organs.

The aftermath of striking Owen’s mind had returned to me.


Theodore shouted for the doctor. I held onto the clothes I could grab tightly, I felt my head pounding.

‘At least I gave a blow.’

As if proving that fact, Somnia’s whisper reached me.

— I didn’t mean too…. but it seemed that Owen’s vision had indeed been affected. It would be difficult to see for the next few days.

It was good news.