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— Frigga and Caligo attempted to attack your consciousness in the end. I blocked them head-on, and as a result of our collision, Owen ended up with impaired vision. You, on the other hand, were shielded by me until the end. Other than receiving a penalty according to the rules…

‘….I see.”

It seems that such an event occurred while I was unconscious. As Theodore handed me a handkerchief to wipe my mouth, a considerable amount of blood stained it. The organs seemed more affected for sure, and judging by the dizziness, it appeared that other abnormalities had arisen.

‘But it’s a bit strange. Why didn’t Frigga and Caligo shield Owen?’

— Well…

Somnia hesitated, delaying her response. In the meantime, my primary doctor, Jane, entered the tent and began the examination. Seeing the blood-soaked scene again, she was shocked.

“Can you tell me what happened?…. Your condition can’t deteriorate so suddenly. It doesn’t seem like poisoning…”

Jane asked gibberish, her face pale. Theodore, who stood silently next to her, also had a grim complexion. I sighed, feeling a sudden heaviness in my heart. I didn’t mind my body rolling around, but I didn’t want to cause worry to others.

‘If Charlotte finds out, she’ll cry again.’

I replied with a wry smile, staring at Jane with a composed face.

“There were some events. Nothing serious.”

“But Madam’s current state is very serious…”

Jane sighed deeply with a worried look. After the examination, she explained my condition simply and clearly.

“It’s really not good. Instead of staying in this tent, it would be better to find another hiding place. A warm and comfortable place.”

Since I planned to move to a hiding place before the full-scale battle, I nodded my head silently. Jane continued her words.

“Your organs are quite damaged. Your stamina… it’s much lower than when I examined you yesterday.”

It seemed that the reason for the dizziness and ringing in my ears was because of this. Jane, who sighed deeply again, added more to her words.

“I’ll prepare a decoction for you. Please avoid strenuous activities.”

“I understand. Thank you, Jane.”

Jane looked at me with concern and smiled wryly then left the tent.

Left alone in the tent with Theodore, he stared at me with a questioning gaze.

Deciding that I couldn’t hide it anyway, I told him the truth.

“I damaged Owen’s consciousness. In return, I also took a hit.”


Theodore’s expression twisted in agony, then he took a deep breath and swept his face. In a voice devoid of emotions, he asked.

“Why on earth would you do something like that, sacrificing yourself?”


I smiled without giving a direct answer. To be honest, it felt like this was my destiny. Meeting Somnia, using this power to do what I could. Everything felt inevitable.

At first, it was undoubtedly for my personal revenge. However, after meeting Ethan and countless people sacrificed by the Everett family, a sense of duty or something similar began to sprout in my heart.

Even if it’s to honor the spirits of those pitiful people, the Everett family must crumble, and Owen must pay for his sins.

“Anyway, everyone dies at some point.”

I calmly spoke while staring directly into Theodore’s eyes.

“If death is fair to everyone, what meaning does life have? Probably, it depends on what values one pursues in life. And this is the value I pursue. I can give up my life anytime. But the Everett family continually sacrificed the lives of innocent people… I can’t tolerate that anymore.”

I don’t aspire to be great or a virtuous saint.

I’ve simply clothed a sense of duty over my revenge.

But that was enough. It was enough to be the driving force that would consume the rest of my life.

Even if death awaits me at the end, I’m not afraid.

I have no regret in my choice and the values I pursue.

“That’s my answer.”


Theodore clenched his fist and gritted his teeth in silence. A large sadness filled his blue eyes. It seemed like that sadness would soon take the form of tears, so I lay down and turned away. And I closed my eyes.

For some reason, my heart ached. My eyes stung as if tears were about to come. Even though my determination was undoubtedly firm.

* * *

Of course, Charlotte wept bitterly.

“Even though you were already weak! I’m really, really… heartbroken! Huwaah…”

I comforted Charlotte as she made preparations to head to the hiding place. Since there wasn’t much luggage brought from Valentino Castle, the preparations were quickly done.