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His arms reached out, and he carefully lifted me up. The sensation of his armor beneath the fabric of my clothes was hard and cold. Yet, there was a strange sense of security, and I realized that I had been quite exhausted.

…I just want to rest.

Unexpectedly, I found myself thinking this, and the moment I did, Theodore spoke.

“Please close your eyes for a moment. I’ll walk as steadily as possible.”

“Well, it doesn’t feel like the right time to close my eyes.”

“You seem very tired, Lily.”


Why did those words make me well up with tears? Was it because of the affectionate consideration in his words and tone? It inevitably saddened me when he showed such thoughtfulness after my heart had been burnt out.

I clutched the ends of the blue cape draped over my shoulders with both hands. Its scent resembled a deep forest in winter, a blue scent. It always made me feel sad.

“Theodore, now we…”

I was about to convey the words that had just come to my mind.

A piercing coldness swept over us from behind. Startled, I lifted my head to look at Theodore. He must have sensed something strange as well, as he quickly enveloped us with Seraphim.

In an instant, as the blue flames wrapped around us protectively, sharp ice fragments rained down wildly. It was Frigga’s attack.

The endless barrage of ice spears was halted by the blue flames, melting away without resistance. Thankfully, Seraphim held strong, but the attack was so fierce that the flames flickered as if they might extinguish.

It truly seemed like he was rushing in with the intent to kill.

Amidst the snowflakes cascading through the air, Owen revealed himself. Emerging from the pitch-black darkness, he resembled an evil spirit. He appeared as if he had crawled out of hell, his eyes filled with venom and malice.


He caught sight of me and murmured. He looked like he had no sanity anymore. It was as if he was determined to capture me no matter what. He reached out one hand into the void, as if he was going to get his hands on me somehow.

“You belong to me. I will never let that bastard have you. I’d rather kill you here and make you completely mine. Your life is already mine, so even your death should be mine.”

His arrogance in still claiming my life as his own was infuriating. As I scoffed, Owen unleashed another onslaught of attacks. It seemed he intended to kill both Theodore and me.

Theodore was focused on protecting me while holding me close. It was clear we couldn’t win like this. I hurriedly told him.

“Theodore, put me down and fight Owen. Just defending won’t be enough.”


“It’s okay, please.”

After hesitating for a moment, Theodore bit his lip and sighed deeply, gazing at me with a sad face. Finally, as if there was no other choice, he reluctantly put me down and drew his sword, preparing to face Owen in earnest.

Feeling slightly dizzy, I summoned Somnia. She appeared in a flash of light, and with a worried tone, she asked.

— Lily, are you okay?

‘…I’m fine. Somnia, is there any way you can assist Theodore with your power?

— Old Caligo is protecting Owen’s mind, so I don’t know, but I’ll try…

Somnia seemed deeply troubled by her inability to exert her full strength due to the restrictions placed upon her. At times like this, her confidence needed to be boosted, I pretended to comfort her and encourage her.

‘Somnia, you’re the only one who can help Theodore and Seraphim. I believe in you. You’re a great dream spirit, aren’t you?’

— …!

With a newfound sense of confidence, Somnia, fluttering like a butterfly, spoke with a determined voice.

— Ri, right! I am a great dream spirit. Perhaps I’ve forgotten that because I’ve been living in such a diminished state for too long… Thank you, Lily.

Somnia then flew towards Theodore and sprinkled a peculiar light powder over Owen. Although Frigga launched ice crystals towards Somnia, physical attacks didn’t affect her, as expected.

Owen, momentarily bewildered by the effects of Somnia’s lights, furrowed his brow. Watching his reaction, I discreetly asked Somnia.

‘What did you do?’

— Just induced a momentary hallucination. It’ll wear off quickly, but I can cast it multiple times, and not even the Old Caligo can stop it.

Indeed, Owen suddenly began attacking in a different direction, as if under the influence of Somnia’s hallucination.

‘Nice job.’

— Hoho

…But, as Somnia had said, the hallucination didn’t last long, less than 30 seconds. Nonetheless, it proved effective in disrupting Owen.

“Lily! Stop these petty tricks!”

Owen glared at me in anger. Without regard for whether Theodore was attacking him or not, he charged in my direction.

“This damn bastard…!”

A surprised Theodore tried to intercept Owen, but at that moment, Somnia cast another hallucination. Owen’s gaze clouded over, and he pushed the flames away with Frigga’s cold while laughing maniacally.

His chilling madness seemed to fill the entire cave.

“Alright, if you insist on acting like this…”

— Huh? Could it be…?

Darkness began to seep from Owen’s footsteps. He had brought Caligo, who had been focused on defending his mind, into the physical world.

— This means I…


Somnia’s voice abruptly cut off. In an instant, the creeping darkness engulfed Somnia.


Shocked by the impact, Owen attempted to approach me, but Theodore intervened. Seraphim, struggling under Frigga’s continuous attacks, began to waver slightly.

“How can a weakling like you, Theodore Valentino, ever hope to possess Lily?”

“…I’m not trying to possess her anymore.”

“What? Nonsense.”

Owen scoffed and used Caligo’s darkness to restrain Theodore. Despite Seraphim’s resistance, the combined forces of Frigga and Caligo overwhelmed it.

“Alright, then, Lily.”

“…No! Lily! Owen Everett, you bastard!”

Owen approached me slowly, as if stalking his prey, and Theodore struggled while being ensnared by Caligo’s darkness. I was backing away from Owen while keeping a wary eye on him, then stumbled and fell over a rock.

“Now, watch closely and remember, Lily. Who it is that’s going to kill you.”


“Even in death, you belong to me, Lily Everett.”

As Owen raised his sword high, ready to strike me on the ground, Theodore managed to break free from his restraints and rushed towards me.

And then, Owen’s sword impaled Theodore’s back.

It struck the left side, right where his heart would be.