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— Hahaha!

Somnia’s maniacal laughter echoed, and after a while, she compressed and ‘spat’ out Owen in a literal sense.

I couldn’t fully understand what Somnia had done to Owen. When he staggered and collapsed to the ground, I wondered if he was dead.

‘What did you do, Somnia?’

— I shattered his mind. If left like this, he’ll die on his own. Wandering the world, in a pitiful state.

‘That’s fine. Caligo and Frigga didn’t resist?’

— They’re no match for me anymore. Hahaha!

Seeing even Caligo, who was called an ‘elder’ was referred to so carelessly, Somnia seemed to be very proud. There is a reason why the Great Spirit is concerned about Somnia. I can understand it now.

‘Then now…’

It was then.

Boom boom boom—

Suddenly, the cave began to shake violently. It was so strong as if it would collapse any moment.

— Oh, it looks like this is because of me.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

— There are various spells layered in this cave. Even though it’s a cave, it’s strangely warm, isn’t it? There are spells maintaining the temperature, and well… Owen was thoroughly prepared.

‘Are you saying the collision of your spirit power and those magic is causing the cave to collapse?’

— Exactly. Lily, you’re really smart! As expected of my contract holder. Hahaha! It’s because my power has become too strong that the cave’s magic can’t hold up.

Somnia, who had spoken arrogantly, proudly displayed her beautiful and intimidating form. I wondered if I should give her a courtesy compliment, but suddenly, Somnia’s shape began to shrink.

— Huh? Huuuhh… Ah!

It seemed like the time allowed by the Great Spirit for the constraint to be lifted had ended. Sure enough, Somnia transformed back into a small fluttering silk.

— Uwaaahh! Why do I have to return to this unimpressive form again?

Somnia complained, claiming that the Great Spirit was being excessively strict. However, it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to say a word when faced with the Great Spirit. I had a feeling it would be like that.

‘Enough of this, let’s get out of here.’

— Hiiiiing…

‘Stop making strange noises.’

— Hiiiiing!

Oh, really… I didn’t want to deal with this. Ignoring Somnia, I ran towards the cave entrance. The cave was still shaking. If I leave Owen behind here… He would be crushed under the rubble and die. Even if I save his life, he would die miserably.

In reality, the latter was preferable.

I could enjoy watching that scene unfold.

— Lily! Over here! Hurry!

Somnia, who had moved ahead of me, now appeared incredibly light and carefree. When I reached her, the ground here wasn’t trembling. It seemed that the shockwaves from the clash of magic and spirit power didn’t reach this far.

— It seems difficult to find an exit right away. Let’s take a moment to rest here. You look pale.

…Well, of course, I would. It was only obvious. My frail body becoming a hindrance at times like this was something I had grown accustomed to. I felt annoyed.

— …Lily, if you take good care of yourself, you can regain your health. Maybe even a miracle will happen.

Somnia, in her tiny silk form, gently enveloped me and offered words of comfort. I thanked her and nodded. I didn’t think my health would fully recover, but at least now… I could spend the remaining days in peace.

‘Now, we should get up. Let’s find the exit.’

As I sighed and stood up, it happened.

— Lily, be careful!

Suddenly, a pitch-black shadow enveloped me, and Somnia blocked it. The identity of the shadow was… Owen’s spirit, Caligo.

— Owen didn’t die and followed us!

‘It seems like that’s the case…’

That pest.

In the darkness, he revealed himself.

Owen seemed to have hit his head against falling rocks, as blood was flowing from his head. He limped, and madness gleamed in his eyes.

It was easy to discern that it was his obsession over me.

— Oh, damn it. It seemed that Caligo had partially offset the damage I had inflicted on Owen. Still, it appeared that more than half of Caligo had been devoured. He’s clearly still insane…


I didn’t need to hear the rest. I knew it well enough. Owen, even in his partially insane state, was still abnormally obsessed with me. No, his obsession seemed to have intensified, mingling with his insanity

I couldn’t understand it. Why was he so fixated on me to such an extent? It was unpleasant and gave me chills.

“Lily, this arrogance… Haha… You should like it here. My doll, my canary.”

Owen muttered incoherently. He was truly out of his mind. As he approached me and reached out his hand…


A faint yellow light brushed through my vision, and the ground where Owen stood abruptly rose.

Even in his unstable state, Owen was agile enough to evade it. Then, he shot a fierce glare at my back.

“Hessen Everett!”

Immediately, a hand reached out from behind and grabbed my arm, pulling me away.

Then, a familiar voice whispered in my ear.

“Damn it, run away quickly. Before I change my mind.”