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The words that spontaneously escaped my lips were exactly these,

“…..Why are you here?”

“Ah! Don’t nag me when I’m already annoyed!”

Naturally, Hessen responded irritably. Anyway, Hessen Everett, that stubborn guy, would never change until the day he died.

“Why are you helping me?”

“You… if you’re going to run, do it quickly.”

When I asked him again, Hessen responded with a growl. His gaze on me was menacing. It was clear that he felt humiliated by helping me. I shook my head at him and stepped back.

“Fine, I’ll go. But I won’t be grateful for your help.”

“Shut up!”

Hessen yelled angrily, and I started running again. Soon, I heard a crackling sound from behind me. It seemed like Hessen was shouting something after Owen.

It was fortunate that Hessen had come to my aid, but he wouldn’t last long against Owen. Hessen’s skills were far inferior to Owen’s.

So, we need to escape from here before Hessen is defeated.

‘But the exit… Where on earth…’

The problem was that this cave had a labyrinth-like structure….Certainly, Owen had prepared thoroughly to trap me. It wouldn’t be easy to find a way out of this cave.

— Lily, there’s a faint light over there!


Since the cave was very dark, I had to rely on my instincts to move forward. Still, with Somnia’s guidance like, ‘Turn left, then right, there’s a sharp rock sticking out in front, be careful,’ I managed not to get lost.

— Do you see it? That light over there… Huh? But…

For some reason, Somnia’s voice trailed off. At the same time, I also stopped in my tracks. Someone was approaching from the front, along with a faint blue light.

Perhaps, I thought. Soon, the distance closed, and that person’s figure entered my view. …As expected, the identity was none other than Theodore.

“…! Lily!”

Having spotted me, he rushed towards me. Naturally, he was wearing armor, and a blue cloak matching his eye color was draped over his shoulders. …It was clear that he had left the battlefield.

‘I couldn’t believe this, but…’

Theodore, who had suddenly appeared in front of me, carefully examined me and asked anxiously.

“Lily, are you okay? Are you injured?”

“Yes, well, I’m fine. As you can see.”

Once Theodore saw that I was unharmed, relief washed over his face, which had been filled with concern. In his eyes, there was a tender light as he looked at me quietly.

“I’m relieved that you’re safe, truly…”


He seemed like he wanted to embrace me as he clenched his fists. A shallow sigh escaped his lips, and he soon draped his cloak over my shoulders as if he wanted to shield me.

“Let’s get out of here quickly……What happened to Owen Everett?”

I walked alongside him, explaining what had happened just before. Theodore, who hadn’t looked good throughout the story, was surprised and fell silent when he heard the part about Hessen coming to my aid.

“Hessen Everett… Unexpected.”

“Yes. I have no idea what got into him.”

In truth, I had a slight idea of why Hessen had helped me, but I kept it a secret from both Theodore and him. I intended to continue pretending not to know.


I started to say something sarcastic but quickly swallowed the words. Was Hessen Everett feeling sorry for me now? I didn’t know he had it in him. I’ll have to live and see.

“Hessen Everett’s help is unexpected, but he probably won’t last long. His opponent is Owen Everett.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

So, we agreed to hurry and escape from the cave. Fortunately, Theodore remembered the path leading to the exit, so we didn’t waste any time wandering around.

It seemed that Zen was waiting outside. Thanks to the spirit mark that Ventus had left for me, they were able to find this place. However, an entrance limit spell had been placed at the entrance, allowing only Theodore to enter.

‘An entrance limit spell.’

It occurred to me once again that Owen had gone to great lengths for this. Probably, that lunatic’s plan was to allow only him and two servant to enter the cave.

“Oh, right.”

Suddenly, Theodore stopped and muttered something, as if he had remembered something. Then he took off the coral bracelet that was wrapped around his right wrist. Puzzled by this unexpected action, I widened my eyes and asked.

“Why are you taking it off?”

“It’s better for you to wear this. Just in case.”

Theodore, who placed the bracelet on my wrist, gazed at me intently and flashed a slightly awkward smile. Then, without giving me a chance to object, he pushed me forward, saying, “Let’s go.”

I walked in a daze with my wrist now adorned with the bracelet. Theodore followed a little behind me, seeming worried that Owen might pursue us. Seraphim’s blue flames continued to guide us along the way.

Throughout our walk, I kept glancing at his right arm, which worried me. Theodore was ambidextrous, so he often used his left hand as well, but he mainly used his right hand for delicate tasks or wielding a sword. However, given the difficult-to-heal wound on his right arm…

‘After Owen is dead… will the scars on Theodore’s right arm disappear?’

Or perhaps, similarly, for Hessen, who shared the Everett bloodline, he would have to die…



A faint light flickered in the distance. It wasn’t Seraphim’s flame but the light from the outside world that flowed from the entrance.

“It seems we’re not far from the entrance. Let’s hurry.”

I nodded silently at Theodore’s words, even though my legs were trembling with exhaustion. I did my best to keep moving.


Suddenly, Theodore stopped and gazed at me with a somewhat serious expression. Maybe it was because of the blue flames, but his face looked even more solemn. He lowered his head slightly and spoke.

“I think it would be better if I carried you. …I know it might be uncomfortable for you, but I hope you won’t put too much strain on your body.”


I knew that I was only causing trouble in my current condition. It wasn’t the time to be stubborn. I let out a small sigh and nodded my head. Theodore blinked his eyes and said politely.

“Excuse me, then.”